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  2. Dyaque

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Thank you. Moss green indeed.
  3. Dyaque

    New SC Targa

    Stunning colour! Congratulations, you must be stoked with it.
  4. Stuarts

    Rewiring headlights for pre-impact sidelights

    Sounds like a good plan! Cheers guys, helpful as ever 😀 On a similar vane, what did you do about the rear number plate lights?
  5. Yesterday
  6. jevvy

    Strut brace

    Just stick it on and dont wind anything up too tight until you get to the alignment - better than it hanging around the house annoying the Mrs
  7. SP72

    Strut brace

    Thanks IB Peeps
  8. longman

    Strut brace

    get the alignment done first and fit it there .. I have one and asked the question at center gravity if it was worth it ,Chris reckons so ..
  9. Carbone do a self adhesive one, but wondering if the standard T911 one with spray adhesive would allow a bit of wriggle/slideability to get in it position. https://car-bone.pl/shop/engine-ins-pad-65-89/ @strosek34 - which adhesive did you use Steve?
  10. flappa2

    Strut brace

    Hi Shirish. No suspension expert but from an engineering point of view I would suggest fit it prior to the geo setup. That way you know the suspension is set properly with the brace in place. Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  11. SP72

    Strut brace

    Thanks all - I will go ahead and fit it. Will i affect camber when applying pre-load (or removing ‘slack’ as it describes in the instructions)? My alignment needs doing, wondering if I stick it on after alignment?
  12. I'd be stripping the inside to get an idea of what damage may have been done. Easier than starting from the outside and may reveal a simple solution......or a load of rust than needs dealing with.........
  13. Wingnonut

    Light weight undertray

    I am assuming I am the Wingnut in that list? (Can’t recall the last time I saw a post from the real Wingnut)
  14. Henry

    Collapsible oil return tubes

    Shared a few beers with Ivan last year in Karlovary , amazing place great beer and company and great roads , I was on my push bike but would make a great driving trip , great prices over there .
  15. In terms of the bigger machines a lot of it comes down to space in UK (the south for sure), I have friends with businesses in the US and they penny's for the space that they have compared to what we pay in Buckinghamshire. The space we have we have to work out the most profitable use for it, rather than have an abundance of it.
  16. The engineering facilities at BS Motorsport are impressive but heads and porting work are farmed out.
  17. strosek34

    "We go again" ....

    Yes, filter and filter housing off.
  18. I would like to learn some more about the 911 engine re-building industry model in the UK and would be keen to hear peoples experiences and thoughts. Having watched some of "Home built by Jeff" s Youtube videos, I have been particularly impressed by the engine build videos and the fabulous skills of Neil Harvey of Performance Developments. Rather like the Edd Pink Singer engine build video, its clear that these US engine building companies do all of their machining on site and have lots of amazing, heavy, precision equipment to do it all, some of which, whilst clearly old, is mega accurate. The knowledge and skill these guys have is phenomenal. Jeffs videos in particular show Neil's amazing attention to detail, lots of his little extra engine touches and how that skill and his machinery enables him to tackle lots of problems as they crop up during a rebuild. Having the whole engine build done under one roof seems the ideal model, but maybe the industry is just not big enough for that type of business model in the UK? In contrast I have visited 2/3 Porsche UK specialists that do engine re-builds but all had very small engine building rooms with no heavy, precision machining equipment to be seen. The engine building part of their business seems to run along a servicing/restoration business. Chris at Fenn Lane was completely open with me about their use of an outside company to do their machining and so I assume that is how most British engine builders work? Is that correct? If so, is there any UK Porsche engine builders that do all of their machining in-house?
  19. Lol. Porsche don't rust.
  20. Nige

    Rewiring headlights for pre-impact sidelights

    That's what I did. Soldered in some extension down to the early style indicators. Quite simple really.
  21. Spongebob

    Newbie questions

    Looks good https://ferdinandmagazine.com/updated-blaupunkt-bremen-sqr46-coming-2018 Now available for pre order.
  22. Henry

    Light weight undertray

    Updated list . Please , if you name is not on this list and you want one let me know by PM as just three left possibly two. Thanks peterK RivieraBob Wingnut Kennysenior PeteSC30 Type911 x2 Rustybum Drinky Lund Stuarts 85targa Sidewaysfun R2D2 Northy David H Sopor Sladey Map Phil MikeS911 chris Jaseeaton Dyaque Dr Rock Timmy
  23. Chris_911

    Help me choose a new system....

    Snap! I had exactly the same package delivered today.
  24. Phill

    Rewiring headlights for pre-impact sidelights

    Well in my simplistic view would the easiest thing to do be to extend the existing side light wires down to the new side lights? It's only two wires. If you are keeping the original headlights you could even have double side lights.
  25. Phill

    Strut brace

    I noticed a significant difference on the bumpy b roads and in the bends. Deffo worthwhile.
  26. jevvy

    Vehicle Lift?

    I'll put a tape measure on it next time I'm in the garage, pics on the site make it look larger than it is but the plan view in the PDF gives a fairly realistic representation of its size I would say.
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