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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy/GDPR notes on ImpactBumpers.com

This forum is already GDPR compliant as you verified your email address and agreed to have your log-in data including email saved and used for future reference when you joined. By maintaining your membership in this forum, you give us permission to save your contact details. You can opt out of this at any time and delete your details but the content you have posted may or may not be deleted, depending on how it fits within discussion threads. Any retained content will be anonymised.

By using the forum you agree to your details being held by the forum for the purpose of providing you with forum access and thread subscriptions/reminders or whatever. We might use your email address and other identifying content shared by you and/or other users to get in touch outside of IB if there was an issue with something you had posted, but that has never happened and hopefully will never happen.

How your data is used

Impact Bumpers does not trade, sell or use your data for anything other than forum use. We don't market to you and we don't allow anyone else to market to you, hence there are no trade ads. We do have some traders on here but they are part of the community and recommended by the users. The board and its members are not for sale and we will not exploit you. That goes both ways, as you may not exploit anyone else on here either, so do not share pics that you do not have the copyright to and no sexist imagery or improper posts will be permitted.

Show respect to be respected

All are welcome to this forum including junior IBers and female enthusiasts, so keep that in mind when you are sharing your wisdom. The world is not all men of a certain age and Google shares much of what you write on here in the public domain. If anything kicks off as a result, you will own whatever you post and you can't edit it. Play nicely and no problem 🌈 

The forum guidelines are here. Anyone who does not wish to abide by these terms should drop me an email so I can delete their account.

Impact Bumpers, 1 Percy Road, Woodford Halse, Northants, NN11 3RN

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