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  2. Thanks Bob, took your advice & posted here. Alan
  3. Thank you Mark, Would the pump not act up all of the time if it was on its way out? Are there any tests that can be done on the regulator or damper? It was driving absolutely perfectly up to the distributor cap/rotor arm change. The unburned fuel smell in the engine bay tells me that it is getting fuel. I have just pulled the plugs again & for the first time, they look a little bit sooty. They were a nice even light brown/tan recently. Now, I only had it running in the garage & not really driving on the road so maybe that i sthe reason here. I have had people say it is the air flow meter, the cylinder head temperature sensor, the ecu & a number of other things. If I go at chaning every part on it, I will never know what has actually fixed it & I would be seriously out of pocket too. I am just too comfortable with this shotgun approach. I am hoping someone here has experienced a similar issue & hopefully can help me out. Thank you again Mark, I am definitley going to check the fuel pump to rule that out (or in). Alan
  4. My feeling on reading your description is fuel delivery. Maybe the fuel pump is playing up, or sucking crud from the tank. Or possibly the fuel pressure regulator, or pressure damper. Mark
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  6. Hi Alan, as I said in my message to you on 911uk, repost your problem on here and I'm sure you'll get a helpful answer. Bob
  7. That’s horrible, you have my sympathies. I hope Porsche stands up and fixes the issue for you.
  8. Hello Mike, Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue? Thanks, Alan
  9. Perhaps I'm not making myself clear here, I am talking about the two pulse senders that are the same, i.e.; one is plugged into the middle of the three in the pick above, and the other is at the bottom, the top one of the three in the pick is [from the description] the temp sensor plug, is that what you mean i.e.; don't change that one ? Anyway, if I order both, do I get a discount ?
  10. Hi all, My first post here so hopefully you guys can help me out. I have a 3.2 Carrera (1988) that has been running fantastically for ages now. Last week I changed out the distributor cap & rotor arm as part of general maintenance & now it runs terribly. The symptoms are as follows: It starts first time & idles at 880 but there is an unburned fuel smell. It has a slight hesitation in the throttle so it is not as smooth or as linear as it was previously. Almost like it is not firing on all cylinders. Once warmed up at around 10/15 minutes, there is a massive flat spot like no spark or no fuel. It then kicks & bucks for a bit. Engine stays on, it never stalls, just no power. A minute or so later, away she goes. Hesitation is still there & the flat spot kicks in randomly. It has gone from a car that you would trust pulling out of junction to a car that you need to think about before you make the move. Again, it ran beautifully before this. I have reverted back to my old distributor cap & rotor arm but strangely, the issue is still there! I have also changed the fuel filter, plugs twice, plug leads twice, DME relay, 2 caps & arms, even swapped out the air flow meter to one that is only 2 months old & working perfectly in another Carrera but no change. I have cleaned & sanded all earth/ground points. Plugs are all a nice tan colour. It has 95,000 miles with a fully documented Porsche History. Top end rebuild 2 years ago. Vacuum leak check all clear. Leads all in the correct orientation. Has anyone experienced anything like this from their 3.2 & if so, can you shed any light on a possible solution?? Thank you all in advance. Alan
  11. To me EFi and throttle bodies are two separate things. Which do you want to do? Or both? I’ve done both, my threads were extensive if you have a search.
  12. Dont worry about that sensor, it wont make any difference, just change the 2 flywheel ones and if, by chance, it doesnt fix it at least you can move on. You wont have wasted any money if they are original, they have come to the end of their life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. Hi all yesterday I took my 2.7s 911 in for oil change, valve adjustment after its initial 300 miles after a full engine rebuild Well when the oil was drained a piston oil cooling jet was in lying in the cases. initially it appears it’s fallen out of the cases and bearing in mind these are brand new magnesium cases direct from Porsche it’s a disaster and seems now it’s an engine strip down. I’m assuming these jets are pressed into the cases and edges peened over to avoid this issue as were my old cases the Porsche agent is sending the info to Porsche who I’m hoping will see this manufacturing fault as a warranty and do what required to address the issue. Who knows what if any additional damaged has been caused through lack of oil under the pistons No one Porsche person I have spoken to has ever experienced this . comments welcome Just to add 2.5 years of full vehicle restoration and this happens at the end to say the least has dampened my spirit to live ☹️
  14. Yep, makes sense! So I am presuming that the speed sensor is the middle of the three plugs, and both the middle and bottom plugs have exactly the same sensor fitted ? Also, I have checked that the relay inside the DME relay that activates the DME voltage is pulling over when the ignition is on.
