Welcome to Impact Bumpers

Founded in 2006, Impact Bumpers is the largest online community for owners and admirers of the 1974 to 1989 Porsche 911 . Joining our Porsche discussion boards with detailed technical forums is free!

Supporting Members can access our Porsche classified cars and parts ads from just 4p a day and enjoy many membership perks!

The ImpactBumpers.com Porsche forum is one of the largest online communities for enthusiasts of the air-cooled Porsche 911 from 1974 – 1989 (we call them IBs). Forum membership is free and our technical forums are open to everyone. Our core values and principles are well established and include:

Tolerance & Decency

IB stands for respect and inclusivity. Our forums are child- and female-friendly and we do not tolerate hate speech

Technical Awareness

Technical awareness is an important part of IB culture. Learn how your car operates to further enhance ownership

IB is Egalitarian

Many of us bought our cars when they were very affordable. All IBers are equal, regardless of how much money you spent!

Meets and Gatherings

IB social events include track days and drives to encourage owners to use and enjoy their 911s among friends

Open Border Policy

Based in the UK, IB operates without borders and welcomes international members. We believe in global citizenship

Share the Experience

The IB forum was founded in 2006 to share the joy of 911 ownership and support enthusiasts from all walks of life

Let’s Start Something new
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Contact us with any questions! You can also email the team at admin@impactbumpers.com

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