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 THe Origins of IB

When I finally bought my first 911 in 2003, the official Porsche clubs offered little support for IBs – particularly anything pre-3.2 Carrera – and impact bumper cars were looked at as good starter Porsches to own for a year or two before moving on to ‘better’ things.

Having worked in the motor trade for several decades before buying my first 911 (a LHD SC Cabriolet), I knew they were great cars in their own right. It was a constant source of irritation that cars like the 911 SC and the iconic 911 Turbo were given little credit for affirming the Porsche legend over almost two decades.

After twelve months dealing with Porsche club politics, I dropped out of that scene. I spent a year looking for other ways to get people together and, after a friend suggested I should set up my own thing, I eventually started the Impact Bumpers Porsche forum.

My original aims were simple and remain the ethos today:
• No committees or club politics
• Mutual respect and appreciation
at the centre
• Technical knowledge – get people working on their own cars
• Road trips and track days driving social activity
• A busy marketplace to sell and swap hard-to-find parts

ImpactBumpers.com launched in early 2006 and our Porsche forum is now one of the largest online communities for enthusiasts of the air-cooled Porsche 911 from 1974 – 1989 (we call them IBs). Forum membership is free and the general discussion and technical boards are open to everyone. Our classified section including cars and parts for sale, market discussions and wanted ads are open to supporting members.


Access to the IB Classifieds is just one of the perks of an Impact Bumpers supporting membership. The entry-level IB Supporters membership costs just 4p a day, and adds handy forum tools including a photo uploader and the private message system.

GRUPPE IB is our most popular package. Costing just 8p a day, it includes a 15% discount with Classicline insurance and unlimited photo and message space.

you can Get involved

I hope you will enjoy the forum and subscribe to support the community. IB people are devoted to these cars and new members are always welcome.

IB celebrates the Porsche 911s that built on the appeal established by the early 911s.  These cars went on to achieve great things in their 16-year lifespan: spreading the Porsche gospel to a much wider audience, and saving the 911 from extinction.

Best regards and safe driving, John Glynn

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