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  1. Updating the AV every two years is pretty standard practice. If values go up you don't want to be paid out 2017 values, do you? Probably half of my agreed valuation clients update every twelve months just to be safe.
  2. I run Porsche Valuations. Bob owns Porsche Inspections and Anthony works with Bob so if you're talking to Anthony then that is OK. One way that some bikers from the US or NZ etc touring the UK and Europe handle insurance is they find a friend in the UK who coincidentally has just bought a bike just like the one that the tourists want to ride and then they use it as a named rider. It is a lot cheaper for two wheeled machines that way.
  3. I read Porsche's instagram post about this and seemed impressive. 26 times from 0-200 kmh and back: all under ten secs and less than a second difference in fastest to slowest times. Seems that time 27 may be one too much! 😀
  4. Peter retired a few years ago and Bob Spratley runs the inspection business now. Bob is a nice guy and has done a few inspections on cars I've sold for clients.
  5. I spoke to EB about this and they agree with the statement above. It has been going on for a while and no action so far from Design 911 despite several emails. So we will see what happens from here on.
  6. Actually I am also down to just one now so yes we will get a re-run organised. I'll dig out the artwork. 100% of all profit goes towards putting this place online, how does that suit? Perfect, you say? Excellent answer.
  7. I don't remember that report. I got a B in Leaving Cert Maths! My French teacher once said that, if I spent as much time chatting French as I spent chatting up Caroline Clarke in class, then I would do much better. I got an A in French: she was a cheeky so and so.
  8. 15 years is a classic: good marketing story to tell and they lasted longer than the 16 year badges despite coming from the same manufacturer. I think I may stop people selling IB badges on here as £125 with nothing going to charity of any sort was taking the piss a bit. We will get around to doing some more one day: have had a different design on the drawing board for a few years There will be no polo shirt ever. Doesn't anyone else get bored of all these 25/30 year anniversaries? I can't be bothered with them. 50's the minimum
  9. I don't think I have ever valued your car, but I'm a bit more charitable than that!
  10. Looking forward to following progress in your ownership. So many fun miles have been clocked in this car - it is a proper forum character 👍🏻
  11. For sure - but Graham is not alone in that. I valued a 911 last week that had been insured for £14k and a 930 that had been insured for £22k: hard to believe. Update, update, update!
  12. This thread is due an update. Everyday premiums have been on the rise for various reasons, so let's hear what's going on in classics. I used a 5-year NCB I had spare on the Z4 Coupe and beat a classic policy from Lancaster requiring no NCB with a normal road policy from AXA by £20-ish. What are you guys spending on IB insurance?
  13. My thoughts exactly mate. I had a 260Z back in the 1990s and I adored it but it never ran properly (usual problem with carbs). I had to get shot of it as it sent the neighbours nuts when I was working earlies (6am startup of noisy, poor running Z). I eventually ended up with the dream 911, which the Z was inspired by, so I couldn't have another. But this is basically a modern-day 260Z - straight six, long bonnet, short rear overhang and even has a similar look through the steering wheel and over the hood. The performance is really quite something; hard to believe that some people turbo or supercharge these things. A blown one must be completely ballistic. Can't imagine more bang per buck than this at the mo and it was well behind the average price for year and mileage. Silver helped that side of things.
  14. With the market slow, it's a good time to look around for bargains. 
I have always fancied a "poor man's E-Type" BMW Z4 Coupe to go with my E36 M3 saloon and another BM would create good content for my column in BMW Car magazine, so I took a few days out to do a bit of homework on real world prices by contacting recent buyers and sellers and checking their deals. After four days of research, I was pretty well up to speed on prices so I made a short list of must-haves and hit the classifieds. Three hours later, I had bought a Z4. I picked it up in Bournemouth on Saturday. So far, I am fairly pleased with my purchase. Mine is a 2007 manual with the later N52K engine. Good spec including xenons, nav, M-Sport multifunction wheel, heated M seats and BBS style 108 split rims (not super popular but I like them). Silver was not my first choice but I don't hate it. Now with 107k on the clock after a few hundred miles in the last 24 hours, am loving the shove of the later 265bhp N52K engine with pursuit mode engaged - rivals my M3 for sure. Nice economy also. I am settling in to the driving position and Ted the Jack Russell is not moaning too much about the boot.

 It has good history, but it is due a service and I have a little list going on other bits. I was happy to buy with a service needed as it gives me a chance to get a very close look. I sent a deposit pre-inspection knowing there was work to do and nothing changed for me on pickup, so I paid what I offered. Now just looking forward to waving some spanners on it.

 First job was the classic "coins rammed in ashtray hinge". Took some medieval persuasion but mission accomplished! Anyone else had a Z4 Coupe? I was tempted to go Z4M up to £15k but figured I would start cheap with guilt-free mileage and run it for a bit, make a little profit and then go for something lower miles if it really catches my interest. The story may end end up being more "buy this, sort the bits and drive it for years".
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