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  1. A friend of mine has been working on one of those Lancias for a client, also took out about 15-18 kilos of filler. He's done quite a bit - and the customer has paid - but he told the owner that if he keeps going the bills will be huge so he doesn't want to do any more work. The customer now refuses to pick it up and will put £15k down in advance if he does a bit more. How times have changed!
  2. Yes, it is superb. Excellent. A time machine!
  3. I know the buyer of this Club Sport - has a few other 911s and they are very nice. He will drive it.
  4. This is great work - will be transformed!
  5. OK well £5k set against market shifts: it is still earning money. Good work 👍🏻 But then what would you pay to do a mile in a Veyron? It is cost vs reward, right? It is not all cost 👍🏻
  6. £7.50 a mile for a car kept in ready to use conditions is not bad given the restrictions - you could have SORNed it though as you can tax month to month (tax for 12 at a time and then de-tax when it is off the road and bank the refund). I once did a total cost of ownership analysis for a client's low-mileage GT3 as part of a bigger exercise comparing total life costs on a basket of cars that were potential replacements. He had spent more than £8 a mile in 18 months when you factored in dealer margins, part ex allowances and disposal commissions etc. So every run down the High Street for coffee was over £50. That is some expensive coffee!
  7. Remember that you can sign up for MOT reminders through the DVLA They start at a month out and count you down also LOL
  8. I use the Road Trip app - it does a good job tracking stuff on the Honda. Think they have a trial thing but I don't think it was dear either way. Really that is to track a lot of things you say you don't want to track, but it also has a good spend section - costs and servicing etc. Might be worth a look. I developed a load of content for an online vehicle history website called Motoriety a few years ago, not long after I went freelance. It was sort of a competitor to an idea of my own that I had worked on for a bit but then dropped as it was just too much work for one person (common prob with my ideas). The people running it were great but they had an uphill struggle for the same reasons so they sold it to the AA. Maybe should have taken a share in that one. It is called 'Automyze' now, which is a classic example of bad branding. I get the feeling that Automyze is supposed to evoke something like optimise, but I just see a community of "Auto Misers". Dunno if the auto misers have an app but maybe. The basic software was good and it was helped by the GDPR law as the online history was for the car rather then the owner and could be passed from owner to owner. GDPR has seen a lot of service histories go in the shredder...
  9. Excellent work both of you!
  10. Probably my favourite non-Porsche designer. Have had so many Opron cars. RIP.
  11. A sad day for sure. There were some great memories on Sky last night after the testing coverage ended. Ted asked Lando about his memories of growing up listening to Murray's commentary and turned out Lando was 2 when Murray retired. A funny moment. I read an interesting piece in mother-in-law's Telegraph this AM about his entry into the army. He was commissioned into the Scots Greys "by a pompous squadron leader who was disappointed to find that his name was not Murray-Walker". Made us laugh. RIP Murray - what a life.
  12. Just valued this for the new owner this morning. A nice 911.
  13. Still looks good to me - rare combination of colours...
  14. Not come across that one yet mate - just a question of time though. If it was UK and is coming back to the UK I don't see why not. HMRC will not charge VAT on VAT. Only small hassle may be if you are asked to prove that VAT was not reclaimed when it left. I have been asked that before on an EU-Switz-UK car and had to pay the VAT at the time. I don't think it would be an issue on an older car as they are not VAT qualifying and UK records would probably be available.
  15. It's 5% on 911s. The shipper should know all this. A little more on EU cars nowadays but worth it given how rare some things are. I almost brought an old Citroen GSA back just before Brexit - missed that one. Was in the south of France and tricky to get down there. I am kept ticking over with NOVA valuations on all sorts of stuff - not just Porsche - so there are still plenty of cars and bikes coming into the UK.
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