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  1. Yesterday
  2. Oops my lack of reading skills disturbs me! Apologies....
  3. Im in for 2 pax/drivers side not dash mount though
  4. £35 posted NOS, genuine
  5. Used to limit fuel smells when you remove carbon canister NOS £30 posted
  6. £10 NOS Not the one that stops your steering wheel moving up and down. This fits onto the steering column.
  7. SP72

    2 Sill end caps

    £25 posted slight storage scuff to one - NOS
  8. £35 posted Plastic, nicely finished.
  9. Rust free £35 posted
  10. Finished off removing the surface rust from the rear seat pans. After sanding I applied some rust remover and let it soak for 24 hours, it cleaned up nicley. Will crack on with priming and painting next weekend. Then off to the trimmers for fresh carpet. The Spadecustomz (http://www.spadescustomz.shop/) grill arrived, it's a lovely bit of kit. It even came in it's own tartan bag (although the old grill doesn't fit!). I have a little bit of adjustment on my fitment to line up the gaps perfectly that Florian kindly pointed out. Very happy so I now have the drilled pedal boards now on order from them. Weight wise the grill is 70g lighter than the original. Whilst I was there the rear wiper was deleted, the loose terminals have been insulated and tucked away. Side sills and bumperette delete completed. I am planning to get some new oil line clamps as there was one missing and the others are rusty which is quite obvious without the sill. The holes left by the sill fixings have been treated with some underseal and I am going to silicone some small black fir tree plugs in there. The edge of the wheel arch that would normally be covered by the sill end caps is going to be covered with some PPF to absorb the stone chips. The holes left by the bumperettes have been plugged with some black grommets, I do not think it looks too bad? The remaining rubber is a little loose where the bumperette is no longer holding it but I am planning to secure these with some bond. Thinking about door cards today, I quite fancy some in alcantara rather than the usual black vinyl but a bit unsure as to whether would be a bit too modern looking. If I went this route I would get the B pillars, rear quarter trim and possibly the rear parcel shelf done too. Ordered Powerlite PS-20 Battery yesterday but was told it is out of stock until further notice, seems like quite a few suppliers in the same boat. With about 83kg removed so far the car feels noticeably faster in 2nd and 3rd. This lightweight business is more addictive that I initially thought. May start to look at some lightweight body panels. Weight Saved Side Sill + Trim + Fixings 5.04kg Side Sill End Caps 0.17kg Rear Wiper Assembly 1.53kg Bumperettes + Lights + Fixings 2.38kg Rear Deck Grill + Fixings 1.09kg Weight Added Spadecustomz Rear Deck Grill + Fixings 1.02kg
  11. SP72

    Bumper tubes

    Happy to compare measurements of respective tubage (!)
  12. Hello - aftermarket, as per the title
  13. PeterK

    Bumper tubes

    I have a pair Phil. Not sure whether they’re front or rear but will check when back from sailing. Please feel free to remind me if I forget 😇
  14. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    If they are rear I would like them, if they are front I already have some. Does anyone know for sure?
  15. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    What kind of monster would feed oil to a puppy?
  16. I'll take it please Mark
  17. Have I been naughty?
  18. If these are genuine Porsche I’ll take them please sir
  19. Although visual having a good spray pattern ,to avoid assumption , the difference in fuel pressure needs to be monitored, using a pulse meter tool.
  20. Northy


    I’ll take this please buddy.
  21. Keep me posted, may bring my new baby down for you lot to laugh at!
  22. Type911

    Bumper tubes

    Yes, crush tubes, the oil fed puppies are £350 from OPC......................£492 whiskey tango foxtrot eh?
  23. The man with a dungeon is correct - window switches. (thanks Matthew)
  24. Phil, come and see me please
  25. Ermmmmmmmmmmm.....................................window?
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