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  1. Yes, maybe Jon. I am looking into it. The board software is receiving a major update soon, so if the Tapatalk app is simultaneously updated to work with the first release, then I will probably stick it back on. Thanks for the support mate 👍🏻
  2. Totally brilliant - I had two. Would still be riding one today if I was was still living in London.
  3. Long shot but have any of the 924 fans on here got a warmup regulator for a 924? Need one for a friend of mine. Email me: admin@impactbumpers.com
  4. A track prepared 944 vs a roadgoing 911 will be quite different driving experiences. The A-arms work best with some sort of give in them. I seem to remember at least one person here fitting solid bushes to A-arms back in the day and regretting it - mainly due to squeaks and rattles. But it is up to you what you go with. I ran one of my 911s with solid front top mounts and that was a definite change to dynamics. Have driven cars with polybushes front only and poly all around and can't say I liked that much either. I have a 1000 kilo car with no trim and woulldn't put solid mounts in anything. You can stiffen the bars, damping and other bits (engine mounts are a good upgrade) before going hard in the front wishbones.
  5. Good ad and welcome to the board. Market value of a RHD 964 Coupe is well over £50k now, as is a decent IB, so expect to give a little ground on work to do. Love the Z - had a couple of those also.
  6. These will be rock hard and very uncomfortable IMHO. Rough thing to do to a 30 year old car. Maybe try cheaper poly bushes first and see how you like them...
  7. Holt is great, motorhomed there many times. Not by the sea though. I was wondering WTF you were thinking of driving from Bristol to Norfolk but see you have moved! Loads of nice routes on two wheels up your way - I regularly head out from Market Harborough to Melton on to Stamford, Bourne, Spalding and Kings Lynn via back roads. @tea boywould probably be up for a meet at JJs for breakfast one Sunday, or drive up to Coningsby - nice cafe there that me and TB have eaten at while planes come and go.
  8. There are a number of different ways you can insert an image to display within your posts on the ImpactBumpers forum. The easiest way is to upload the image to IB's servers via the attachment system - this feature is available to supporting members. You can become an IB supporting member from just 4p a day. Gruppe IB members have unlimited upload space. The other way is to link to an image that you have hosted on your own servers or with a third party image server. Third party image hosts include Photobucket, imgur, ImageShack, imgBB and so on. Upload your image to one of these services and copy the direct URL of the image you want to embed in your post. The direct URL of an image will be in the share options when viewing the image on the hosting service and should end in the image extension (jpg/png/gif). Paste this into your post and, after a short wait for the software to process it, it will appear. Finish the rest of your post text/content, hit enter and you're done.
  9. Love the £20 bargain hunting! I had to travel all over the place - North Wales, Bristol, Croydon, Derbyshire and beyond - to get my reclaim slates affordably but it was worth it. The proper stuff just looks magnificent 👍🏻
  10. Yeah no surprise there - basically Magnum PI in a Porsche instead of a Fezza 😎
  11. Fisher Price garage for the win! My little brother and nephew got it out of the attic last weekend. What a class thing that was. Lots of bikers use turntables. Definitely on my list for possible future purchases.
  12. Classic dealer poetic licence. Lift out sunroof is what it's called. Did you ever use yours? My 944 has a sunroof but I have never driven the car. The 924T is non sunroof and that is fine by me - love that shape.
  13. Just had this in from Bicester - any thoughts? More details in the coming days. Redesigned for these challenging times and launched today (Thursday), The Classic Car Drive In Weekend is an all-new and exciting car-themed event designed specifically to provide enthusiasts with an outstanding outdoor, socially distanced visitor experience. The ground-breaking show – the very first drive in dedicated to cars – is the brainchild of Brand Events, the award-winning team behind a raft of innovative experiential successes including The London Classic Car Show, Top Gear Live, CarFest and a new series of Drive & Dine events, and will be staged at Bicester Heritage, the Home of Historic Motoring, in Oxfordshire over the weekend of 18-20 September. All show-goers will be treated to a drive in movie plus the added pleasure of savouring the sights and sounds of some of the world’s finest classic and competition cars performing live in thrilling and evocative action. Films already confirmed include some of the best car movies ever to hit the silver screen. Lovers of epic car chases can choose between blockbusters such as The Italian Job, Gone In 60 Seconds, Fast and Furious 7and Baby Driver while the billing is equally impressive for motor sport fans with Rush, Senna, Le Mans 66 and Days of Thunder all on the line-up. With two drive in cinemas and three screenings each and every day, no fewer than 18 different viewing options will be available. As well as the memorable drive in cinema experience, visitors also will be offered a full day’s entertainment topped by dramatic demonstration runs on a specially constructed on Bicester Heritage's existing track, which will also stage colourful motoring parades. Other highlights will include gatherings of more than 25 of the UK’s leading car clubs, eye-catching displays by top dealers, a host of car-related traders and retailers plus a live Bonhams MPH car auction hosted on-site. Adding to the spectacle and magical atmosphere, classic car owners are also being encouraged to drive into the event and display their own personal pride and joy to the world. Bicester Heritage is the perfect home for the first major new Covid-compliant classic car show. Located on the UK’s best-preserved WW2 RAF Bomber Station, it is one of the UK’s most significant motoring destinations and home to the first Centre of Excellence for Historic Motoring. Moreover, the huge event location, comprising 444 acres not only provides extensive airfield perimeter roads for eye-catching automotive action but also acres of outdoor space for this exciting new socially distanced event. Daniel Geoghegan CEO of Bicester Heritage commented: "The Classic Car Drive In Weekend is the perfect excuse to throw open the doors again at Bicester Heritage and to share the vibrant spirit here, we look forward to welcoming enthusiasts to our Centre of Excellence for Historic Motoring." Further details of The Classic Car Drive In Weekend including news of stunning static and demo display cars, a full schedule of epic drive in movies, listings of notable cars being auctioned by Bonhams MPH plus all the latest news of other mouth-watering attractions will be announced in the next few weeks via the www.theclassiccarshowuk.com website and associated social media platforms. The website also provides full information on all the Covid-compliant procedures being put in place to provide all-comers with a secure environment. Show tickets – priced at just £25 for adults and £15 children (aged 5-15) – will automatically give visitors access to one drive in film of their choice. For those looking to drive in, park up and just enjoy a film, a movie screening ticket is also on offer priced at £10 for adults and £7.50 for children. With visitor numbers restricted to a maximum of 10,000 across the weekend to guarantee social distancing, showgoers are advised to put their pedals to the metal without delay to avoid missing out. Tickets are on general release from Friday 14 August but fast starters registering online from today (Thursday 6 August) are being offered the opportunity to guarantee their tickets via an advance Pre-Sale commencing 48 hours earlier on Wednesday 12 August.
  14. Well I like my Pertronix but Jonny H doesn't like them much. Anything is better than points!
  15. Perfect. I worked with my uncle for a summer one year - he was an auto electrician. Had the lovely job of stripping these and repainting after he had done his thing. Seen enough of them now!!

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