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  2. I don’t completely agree because if you know your car you know it whether it is safe to lift at this point. I don’t use the central sill jacking point when at home but if away anywhere am always happy to use the standard jack. These jack pads are fine
  3. What Peter says, I swapped the factory jack out for a regular scissor jack for emergency use only. Otherwise trolley jack under the engine or chassis lift points.
  4. Got my pipes from OPC, Matt doesn't do those parts or I would have bought them from him.
  5. not an advisable product especially if you could have unseen rust in the jack point area , better places to lift the car than the jacking point porsche put in 🙄
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  7. Don’t sweat it too much Chris - the shims are quick & easy to change. IIRC, 0.1mm shim change roughly equals 0.8-1.0psi change
  8. Anyone use these ? Got to be worth £25 or simply an unnecessary extravagance?
  9. Afternoon all. '82 SC spec for system pressure is 4.5-5.2 bar. Mine is at 4.7 so it will be a little rich. I have the shims and a seal kit is on order. Question is, how much difference will adding one shim make? I have lots of shims but really want to take it apart once only!
  10. Not mine but I have just noticed a set for sale on ddk for £100. https://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=663257#p663257
  11. Tramadol is a strong painkiller from a group of medicines called opiates, or narcotics
  12. Indeed! It’s probably rusting faster than you are replacing at the moment…….😀
  13. if you didnt mind a trip around the M25 to Swanley in Kent, i would highly recommend Brooklands (Kent), ask for Barry. They definitely know their cars and always have a nice array of Pork in for service or restoration etc. Had my last full service done there last summer. its an easy walk to the local station too for trains. (edit, i would add, at half the price that Jaz quoted me over the phone whilst trying to tell me our engines were complicated !).
  14. Might well do - 25 miles along the M4, or 50 miles along some super backroads for me.
  15. I'm finding is a struggle to get out and work in a cold damp garage. Still got the heating, dash and interior to fit on my restoration.
  16. That is another weekend come and gone in a flash. What has been going on chez Tea? Whilst I was out doing the usual Saturday morning stuff I called at the builders merchant and got some more sand to bolster the flood defences on the tent. I managed to fill the remaining bags that I had and this is what it looks like now. Unfortunately carrying and shovelling sand did my back in so I had to retire hurt. I drank tea and took hard drugs to try to sort myself out. Sunday I had an opticians appointment because I can't see what I'm doing when I get under old cars so I end up banging my head on things . I hate choosing new specs because when I try them on I can't see anything. I took backup to help me. I had a full team of style consultants, the Lovely Doctor of course, my sister-in-law, her daughter and my youngest daughter was consulted by means of mobile technology. The new specs which I have ordered were phenomenally expensive and I would have much rather spent the cash on a new welding set or something but needs must. With all the help I had I will be most upset if the lovely Doctor doesn't find me even more irresistible. Anyway, my niece had brought her new(ish) baby along so there was lots of oooh and aaah and stuff like that going on with the ladies and we had to go to a cafe for refreshments etc. The point I'm trying to make is that a quick trip to the opticians took up most of the day. When we got home the Doc said that I shouldn't really go in the tent with my back being a bit fragile. I was thinking that was very thoughtful of her right up to the point where she said that I could do the curtain rail in the spare bedroom instead, and change those light fittings that have been on top of the wardrobe for months and put that clock up in the bathroom. When I went to the shed for my drill I did collect up a few of the bits and pieces that I have replaced on the car so far. When I laid them out like that I realised that I haven't really done much at all over the last few months. I must pull my finger out and get on with it. Cheers.
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  18. Only joking - on reflection, not very funny. Apologies! 😒
  19. Thanks for that I can see the fuel tank on there but not fuel lines is there any aftermarket kits available for these new modern fuels?
  20. Also take a look at ePorsch near Woking. I bought my car from them. Haven't had much work done but they seem flexible and know there air cooled cars. I handed it in for a rear wheel bearing replacement - they just tightened up the nut at its been ok for some 6+ years now.
  21. There are a few good garages in your neck of the woods that others will shortly recommend, this maybe to far for you to travel, but I’d recommend Steve Winter at Jaz in St Albans, very Knowledgeable on all air cooled Porsches.
  22. Thanks. I fashioned one from a thin high density foam and glued to the plastic flap. Hopefully that works well enough.
  23. I’m surprised you haven’t had a response on this. I suppose they don’t get opened up very often. I would suggest the foam needs to wrap around the end of the flap to create a good seal against the body otherwise you will lose too much air around the sides for the heating to be as effective as it could be. @Jonny Hart may be able to help as he has had a few systems apart and may have opened one up.
  24. Matt is your man, he is the rock star of the Porsche parts world
  25. Agreed, Matt is also my go to man https://type911shop.co.uk
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