  15. For arguments sake… if one or more of your sensors is faulty the ECU never saw the right conditions to fire the coil (with or without the main lead connected) and therefore your ECU and coil were not damaged?
  16. Blowing the cobwebs off this one.... and the car..... After much procrastinating... and general life getting in the way, I've found a rising resurgence in enthusiasm for this EFI conversion. While it's always there in the back of my mind ticking over I've considered the following as possibilities: Turbokraft Adapters as Sopar suggested above + 3.2 Intake + DBW Throttle GSXR 600 Throttle bodies adapted to fit + 964 Intake + DBW Throttle Making my own with TIG skills I don't have Ha + 964 Intake + DBW Throttle Jenvey 2 Bolt Kit (Short Bodies) + 964 Intake + DBW Throttle Adapt Motorsport 2 Stud Adapter kit (34mm Flavour) + 964 Intake + DBW Throttle The Adapt motorsport kit does look like a work of art, but one thing that hung me up a little is the injector angles as the 3.2 and the 2.7 from my rough cutaway diagram eyeballing are quite different. probably due the extra height on the 2.7 head flange casting. I was wondering is the injector position of the Adapt kits optimised for use in the 3.2 setup... as you'd expect really. .... but then again a setup like Jenvey would have the injector whey back upstream. This would have advantages of potential air cooling maybe at the slight detriment of low end drivability. However at the moment whichever method gets it running reliably will be a winner. I can worry about overthinking it later on Ha Ha. Accumulated items ready: 964 Ally Intake Emerald ECU + Pigtail harness If anyone has any success or horror stories with EFI... especially on a 2.7 / 3.0 then please feel free to share. I attended a Cars & Coffee show not that long ago at Gaydon and got chatting to real nice chap who turned out to be a fellow IB'er with a beaut of a white 2.7 Carrera (Sorry I'm terrible with names)..... who gave me some kind words of encouragement to crack on..... plus today I've had nudging and colourful words from a close friend to pull my &^%$(£ finger out and get her ripping. 🤣
  17. Picked this up a week ago; it's the last Lotus Seven made before the company switched to the quite different S4 version and Caterham took over the production rights to the S3. 22,000 miles from new plus the original order forms from Lotus. Needs a bit of fettling as the car's not done much mileage recently but it's in really nice condition throughout. Looking forward to getting some runs in this summer. Can't get too fat now!
  18. I'd be up for some spectating and filming. If you need to make the numbers up I have two mates with Caymans (S and a GT4) who know the circuit very well, who might be up for it.
  19. You could be right, just removed the DME, visually checked both boards inside, nothing obvious, i.e. All clean; nothing burnt, checked readings on some of the main transistors, no shorted readings, diodes all check out etc. I should mention that I am Audio engineer, so used to dealing with electronics etc., The last time I took the DME out was many years ago when I replaced the standard chip for one from 911 chips.
  20. I really think you're overthinking this, go basic
  21. Well, I think I am going to first make sure I have voltage on the DME Relay [pin 30 from memory] if that checks out, then I will make sure both relays in the DME Relay are operating when turning the engine over on the starter, if so, next step I think I will remove the DME unit, and do some checks inside, especially around the coil driver circuit, i.e. the main transistor, and control circuitry etc. Again all input welcome. Ant. Hi Sopor, Cheers, however; I have already checked the coil for the resistances you mention, and it checks out. Ant.
  22. In a Pelican thread there's mention of not cranking the engine with the coil lead disconnected because it can damage the coil rather than the ECU. And it suggests checking the resistance across the coil terminals - "Primary resistance between terminals 1 and 15 on the Carrera should be between .4 and .7 ohm. Secondary risistance between terminals 1 and 4 should be 5.0 to 8.7 kohms. Terminal 4 is the center terminal, the high tension lead to the distributor." This is an easy check and may reveal something.
  23. i could say exactly the same thing almost word for word, as i did likewise!
  24. I believe he still has Daisy which is a 3.2 on Motronic.
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