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  2. I'm in Rochester in North Kent near the Dartford crossing guys, I'm happy to travel I'm committed do this project now, I'm not having another trip to Le Mans spent in a sweaty cabin! Help! SS
  3. Great find there, look out for a lamp as there maybe a Genie in it too
  4. When we visited Sportswagen, they were fitting one to a customer car that was having a ground up refurb. They said it is a very time consuming job to do it tidily, particularly running all the pipework, and connections, etc. and best done with a stripped out car. Its a great kit once in they said, the getting it in is the issue.
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  6. Wow, Mark is struggling a bit there but to be fair he is fitting it into a modded car where it’s not really supposed to go.
  7. Where are you ?. f not too far (& I’m not dicking about on the sea) , or you bring it to Fleet ……
  8. Sladey is installing the kit on his on DDK, he has come across a few obstacles but that's mainly his car being a bit different from the norm. https://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6932&hilit=sladey&start=2190
  9. Applications are open for this now. I’ve put mine in. If you get selected you get three runs up the hill (and entry to the event presumably) but it’s not cheap at £100 Should be great fun though.
  10. Where do you live SS, I’ve forgotten? I’ve not fitted one but it cannot be too difficult. Oh yes, the olden days, I regularly woke up to find ice on the inside of my bedroom window, heating only in the living room and we never had a car growing up so walkedto school in the snow every day Doesn’t mean I’d be happy with that now, nor would I have inflicted it on my children. Same can be said for cars, why would you buy a modern car without all the mod cons, indeed, do any modern cars come without air con etc etc. However, we love our classic cars because they don’t have all mod cons, they have foibles and sometimes they are uncomfortable to drive. Spending nearly £10k on some air con is no more than trying to drag an old car into the modern age and we all know that doesn’t always work well (as you seem to have found). How many times have people “upgraded” or “modified” their car only to find it is worse. Much better spent on something more useful (like another car with air con). Its all relative I suppose, if £10k is burning a hole in your pocket then happy days but as a well known Porsche engineer said to me once, these are Porsche owners and you can charge what you like (I paraphrase slightly ).
  11. I went to this nice, low key event last year and really enjoyed it. It’s on again this year and is free to enter (as a spectator) if you’ve got the time. https://mastershistoricracing.com/events-and-results/test-day-2024#:~:text=Donington Park will set the,cars on Tuesday%2C March 19th.
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  13. Like many things automotive it's a personal judgement. Plus we're all different. I'm not a hot weather person. I grew up a cold climate in a drafty house that was heated to 14 deg in the winter and no more. Cold weather doesn't really bother me. And perhaps my pre-conditioning to the cold is why I'm not a fan of hot weather. I really wish my install was working properly last year in central France at 37 C with blazing sunshine!
  14. You're on! Love the FJ 😆 🤣 Not at that price!! If any of you have fitted it yourselves and are willing to help me fit mine I'd cross your palms with silver?! SS
  15. The weather has been horrible today so I didn't fancy dragging the welder out in the storm. Not that I was quite ready to start welding just yet. I need to paint some weld through primer where this big platey thing is going to fit. Before I could paint it with weld through primer I needed to remove the old paint which is non weld through. To do this I went at it with a wire wheel on a grinder. When the grinder is spinning at around eleven thousand RPM there can be the occasional wire ejected at high speed from the wheel. This is not normally a major problem as long as one is equipped with suitable protective equipment. One of tonight's flying wires hit me in the nose, which I didn't enjoy too much so I abandoned the wire wheel for this device. It is a very effective paint stripper and because the green bristly thing is made from plastic it has the added bonus that if anything were to fly off into one's proboscis it is less likely to draw blood and leave you looking like Santa's favorite reindeer. I managed to survive the rest of the paint removal process so I then did a bit of tidying and trimming of the hole where the small platey thing is going on the other side. With that done I rigged up some rudimentary masking. The reason for the masking was that I couldn't be bothered to mix up the 2k weld through so I was using the aerosol copper stuff. Another advantage of the spray on paint is that it seems to stick quite well to the zinc plated things without having to treat them with mordant solution first. This means that I should now be ready to weld in the big platey thing on the left and the small platey thing on the right. I hope the weather is a bit nicer tomorrow afternoon. Cheers.
  16. SS I'd be happy to swap my Toyota FJ Cruiser for your IB on scorchio 🌞 days Has Gulf Region AC for summers in the desert, temp guage is in Kelvin, goes down to 0K Bring your thermals as frostbite 🥶 in the gentleman's region isn't funny 😬
  17. That’s crazy. Probably best not to bother, is it really worth the expense for the benefit?
  18. A couple of updates for you: 2 more installers have now provided quotes. Both of them say it will take circa 40 hours to fit, both of them say the estimates on the classic retrofit website are way off the mark. Both of them have quoted me 4 to 5 thousand pounds! So that's 3 quotes all within the same ballpark figure, what on earth is going on here??!! SS
  19. Thanks lads! Ill keep you updated!
  20. Nice. Look forward to following your progress.
  21. Please post plenty of updates with pictures 🙏 You've always got great builds going on, need to see more 😎
  22. well now the fun begins, aquiring nice parts. first out, a complete Eisenmann 42 MM setup to allow the engine to breathe a bit more than SSIs allow. I have read the shitshow thread on here where Chris was less than impressed with them, hopefully that set can be marked down as a lemon friday afternoon production specimen.... its a 3.2 shortstroke which may go wilder still with ITBs so hopefully that engine will benefit from breathing a bit better..
  23. Only saw this after I sent the pm. Sorry to hear that, hope all goes well.
  24. Sorry folks I can no-longer make this, unfortunately our dog has been diagnosed with soft cell sarcoma so he is now booked in for surgery that day at the RVC Queen Mother Hospital for animals in Brookmans Park. Gutted as I think it'll be a great place to visit, but Jackson as he's called needs to come first
  25. A bit too west for east folk too. +1 on the breakfast. That was a good meet and we should try and do it again at some point.
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