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  2. WTF? They are mad. Try Ivan's method and call Germany to ask about the return policy. Then move on to BTW, your UK guy doesn't seem to know about the policy and I bought one and want to return it... Maybe that works?
  3. 3.2 cooler is a good cooler. Leave it if its working fine. If not working add a second small cooler with soft lines in series but leave the OE in place. Please, please stick your number plate on the grill like my old one. Nothing looks more "fake RS/RSR" than a grill with no cooler behind it. Mouth, no trousers. Apologies in advance if anyone is offended, but I can't stand the empty cooler look. Also, if you did do a centre cooler, then you need the RSR vent panel behind it to get airflow through the cooler, so its a bigger job requiring significant cutting than may appear.
  4. From the makers of Wheeler Dealers I believe - starts tomorrow on the Blaze channel https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/advertising-promotion/promoted-flipping-bangers-7-must-watch-moments
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  6. On order Am toying with the idea of getting a one in two out. I notice Dansk do a lower valance panel to accommodate two exits. No idea if there is any performance benefit?
  7. My tool looks like that Ivan, but maybe a little longer on a good day. When removing go very careful - mine sheared off in the cylinder - had to remove the engine and drill it out! A fun day. The issue is usually a bad earth caused by corrosion between the threads of the CHT and the cylinder. I think you can test to see if this is the issue by attaching a wired large croc clip to the head "nut" of the CHT (whilst its still installed and connected) with the other end going to a good chassis ground. Then again if $$$ no object just skip the above and replace it....
  8. ok here is the tool i made back in 1986 and still works;-) 14mm deep socket .... Ivan
  9. Finally some good news! I think you will appreciate the factory HE's next time you do a valve adjust and can do it without removing the HE's first That said its even easier with no HE's in the way so maybe....
  10. Apologies - you are probably all bored of my endless exhaust posts. Just wanted to share the loveliness that is a Dansk stainless steel HE (at least compared to Eisenmann!) The construction and finish are leagues away from what I have been looking at over the last few days. Many thanks to Matthew at Type911 for getting these to me so quickly This is the neatly pressed clearance for the engine oil cooler: The "allowance" made on the Eisenmann HE for the engine cooler. I queried how this had been made and was told 'using a press'. If this was done using a press than my name's Elvis And here is the Dansk unit fitted - note the amount of clearance around the oil cooler. I think the Eisenmann HE needed somewhere near 10mm of additional clearance in this area.
  11. Definitely not legal, but you will probably get away with it. My mates s1 Elise has a sticker front plate and passes mot every time.. If you've a particularly tight mot tester, then aside from changing mot station, you could always put some clear vinyl ove the top of said sticker and mount a proper plate using sticky tabs available in Halfrauds. That way after the mot is done you can just peel off the clear vinyl with less risk of damaging the sticker plate. Hope that makes sense.. It does in my head anyway ha ha
  12. Probably not but they're fitted to E-types and some other old cars. I don't think my MOT guy had a problem with them but I did have a spare front plate in the car so could just stick it on wiuth double sided tape if needed. If you want them, then fit them. There's a couple of good write-ups (maybe Ben C?) who have fitted a FMOC to replace the highly compomised factory version. Not a terribly difficult or expensive job.
  13. Nice trip down to the Lake District today to collect my gearbox from Mike Bainbridge. Fully refurbished with a new Quaife lsd fitted. Busy week ahead for me.
  14. They should hopefully capitulate, if as they say the unit is good, then they will have no problem moving it on, No!,
  15. This is a very likely plan of action - have already discussed this with my credit card co.
  16. Main thing at the moment is who your contract is with - if it's with Eisenmann then they can't keep passing you off. If your contract is with the British agents then you have to deal with those idiots. If with Eisenmann try these people https://www.ukecc-services.net/ECCDE.cfm That should make them take notice. Personally I would also do another Facebook post saying that they are not responding to you and asking for a named individual in Germany to contact you. However, I can fully understand any reluctance you could have!
  17. Get a professional technical report on the quality, then physically send it back saying that if a refund is not received within 14 days you will commence legal action against them for the cost and compensation Copy both the UK and German sides of the organisation
  18. Lol Only if I can gag Tim! Think my local garage are going to do it for me. Derwen. The owner is Melvyn Evans from Melvyn Evans Motorsport. Big into rallying. Want to hire a world rally car, he's your man!
  19. This sold out before I got round to ordering tickets. So a few of us are going to JZM's coffee morning then heading to Bicester afterwards, so hopefully see you there
  20. another question, are sticker number plates legal in the UK? was just thinking a sticker version would look neater on the front above the oil cooler vent than the rigid plastic type.
  21. Yes - bounced to Eisenmann UK. Seems that Eisenmann-Technik will not engage with this issue.
  22. thanks for replies gents. Two different aperture sizes then between strosek and Silver. Mine are EB motorsport so guess I better wait until it arrives or just buy an oversize sheet. I like the idea of mounting a lightweight motorsport oil cooler and losing the chunky factory version but that opens another whole can of expense and aggro with re-plumbing required I expect. I am debating having the bumpers sprayed red for the race car look in contrast to the white body. But not sure, may just get them sprayed white and get them wrapped red as a more temporary measure. any clever paintshop/graphics guys here can mock up a photo? Off to Spa classic in it in May so may jazz it up in some way or another.
  23. All good advice. Unfortunately - despite my best efforts all contact with Eisenmann-Technik in Germany gets bounced to Eisenmann UK
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