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  1. This is sold out now - see you all there!!
  2. johndglynn

    My Shed Thread

    It looks good to me. We have a few "tweaks" in the courses on my Porschehaus extension, trying to get inner skin and retaining wall metric blocks to work with outer skin/upper course imperial reclaim brick and then hold a course around the building to tie into old Victorian walls of the house. Had to do some maths to sort it out after my brickie totally lost the plot one day but worked out fine This is a magnificent project - your Mrs is a legend!!
  3. johndglynn

    Restoration Costs in England

    That was a great car! LHD 964s very cool.
  4. johndglynn

    Restoration Costs in England

    I would give up on this one. I am looking for a 964 C2 for sale if you know of anything - RHD only 👍🏻
  5. johndglynn

    RHD 3.2 G50 Coupe wanted

    A friend of mine is in the market for a very clean G50 Coupe under 100k miles with decent history at a sensible price. Drop me a PM or an email (email me here) if you are thinking of selling. Genuine sellers only thanks.
  6. johndglynn

    Restoration Costs in England

    The market for £210k 911s in oversupply hasn't got very much to do with £55k 911s in low supply. There is demand for good air-cooled cars at the right price and they are not easy to find.
  7. johndglynn

    Restoration Costs in England

    I would not necessarily go along with this theory but I look forward to watching you try to make money here. A lot of people have been down this road and there have been better markets. The path to restoration is a long one and there are bears in them woods.
  8. johndglynn

    Could it be that The Sherrif’s secret is out?

    Yes no probs: this is a standard GS with standard (not low) seat and chassis, seat is height adjustable and set to lowest adjustment for me. The GS Adventure rides a bit higher. I also have an 1150 GS Adventure and that is slightly harder work! But still doable. Both are great to ride but the 1200 is the easier of the two.
  9. johndglynn

    Could it be that The Sherrif’s secret is out?

    Not actually used much of that WD40 yet so could be a moot thread! Everything on the 1200GS resto came apart easily: no rusty nuts 👍🏻
  10. johndglynn

    Restoration Costs in England

    LHD demand is higher in the EU and the VAT can be lower bringing it into NL. A better way to make money from this might be sourcing cars for EU sellers, helping to organise their shipping and just making a commission on top. 964 C2 Coupes are in low supply and worth looking at. Bear in mind that the market is slow at the minute.
  11. I gave it a push on the Tuthills social feeds this morning so should be booked up completely fairly soon. Anyone who fancies it should get a move on!
  12. johndglynn

    Restoration Costs in England

    Getting them in and then out again is the first real problem you will have. Coming in means they will have to have VAT paid unless you can get them on some sort of temp import which is usually related to a rally or similar. That means they will be time limited and I have never met anyone whose restoration was done on time, on schedule (or on budget). I think it's a non starter tbh. I do know US citizens who have had cars restored here due to the cost and hassle of dealing with US restorers, but those cars were bought here and live here, at least for a time after restoration or build.
  13. johndglynn

    Land Cruiser

    Still got it and will probably be the last car I ever sell. 80-series Landcruiser is the ultimate boy's toy. £3-5k for that 100 series is a bargain - get it bought.
  14. johndglynn

    Could it be that The Sherrif’s secret is out?

    Get on the step Twinset!!!
  15. This is not a common problem on an older 911. We have driven these cars in the heaviest rain you can possibly imagine and no issues except a bit of condensation inside. And almost dying: but not cutting out. Buy the car but do not expect to find a Turbo-look (Supersport) Targa for £40k. No chance IMHO.