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  2. Thanks, just made an order from him.
  3. That event looks fantastic! we arrive on the 21st April so perfect timing 👍
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  5. Yes mate, it looks great as is. It is a factory carrera sport though and I have the original wing, valance, spoiler, lights etc. i think I will fit them at some stage.
  6. Did you say you had a Mod07 like mine in Daisy you might sell Shirish?
  7. SP72


    Agreed, steering effort would increase and you may impair visibility of the dials. I’ve got a couple of 350mm and 370 mm wheels - can’t decide which i prefer. You can borrow it until you sell your car
  8. Nice work there, Targas really suit the non-Sport look. If you’re around in April, try and get yourself to Bicester Heritage https://bicesterheritage.co.uk/whaton/january/ If anything, it could be a good climate test for your roof!
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  10. Thank you mate yes it was a very busy two weeks i think I just started following you on insta as well! ill have to work out how to upload photos😩
  11. Delighted for you Rob, sounds like a very smooth (and remote!) transaction Pics when you can!
  12. Hi guys A quick note to say thanks to everyone who offered advise and support to buying our IB Targa. I found the ideal car through one of your members and it is now safely tucked away for winter awaiting our return in April next year to start our UK and Euro trip. I was told that getting insurance for an non resident would not be possible but found it no trouble whatsoever through Lockton insurance. Huge thanks to Anthony from Porsche inspections for an awesome job in finding that one car I looked at was not the real deal. Saved me a lot of grief. he also mentioned that the car we bought was one of the best he’d seen in a long while, so that’s great piece of mind. So now we are proud impact bumper owners and we can’t wait to get to enjoying it on our big trip next year thanks again guys for all your help Merry Christmas Rob
  13. Use of a jig is critical with a targa, as is the use of highest quality sills, and seam welding rather than spot. I used the very slightly thicker sills from 'Restoration Design' They were also galvanised at birth. My bodyshop was very impressed with the quality.
  14. Still shiny topside, and had its bottom stripped, (stone-chip) recoated and completely dinitroled in every nook and cranny in the summer. Rust protected... hopefully... 😐
  15. A Jig only gets the eye pick up points in the correct place which is of course very important if major reconstruction is undertaken , panel gap is down to the attention and skill of the builder . I know how you feel mine was shiny once
  16. And look at the dirt!!! Thats what 1500 miles since restoration does. I finished (haha - of course it never is) in October 2017
  17. Are these any help? Had to crawl under the car as I'm not able to access my resto photo-log this evening. And loom at the dirt!!! Thats what 1500 miles since restoration does. I finished (haha - of course it never is) in October 2017
  18. Grab a cuppa and indulge https://www.elferspot.com/en/car/porsche-911-carrera-2-8-rsr-1973-486108/
  19. Deano, they are yours. Message me your address and I'll get them in the post over the weekend. Don't worry about the postage cost, next time you see someone collection for charity, throw a quid in for me and I'm happy. Cheers AT
  20. Thanks for group hug guys xxxxxx
  21. Agreed, otherwise the idle speed would increase!
  22. Yeah second time around mine was put on a jig, and the gaping is fantastic .
  23. Yes, A jig is essential for extensive bodywork. My 74 narrow body Targa was also in a very poor condition before restoration. It was expertly welded up - lots of new panels - by the world reknowned Chesterton Coachworks using a Celette jog set to exactly the right settings.. They did a first class job.
  24. I’ll take them if they’re still available. Happy to offer the postage. 👍
  25. I think it was rose passion, https://www.rosepassion.com/en/diagrams-porsche-911-1974-eu-2-7-coupe-manual-gearbox-5-speed/levers-and-controls-gearbox-handbrake-pedal-assembly-accelerator-248/actuating-lever-handbrake-manual-throttle-lever-heating-2099/91442479201-p19298-handle-19298
  26. Generous offer - I know they're not cheap on a 3.2.
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