The story of impact bumper Porsche 911 history was once told in derisory tones. Faced with unavoidable new safety and emissions legislation in the critical American market, Porsche was said to have ruined its rear-engined rebel by fitting chunky bumpers and clunky fuel injection, exorcising the soul of the original 911 in the process.

When I finally bought my first 911, this was how many people still regarded the impact-bumper cars. The official Porsche clubs offered little support for the models – particularly anything pre-3.2 Carrera – and impact bumper cars were looked at as good starter Porsches: own for a year or two before moving on to better things.

Having worked in the motor trade for several decades before buying my first 911, I knew they were better than that. It was a constant source of irritation that they were roped in to make up the numbers at shows and that cars like the 911 SC and the iconic 911 Turbo were given little credit for affirming the Porsche legend over almost two decades. After twelve months dealing with Porsche club politics, I dropped out of that scene. I spent a year looking for other ways to get people together and after a friend suggested I should set up my own thing, I eventually decided to start the Impact Bumpers Porsche forum.

My original aims when starting this group were simple and they remain the ethos today:

  • No committees or club politics
  • Mutual respect and positive thinking at the heart of the culture
  • Technical knowledge brought to the fore – let’s get people working on their own cars
  • Road trips and track days at the forefront of social activity
  • A marketplace to sell and swap hard-to-find parts launched in early 2006 and our Porsche forum is now one of the largest online communities for enthusiasts of the air-cooled Porsche 911 from 1974 – 1989 (we call them IBs). Forum membership is free and the general discussion and technical boards are open to everyone. Our classified section including cars and parts for sale, market discussions and wanted ads are open to supporting members.

Become an IB Supporter

Access to these areas is just one of the perks of an Impact Bumpers supporting membership. Our entry level supporting membership costs just 4p a day, and improves forum usability as well as opening access to Impact Bumpers forum merchandise. Our most popular supporter’s package costs just 8p a day and includes 50% off Porsche agreed insurance valuations and a 15% discount on classic car insurance from our friends at Classicline. Every policy earns a donation to IB’s nominated charity, so you can give back while also saving more than the cost of your supporter’s package, making supporting membership a total no-brainer.

I hope you will enjoy the forum and decide to sign up and support the community. The group is a great bunch of people devoted to these cars and new members are always very welcome to join up and celebrate the impact bumper (IB) 911s that built on the appeal established by their illustrious predecessors, and went on to achieve great things in their 16-year lifespan: spreading the Porsche gospel to a much wider audience, and saving the 911 from the brink of extinction.

Best regards and safe driving, John Glynn