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  2. Have a spare passenger seat Phil and more than happy for you to navigate for me. At the end of the day you do know the route very well! May to drop you home on the way back.
  3. They weren’t a loan, they were a freebie.
  4. Very disappointingly I am out. My gearbox has yet to be repaired. We were discussing coming in the Golf but I think it would be more of a chore than a fun few hours. I hope you all have a great time. Might see if I can get to Clacketts to wave you off
  5. Quick update, I've installed the Club Sport mounts Ian has kindly loaned. I've fitted them to the engine end and it's much improved, a lot less droning from the exhaust and less vibration, these replaced the Superpro items I installed about 8 years. A success from my point of view. Even some of the minor rattles from the sunroof panel and an annoying one from the passenger door has stopped! Now going to install CS mounts at the gearbox end, I'm guess if I buy CS engine mounts I can then carefully press then out of the metal outer and then press back into my G50 gearbox mount? Anyone d
  6. Has anyone ever purchased the Porsche service tools, or knows where to find them, required to rebuild the 915 transmission? I am thinking of the two puller clamps, the very deep large socket and the ones for holding the shafts? I fancy having a go at rebuilding my box. Jason
  7. Thanks for the comments Phil! These are now sold on DDK pending payment.
  8. In OZ it was because of the introduction of unleaded fuel and I guess the powers that be were not sure if the new fuel would suit the tune of the 930s or lead to engine damage. Aussie delivered 3.2 Carreras 86 and on are detuned (I think slightly lower compression) but were still sold, 84 and 85 cars are the full Euro spec 231hp. Today it matters not and most rebuilds are wound back up so don't see what all the fuss was about, don't think the fuel has changed and we have 91, 95 and 98 RON to choose from. Good to get to know your car, in a way gives you much more confidence in it or what to e
  9. Yesterday
  10. Love the 356 and looking forward to your Safari build, please keep the updates coming
  11. Blandford St, Marylebone W1, this morning. Looked lovely.
  12. So as you probably gathered the above are 2 of my other cars . anyway back to the old targa . One of the issues was that the rear bumperettes were odd , one from this age car and one for a wide body , as such the back end looked all wrong . again I had a nice set of steel ones here so stripped and painted those . I also painted the rear end as well as there was a bit of rust above the bumperettes a new set of rear lenses helped make it look much tidier
  13. E registration seen today at the Porsche driving experience. Was on track at the same time as I was so unable to talk to the driver.
  14. Thanks Wayne, the links above are not working. Disappointing to hear that the badge doesn't come with a seal... (toy without batteries 😞
  15. Beaky, Greenwich at 15.00 Wingnonut, Clacketts 16.00 Sopor, Clacketts 16.00 BusyBee, Clacketts 16.00
  16. nice video, almost like therapy watching that with his soothing voice. Wish this kind of treatment was part of any major servicing work, especially in the uk.
  17. Leigh operates from the same unit as Chelsea Carrera, though they are two separate businesses in high Wycombe. He isnt very good on the Net lol so you won't find any websites
  18. Just out of interest, where’s Leigh’s Garage Targa? Quick search on t’interweb doesn’t find anything, & I don’t do Social media.
  19. Only one guy in the UK( and l can say it with confidence ) - works on these cars like a surgeon Leigh's Garage Better than Jaz, Auto Farm, Paul Stevens, Chris Turner (RIP), Charles Ivy and anyone else - this guys is a one man band with 45 plus yr of experience. takes his Time to do the job properly and explains what he does and isn't badly priced. he built my gearbox and engine and since he has i have driven the car around Europe,(3 months driving ban in France lol) and North Africa and the car has been (is) faultless since l know l am probably sounding like a sales person but
  20. I have the complete workshop manuals for the air cooled cars
  21. The company is called Hamilton & Palmer TN15 6PL 01732 760022 the part cost no more than 40-50£ and its an easy fix you can do with a soldering ion.
  22. Ok, so who's going Saturday and meeting where. I'll start: Beaky, Greenwich at 15.00 Wingnonut, Clacketts 16.00
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