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  2. That bodyshell just gets better and better looking as time goes by. Love the recessed headlights.
  3. Great fabrication. And cakes, too. You've invented fabricaketion.
  4. Snow Foam Lance Karcher Connector with 500ml of Magifoam - By Autobrite Direct https://amzn.eu/d/7PABM3R This one, you may find it cheaper elsewhere. Their foam is pretty decent also, although my current preference is Bilt Hamber stuff Paul
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  6. Hi all 76 911s am I correct that the rear carbon breather unit and hoses was only fitted on usa cars and can be deleted if need be ? if not essential it would save space and £ regards Keith Thankyou also to all those who have responded to many of my questions
  7. ordered a K2 already a bit impulsive like that. It was £82 on amazon prime with the home care kit. if you do find details of the lance let me know.
  8. Mark Taylor Specialisedwindscreens has done a many an old 911, recently my friends 964
  9. Personally I wouldn't bother without a pressure washer. I have a karcher k2 and had a karcher foam lance which was barely able to foam up the best of foams. Upgraded just the lance to a decent full brass job (autobrite I think) and the foam was night and day different. Based on my experience, i'd go with a cheapo pressure washer with decent lance and foam.
  10. One of the nationals did both mine, though they did send their old boy technician out and about 3 other vans. They even supplied new genuine Porsche bright trim, but manage to reuse my existing trim and gave me the new anyway.
  11. mmmm tbh I am considering now just biting the bullet and getting a small K2 Karcher. Not sure our water pressure is going to be good enough, the house is 170 years old and go knows when the water pipes were last done
  12. I can recommend Gavaddy windscreens. Used by Paragon. Used to doing the older stuff. They did my 914 using a custom seal and also fixed a leak on my 911 screen.
  13. I'll take them please matey.
  14. Hi all anyone know who can fit the front and rear windscreens on my 76 within the kent area UK regards keith
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  16. Cheers dude, BFH is always on hand. Now that the tank is out I can get in to plug weld the back of the jack point strengthener but I haven't done that yet because of this. The hole in the boxy bit is where a grommet goes to allow the pad wear and ABS sensor wires to come through and it is a bit frilly. The boxy thing is quite hefty 2mm steel because it is where the chassis V brace bolts to. It is called a V brace because it is, amazingly, V shaped. There is one of those boxy things on each side and the apex of the V bolts to the diff cradle. In order to get to the frilly hole I decided to remove the boxy bit. (I hope I'm not confusing anyone with all this technical terminology). I made a meal of removing it because firstly I wanted to do as little damage to it as possible and secondly, I wasn't completely sure how it was fixed on. Anyway, I should have just gone at it because I couldn't get it off without doing some damage to it. I ended up losing some tabs off the side of it and the (almost) square hole in the middle took a beating because there was a weld in each corner. First job was to resurrect the boxy thing with some new tabs and a remade squarish hole. It should be ok, I'm going to run it through the blast cabinet before it goes back on as the underside is a bit pitted but it is plenty strong enough due to the thickness of the steel. Now I could think about the bit I wanted to repair in the first place, the round hole. It is not a flat piece, the hole part is recessed. I had a rummage through my shed and found a spacer from a four post lift pulley and an old wheel bearing race, which I had saved for just such an occasion. I drilled the hole with a step drill before I used my scrap along with a BFH to form the recess. Unfortunately, the hammering made the hole stretch and it ended up far too big. I wasn't going to let that happen a second time so I just drilled a pilot hole but... That left the metal unable to stretch enough and it ripped through. The third one I drilled a Goldilocks hole. Not to big, not too small but just right. The arrow is to remind me that one side of the recess needs to be pushed deeper than the other. Like this. It turned out reasonably well, I think. The hole had pulled slightly off centre but because it was slightly undersized I was able to open it up with the die grinder and the angry end then finish it off with a file. The grommet fits like so. It also needs another bit knocking into it because the tabs on the boxy thing are slightly stepped. It is going to go in here but it is currently covered in wet weld through primer. That deserves a cream slice, I think. Cheers.
  17. You do need decent water pressure - I gave up on mine as my mains pressure was too low. From memory it was only 2.5 bar. New house is even worse!
  18. No problem, I gave up on cheap tools years ago. The aim was to suggest a thin wall socket. Size, length and drive is all down to selection. Having done more than once I can assure you they do work. The standard suspension bush is a metalastic type. The only rotation is provided by the movement in the rubber. Getting the torque set correctly (with the suspension loaded) to ensure that the metal parts of the bush don't rotate is the most important part of this job. If you are happy with your £10 box spanner - please crack on.
  19. £42 for a socket. Not likely. Wouldn't work anyway, still flared and too long to get in the space. £10 set of doubled ended box spanners did the job.
  20. Made in 4mm Makrolon. £25 pair posted to U.K. address. Unfitted and still with protective wrap And no I’m not posting a picture of 2 triangles. Use your imagination. 🤣
  21. https://shop.snapon.com/product/Extra-Deep-Thin-Wall%2C-mm/1-2"-Drive-6-Point-Metric--22-mm-Flank-Drive-Thin-Wall-Extra-Deep-Impact-Socket/SIMMF22A
  22. So 3x the price of B373. Makes an LSD seem like a sensible choice! 🤣
  23. Is it a new product or the same porsche 75/90 GL5 repackaged in metal can and sold through 'Clasic'? The Porsche 75/90 in the plastic container is around £25 + VAT / litre.
  24. I’ve not checked availability so this is mostly for info but it seems Porsche has launched a gearbox oil for our gearboxes, a 75/90. https://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/1127057-new-classic-oil-saga-new-transmission-oil.html And an oil pump apparently
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