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  1. Probably my favourite non-Porsche designer. Have had so many Opron cars. RIP.
  2. A sad day for sure. There were some great memories on Sky last night after the testing coverage ended. Ted asked Lando about his memories of growing up listening to Murray's commentary and turned out Lando was 2 when Murray retired. A funny moment. I read an interesting piece in mother-in-law's Telegraph this AM about his entry into the army. He was commissioned into the Scots Greys "by a pompous squadron leader who was disappointed to find that his name was not Murray-Walker". Made us laugh. RIP Murray - what a life.
  3. Just valued this for the new owner this morning. A nice 911.
  4. Still looks good to me - rare combination of colours...
  5. Not come across that one yet mate - just a question of time though. If it was UK and is coming back to the UK I don't see why not. HMRC will not charge VAT on VAT. Only small hassle may be if you are asked to prove that VAT was not reclaimed when it left. I have been asked that before on an EU-Switz-UK car and had to pay the VAT at the time. I don't think it would be an issue on an older car as they are not VAT qualifying and UK records would probably be available.
  6. It's 5% on 911s. The shipper should know all this. A little more on EU cars nowadays but worth it given how rare some things are. I almost brought an old Citroen GSA back just before Brexit - missed that one. Was in the south of France and tricky to get down there. I am kept ticking over with NOVA valuations on all sorts of stuff - not just Porsche - so there are still plenty of cars and bikes coming into the UK.
  7. That definitely broke the ice - been good times ever since mate 👍🏻
  8. For sure mate - that was a great day. Jamie lives down in Palm Springs now so he is going to shoot some cars from his neck of the woods. He is looking for a chase car driver if you are available! 😀 Yes by a long way. The owner had just sold McQueen's old Ferrari 250 and was looking to buy another McQueen car. He found this on the off-chance - it was really not marketed properly. Brought the car to an R Gruppe Treffen for us to shoot. Chad McQueen came along for the craic and told me about him stealing the Turbo when he was a kid - his dad found out and gave him what for. Good ti
  9. Yes good times mate - life got a bit harder with mags after a couple of years, Jamie moved to the US and I moved on to other things. Looking forward to doing some more stuff even if mags are now more different than ever. We did a book of some of our favourite features. Had a plan to do a triple boxed set but couldn't find a publisher worth dealing with. It is not an easy path! Met some terrific people though.
  10. Having a strange week this week - a lot going on on a personal level but also a bunch of surprise contacts from former journalism contacts, including the editor of France's Speedster magazine, which recently switched publishers after the previous one went bust. We sold quite a lot of stuff to them back in the day and it was a nicely designed mag. Anyway, he wanted to buy one of our old features - the story of Steve McQueen's Slate Grey 930, which Jamie and I took to Laguna Seca for an afternoon. We didn't drive it on track but we had a few laughs with it and it was a great story. It sold
  11. Didn't get your message for whatever reason. I have refunded your payment - thanks.
  12. Hey, thanks all. So much stress around lately but just about getting a grip on things. Who said 53 would be boring
  13. Reading this at the minute - pretty good. I am fascinated by this stuff: Nazi hunters, Mossad etc.
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