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  3. I wish I could be alive in 40 years when this is the pic of HAM on the left and the next level F1 star on the right and todays kids will be looking back at the 'good ol' days' when we could go outside and ride a scooter.
  4. Will post these today as first class.
  5. Cheers Simon - they are only 35mins away and a pretty clear run on most days so no hardship really. Thanks! Yes they clean it after every ‘return’ so it always looks tip top upon collection. Happy to take you for a spin once things return to normal.
  6. That is a great pic - she really shines! You are only 5 mins away from me (I am in Burpham) so I will keep an eye out for you.
  7. bloody hell Rob you are a demi god in this arena amazing work all round, wish I had half your skills. Assume you do this for a living?
  8. Looks fab in the photos and vids beaky posted up on fB, some cool looking roads and your weather was amazingly spot on
  9. A great antidote for missing Angouleme, great company, brilliant roads, what are you waiting
  10. If any of you decide to do the route please feel free to get in touch for some tips on things we would change for the next time we do it.
  11. I have family who live in Dunure on the Ayrshire coast which is part of the route. Also my brother is in Glasgow. I think by October we will all be fekered though 🥴
  12. Yesterday
  13. Listen to Jevvy - sound advice from that one.
  14. Here you go; pretty much the ONLY Company you need to talk to: http://www.ianjemison.co.uk/ I’ve had work done by them, as have others I know. They are entrusted with some very rare wheels and I’ve yet to hear a bad thing said.
  15. They have been in business many years, they repaired a Fuchs for me a few years ago that got damaged in transit. They know their stuff. Worth a call ahead before deciding
  16. Thanks Mike Do or have they done Fuchs? Unsure if forged wheels need any precaution.
  17. Renowheel in Bridgend if you are willing to commit to postage. They have a very good reputation but I expect that you will find someone closer to home.
  18. PeterK

    Parts clear out

    Could I have the exhaust heat shield please. Thx Peter
  19. Clearing out the garage continues, and i find a 9x16 Fuchs which i bought several years ago. It has a wobble when spun, so quite possibly egg shaped and fit only for uses as a hose reel. Can anyone recommend anyone who could assess it? Ta
  20. Looks great guys 👍 @Wingnonut October - No quarantine 😂
  21. By 1230 I had 7 passes under the belt and well and truly resigned to traffic. I was making my way north and away from the high alps. I took the Alpine Panorama Straße. And it was panoramic. And very narrow. The passing bays every few hundred metres were the give away. For maybe 15 km. maybe more. But is was pretty. That parked pic was BTW my lunch stop. It’s nuts, a snack bar and water rations. Saving time here means I hit the hotel at about 1530 and can enjoy a beer, check messages and have a swim and sauna. And that was largely that I meandered north for a bit, som
  22. Yeah, it was wall to wall. There are certain types. Switzerland seems to breed thousands of the ones that think they are extras in Sons of Anarchy. What is that all about @heckschleuderer? You could barely park at the summits there were so many of them. Wall to wall mullets, moustaches and ugly wives. Each to their own obviously. Then there are the heroes. These are ex forces, proudly wearing their “Army - retired” jackets on Dakar bikes with panniers about as wide as a small car and they think they own the road. They simply can’t comprehend that a grey 3 series can out accelerate them. And o
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