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  1. This looks amazing mate, you may want to adjust your insurance value. Not due for a bit IIRC but this is a significant upgrade.
  2. Yes, several cars of all ages and engine sizes. They are a high end product that someone obsessed with dynamics and capable of sensing subtleties would really appreciate (eg: Richard Tuthill). for people like me who are not so sensitive they are nice but not essential. The difference I noticed quite quickly is over a series of bumps the front doesn't get as overwhelmed as it can do especially on a light tank and the rear is a bit happier under hard cornering when loaded but I am no expert. 99% of the time and at the speeds I drive at the Konis are perfect. When you sit alongside Richard in a car with them fitted, and he drives at his speeds, it is a different matter as 'standard' dampers get overwhelmed everywhere. On country roads local to us at speed, the EXE-TC dampers are mega.
  3. EXE-TC - https://www.exe-tc.co.uk/ They are on another level. I have Konis on my (sleeping) car and they are great. No complaints.
  4. You sometimes see the teardrop shape jets on later 86/87 cars - I guess they are hangovers - but the round ones are more common the later you go. This '87 930 sold by Artcurial in Jan had roundies - I am slightly obsessed by this car:
  5. I have been having running battles with DVLA customers on this and pushing people towards their MPs, the historic vehicles group and cross party transport committee in Westminster. Good that something is happening as it is a massive shit show. That said, the consultation is way too narrow. Re-registering original vehicles that have fallen off the register is a major issue. They just send young people or idiots out who have no idea what they are looking at and the cars are stuck on Q plates at best.
  6. Really - wow. I once worked with a fashion/advertising/fine art photographer who had started in F1 but she packed it in to go to fashion school. She had no money through college but also had a Carrera RS.
  7. It definitely is - thank you for being you!
  8. I love that we can always count on WC for a "here's a profoundly traumatic episode that we had a good laugh about" story That time I nearly died That other time I nearly died That time I claustrophobised myself in the name of decent stonework That time I willingly drove to a war zone etc 🤣 Tea Boy stop poking and get the Lanoguard out LOL
  9. I heard on The Race this week that Wheatley aspired to a team principal role somewhere. He is a big Porsche guy, bought a car from Tuthills before I stepped down as the media person and had lots of cars from JZM while I was there too.
  10. I remember writing my first column for Total 911 back in 2003/4. Was very different back then! Phil Raby was a great editor to work for - I owe him some credit for my career since.
  11. My first track day was at Cadwell Park in the snow in my Gordini Turbo. Suffice to say I sat it out! Long time ago. Definitely was a trek and a half from south London - stayed in Louth the night before.
  12. So Adrian is offski! Exciting times ahead. Love that the press release says "thanks to my friend and manager, Eddie Jordan." Those two have been plotting this for months over copious amounts of Jody Scheckter's mindblowing whiskey down in Cape Town. Newey recently had a new yacht delivered also - maybe he will just drop off the radar now. I doubt it.
  13. You will be surprised how easy hot and cold works. I used the technique on this steering head bearing: bearing in the freezer for half an hour and heating the top yoke for 5 mins with a heat gun. I have a small two-ring electric hob also for heating bigger parts like hub assemblies or gearbox casings.
  14. Often what feels like fuel can be ignition. Have you got a spare coil you can check? Maybe check timing? Dizzy cap and rotor? Plug lead interference?
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