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  2. Just google mapped the route ๐Ÿ˜Ž I can recommend a stunning hotel in Zouz for your St Moritz evening stop Might be at the top end of the accommodation budget but easily my favourite hotel in the world https://www.hotelcastell.ch/ secure parking, also has a hammam spa with a gold pool and eucalyptus steam room, great bar and pool room My family and I found it to be the perfect place to end a long, hot driving day in the 930, did the tight, slow Stelvio (a famous but not really a drivers pass) and faster but gravelled Umbrail Pass on our way there
  3. Yes, a Paul Stephens Le Mans car. Iโ€™ve only seen them at car shows and at spa classic previously. Owner was a great guy. I had a real good poke around and sit in it. Engine was beautiful. You could see his pride shining through.
  4. Interesting car, one of those Paul Stephens builds?
  5. needs a different type of flames on it !
  6. Been after one of these for ages
  7. Each to their own..... itโ€™s not for me.
  8. Fab innit So many stereotypes leading to....
  9. so many sheep...........................
  10. ๐Ÿ™ˆโ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ข
  11. Spotted in a car park on the A35. I checked the reg on the DVLA website and it's listed as a 2000 Porsche (?!) with a 1600 cc engine. The targa bar looks too raked to original.
  12. Ahh would have been good to meet ya. Excellent day and the Irish club were lovely ๐Ÿ‘
  13. The fab green 964 is Jon Miller of http://www.classiccarreras.com Was down to do this myself but only got back from NC500 Scotland a week ago!
  14. Cool. Great turnout in any case. 40 plus cars Iโ€™d say with some lovely air cooled cars.
  15. It was Porsche Club Ireland - definitely not an Irish region of PCGB- that would be N.Ireland!
  16. Dr Rock

    Battery flat!

    Make sure you have enough fuel...
  17. Phill

    Battery flat!

    Or jump it and take it for a drive.
  18. Cibie Pallas indeed- often seen on hood/bonnet but I think much better on front wing as seen here on Jaffa 911 my 78 3.2 hotrod. Hard to find - mine are authentic repros from https://www.autoforeignservices.com/ Even harder are covers - they should of course be yellow!- https://www.mecatechnic.com/en-GB/1-pair-of-cibie-yellow-metal-covers-for-porschepallas-headlights_UA15500.htm They are quite dim compared with my LED headlights - so have just sourced some H1 LEds.
  19. SP72

    Battery flat!

    agm batteries recover really well if you can, try hooking it up to a good battery using jump leads and leave overnight. I'm told that can recover the battery to a state that a charger can be used.
  20. Iโ€™m not sure that battery conditioners can recover a battery once it goes below a certain level, you may need a proper charger
  21. Pity about the Astonโ€™s, it would have been even better. They qualified well, then got penalised for it.
  22. great photo Fraser looks like you are on one of those Peking to Paris long distance rallies....or very Bond like That road looks superb too
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