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  1. That's pretty good - who supplied them?
  2. The screwdriver thing is fine to get them out - not hard to do. They can't be cleaned effectively, as you know, as they wear out. That doesn't stop people having a go though. Injector cleaning thread on Pelican Personally I think they go longer than 100k - I have had CIS Mercs using these injectors at 180k, definitely never changed and no probs. I like the injector cleaning idea and may have a go at it as a weekend project for the craic. @Ian Comerford, what did you pay for your set?
  3. I love his style already I also think a jump pack could be the way to go: charge it at home and take it to the garage. They are around for under £90. Love his style already Alternatively there are a few of these in varying shapes and sizes that work off 18v drill batteries. Cool and fit under a bonnet.
  4. That spoiler is from a '76 930 - a "big grille" tail. The standard C3 spoiler would be similar but with a smaller second grille or no second grille at all. Hard to find but they do pop up - just keep watching the usual channels. Rare bits are always a waiting game.
  5. johndglynn

    Clutch life

    Porsche fitted decent clutches to the 3.2 line so they can go up to 150k on some cars - all depends on how they have been used. A clutch change is a good excuse to look at other bits so don't be scared of the absence of a bill. The test drive will give you an indication of how good it is. G50 clutch is a pricey bugger.
  6. Well done Barty - another life goal achieved and it looks like a beauty 👍🏻
  7. Sounds awesome Lesmundo!! Great work mate
  8. You are doing quality work using your own resources and brain power - great job and keep going!
  9. That sold for a lot of money last time around - why sell it now. Classic car auctions are such a muggy way to buy an old car as the emotion takes over from early on. I have bought lots at auction over the years but I wouldn't buy classics at one of these big auctions - small provincial auction maybe if you can have a good look at the body first.
  10. Haha! This is excellent. A window switch stuck to the dash for the roof and "I'll refund you a grand for the plate if you don't want it" - followed by bids to £15k and then "oh sorry that was a typo - the plate is a grand if you want it". Fantastic. Love these crazy kids.
  11. Sounds like a good project to me - if you know everything is square & level and you have the dimensions then no problem to at least have a measure, especially if you are miles from a decent shop with a jig and brackets. I know a lot of bodyshops use a floor-mounted measuring system and wonder if there might be charts available for that with dimensions. Long shot. I suppose maybe trying to find someone who is restoring a shell like yours on a jig and getting some measurements would be my first line of enquiry. Once you have a rough idea of how bent it is then you can move on to figuring out how to pull it.
  12. I kinda like it!! God bless these lunatics who give us such wonderful to-do lists.
  13. It would need to be something pretty special at that price level alright. The main pic looks like it was taken in the depths of winter and it's not sold yet...
  14. It is not happening unless something changes in the mass gathering advice. Currently zero chance. Let's just wait and see.

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