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  1. Wow, that sucks. Downside is your pics. Upside is that it should repair if you can get an assessor on side. The only issue may be with the metal going brittle after that sort of blaze and insurance declaring it over and out. I have just been through an insurance case on a burned out car and it went Cat A in the end - rightly so I think. But it was much worse than yours. TBH I would consider taking a payout and starting again if it were offered - sometimes these things are best. But you will be back in the saddle sooner or later! You know where I am if you need any help with anything.
  2. I have done a track day at Zandvoort and it is a spectacular circuit in the sun. Ferry to Dunkirk and a drive north day before is my preferred route to that part of the world. I am restricted to ferries with an LPG car but still nice to skip the Tunnel chaos. November track day alongside the North Sea might be a bit interesting.
  3. This. The point is the title and start point and etc etc is not perfect. This is called "charm" as in 15 year badges and all the other bits gone wrong over the years that go down in family history. It's supposed to be fun - IB not PCGB.
  4. This is a bit wrong. Production for the following model year can start ahead of August - especially in a model change year - and there are plenty of C3 Targas about. Not too many differences between C3 and SC Targa shell wise. I wouldn't get too excited about it being the first SC into the UK and that may be unlikely, but a nice geek fact if it turns out to be the case. Maybe start a conversation with Porsche Cars GB.
  5. I wouldn't send it to the EU mainland, it will sell if realistically priced. Eire is a bit far away for people as it adds transport costs and time but if the price is right then they will be in touch. LHD is not 'always cheaper in the UK' - it is very dependent on model. You can afford to take UK asking prices with a pinch of salt anyway. Look at NL and Germany and price below them when transport costs are included. Offer close to your bottom line and do little or no discounting. It's an '84 so should be a little cheaper than a G50 and you need to talk about the transmission history - any rebuilds etc. That is a competitive price vs some of the 911s I have seen at Essen this weekend but still fairly optimistic at the start of the season with some Euro buyers keeping their powder dry and watching the exchange rates. Perhaps put a bit more work into your presentation and give some insight into transport costs & options. Consider sending it to the UK where there are more options for buyers to inspect independently. I am handling a well priced RHD longhood for an Irish buyer at the mo, as it is easier to get some interest going when the car is closer to the bigger UK market and to onward shipping options. It has come in from Cork and is still on Irish plates but easy to sort if a buyer needs help to do that.
  6. A substantial loss to the global Porsche archive. Sad news.
  7. 993 Targa is increasingly collectable. This looks like a waste of time and effort to me.
  8. Emerald Green on a 3.2 - never seen that before and potentially one of one. Not that I have seen every 3.2, but I have been around these things for a while. Absolutely love it 😍
  9. Can I remind all users without exception that we operate a policy of NO NAME AND SHAME. This applies to the most recent discussions as well as to all previous discussions on rogue businesses. There are people who do little or no research on a trader's history before SORing their car with them. I have no idea why they just hand their cars over: I guess people are optimists and I applaud their optimism. We have all been taken in by fraudsters: I have been swindled more than once by people I trusted wholeheartedly. I refuse to believe that everyone in the Porsche selling game is a shyster but I would do intense due diligence before sending any of my cars off beyond the four walls of my own garage. I feel for people who get taken in by outwardly trustworthy businesses, but I am not going to court with any of these businesses over claimed damage to reputation. I could bring twenty grownups into a court to testify that a certain trader's reputation was in the toilet before anything was posted on this forum and you would think that would win the case. The truth is that the courts do not come with any guarantees. Either way I am not paying to fight these battles or to put up with the stress. This person and the others who we have come to learn through bitter experience are bona fide bandits should all be avoided, but we cannot share their details here. Time will pass and people may revise the details of what happened and decide it is worth the risk to deal with them again, but the safest and sanest thing is always going to be not to deal with these people. Make it a permanent resolution: there are plenty more businesses to choose from. Share your bad stories and spread the word in whatsapp groups or on social media or in person at meets etc, but not on this forum. I am relying on IBers to self police a bit more effectively or we'll have to handle it some other way. Do not connect this forum to this sort of stuff. A note on benevolent dictatorship Note to people who have maybe not been here since we first started in 2006. IB does not work on management by committee. We do not have an appeals process or seek meaningful votes on anything of this nature. Do as the rules say in these instances or please do not use the forum. If in doubt, do not post.
  10. I dunno if I have a pic of the back but will check next time my old hard drive is plugged in.
  11. Hi Rich, great to see you mate
  12. A couple of friends of mine are working on this. It is best of everything parts-wise. Having spent time up close to both the DLS and new CTR, I think the details are beautiful on both of them.
  13. This looks almost identical to my much-missed Jacky Ickx wheel. Can you see any remnants of a signature in white paint on the vertical spoke? Had one on my SC Cab if you can remember back that far: they are great to use. It takes many kinds of people to make a world and one man's view is as valid as anyone else's. Stick around and keep contributing.
  14. Had to go pick up middle daughter's new 125 so missed this one. Should have ridden it straight there as someone backed into it at McDonalds not twenty mins after I picked it up... 🙃
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