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  1. Sad as this certainly is (and of course the fond memories are great to read), like it or not, the Gadsby reflects the flip side. For all the time people like Chris spend/spent helping others out and giving their time for free, there is often a paid customer waiting for things to happen that never do. It is a sad thing to lose such great knowledge, but that is not always all of the story. We should acknowledge that sometimes, too many people draw on one man's good nature and not enough put back in. Be mindful of whether we ourselves are sometimes guilty of this. It is devastating to read of yet another man who should have felt supported enough to say enough is enough and make the changes in his life to keep going. Life is a precious gift. I genuinely appreciate the friends I have built up through rusty old cars, but, if it came down to disappointing one or more of you versus ending it all, you guys would lose. Much as I love you!
  2. Congrats SP, a brave move and instant gratification. The 3.4 is free to leave but you're not going anywhere
  3. "My brother is the president of the local Rolls Royce Club so I wanted to do something that was cool and that would offend him." I'm sure we can all get with that programme. I spent the three weeks over Christmas and New Year watching this (and all of the other ones on this channel): That led me to this and all of the other vids on this channel. Over a hundred hours if you get stuck in it - love the stuff some of these lunatics do
  4. Cris was a great guy. We had some fun times together back in the day. Gib Bosworth put me up for R Gruppe membership when he joined this place way back when and saw what we were supporting for shorthoods, inspired by what R Gruppe was up to for longhoods. Only shorthood member at the time - maybe still. I got my membership number from the Gruppemeister himself: still paying my subscriptions and the rest is (slightly drunk) history RIP mein chief: great memories of many late nights in many cold garages/parking lots.
  5. Glad the 4runner is still running! Great trucks. BTDT with prop UJ also. Happy new year mate
  6. I've got a 3.2 version in mine, all good despite yellow cap.
  7. No one needs humour explained. There are lots of very funny people on here. You have been here a long time, so what's appropriate and what is not should be pretty obvious by now. If it's not PG then don't post it here.
  8. Dude, you will be getting a long holiday if you keep this up. That is not appropriate.
  9. Thanks for the feedback my dears - now uninstalled. I understand how it is handy for people who flick between forums, which is why I installed it way back when. The board software is 95% brilliant but the bit that cracks my slacks is the Tapatalk bit. Every few months, another few hours spent trying to figure some new issue out.
  10. Currently in the process of removing Tapatalk from the board as it is a pain in the rear to maintain and constantly causing bugs elsewhere that take a while to sort. Apologies in advance to those using the software - I know a few people do.
  11. Let's move this to a forum where it is more likely to be found in the future... 😉
  12. I have had so much feedback and not a small amount of grief about this via my blog - the guy is not super communicative but I am all for his efforts. https://ferdinandmagazine.com/updated-blaupunkt-bremen-sqr46-coming-2018
  13. Welcome! Looks like the one that had Jonny's Electrocooler air-con fitted before it went out east. How is that working out?
  14. Updating the AV every two years is pretty standard practice. If values go up you don't want to be paid out 2017 values, do you? Probably half of my agreed valuation clients update every twelve months just to be safe.
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