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  2. Driveway is now lowered, only have a small area under the drive through to do, lost count of how much I've dug up and shifted, must be easily more than 50 tons 🤪 💪 Access is now a bit tight so have a bit of clearing up of the drive through is needed. A local farmer is all booked up to drop off a trailer next weekend so we can enjoy a lock down afternoon full of healthy, family activities Bottom of the shed opening was only 6" above ground level, so I built a small retaining wall during the summer to go with the lowered driveway height. Added some teeth too! 😁 S
  3. Still alive 👍🏻 Hey Steve 👋
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  5. 😎 Totally endorse giving old ICE cars a new life using recycled EV parts, this market is only going in one direction, money to be made if you offer a good service/product
  6. Totally agree 100% but replacing older usable cars with new EV cars using up more resources and creating more pollution problems isn't the answer Less consumerism or sustainable/ethical purchasing is the best answer if you want to prioritize the environment I'm not anti-EV, just take offense to the EV propaganda of it being the savior of our world
  7. I see the slippery slope has been avoided thus far, only some evidence of a lightly greased incline. No other temptations out there?
  8. Looking forward to all those nice sparkly clean engine rebuild photos.
  9. ^ Have you been to Florence? The entire waste disposal system is underground. No bins in the street unlike UK cities where giant wheelie bins take up lots of parking spaces. Brighton (which is supposedly a ‘green’ city) Italy: That’s a historic city with tiny streets and they managed that. We need to prioritise our environment.
  10. Perhaps put a clutch release bearing on the list, they are currently only about £52 from Eurpcarparts at the moment and worth changing when you have the engine out.
  11. One street in one city, that's sorted it then 🙄 UK has a parking problem in cities, towns and villages which directly translates to a charging point location problem, it's not an argument just a very obvious observation that will make the 2030 new EV car target too ambitious a target to achieve It's not an engineering problem but a packaging problem, the real engineering problem is the how the manufacturing/development of an EV car differs to an ICE car but that's a whole different discussion topic
  12. Housing density in the city is the bigger challenge but It’s hardly the engineering challenge of the century. If you can put in a street lamp or a parking meter then you can install a charge point.
  13. ^^^ This ! In a country short on space for housing where houses don't have drives or integrated garages. 2030 just another empty boast. Will that be the 'capital' city of France ? Reckon provincial towns will have the same ? 🤔
  14. The ‘no off street parking’ argument is lame. I took this photo in Paris back in February:
  15. Thanks Lewis, Jonny, it’s on the shopping list
  16. This is a very good point. The specs are not bad though!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Scale it will but a new EV car 2030 is never going to happen 😂 If you don't have off street parking or an undersized garage for today's over sized cars, what does a new EV owner do? This is where EV motorsport is today for Audi, to be brutally honest it's pretty shonky looking for the pinnacle of engineering 🤔
  19. 100% do the clutch fork. Engine had to come out again AND the clutch was damaged so another one required.
  20. It doesn’t have to scale the same way. How many times would you have to use a petrol station if your petrol car always had a full tank every morning?
  21. I have absolutely no regrets Ian and would the same thing again. Might be worth doing the clutch release fork whilst it’s apart too. Jonny had one fail on his car; for the sake of £175 you might as well change it whilst it’s accessible.
  22. Oh the heady days of being PCGB staff............. I used to try and write a technical article based on members experiences each month. That seemed to be quite popular. I hope your editorial experiences are better than mine. I'm sure the, then editor, has moved by now......... I could send you a copy of my old articles and you could just reprint them, no one will notice or remember or care......
  23. The best of luck to you. Our very own Phill was one of your previous, Im sure he can advise
  24. You going to reform the stuffed-shirt brigade Franck ?
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