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  1. Aha - yes I had the last set of Civic all season tyres done there also. Good lads.
  2. Nice one dude. Where did you get the alignment done?
  3. Blanketing all Singers with the same brush is a bit short sighted. Some are cool.
  4. Thankfully no one has stopped us from going out for a walk or digging the garden or getting the builders in. I am finding loads to get on with regardless of what the latest trend of doom says and enjoying all of life, big things and small 👍🏻 2020 has been a time to embrace the challenges presented and see what you can come up with in response. Every downturn is an opportunity and I have really felt that this year. What can you do to end the year on a high? Go for it! 👍🏻
  5. Half ATF half acetone is good but they are right abot mixing it up just before use. Big problem with any penetrating fluid is getting it where you need it. My referred order of penerating oil is: rostoff more rostoff heat the bejaysus out of it then rostoff drill a hole in it somewhere and heat and lather on whatever oil is closest dremel with a cutting disc and bollox to it
  6. This is cool. Stock as a rock and driven all over. It is just lovely. (Yes it's green - bite me)
  7. So easy for people to drink their own Kool Aid when it comes to sale pricing. Apart from being Red, too dear and parked in a garden, it is what many first timers are looking for.
  8. This will sort it out! That Pierburg is a pain in the arse. MPG should improve also. Next is to free up the exhaust a bit - could watch the GTI forums for suitable manifolds.
  9. Greatworth Classics bought Nick Fulljames' chromate plant AFAIK. The finished product looks excellent but bear in mid that chromate is a dark grey finish. I will be using that in due course - got a small out fan housing out being mag welded since 2010
  10. Sounds like you're geting some duff info here and £15k is well off the mark. Did they find snapped head studs? Or is it oil leaking around a cylinder base or similar? A minor oil leak is not a disaster. I think the 915 optimists are out tonight. The box is likely to need some work if there are no bills in the history.
  11. The carb on a 1.6 Ryder is quite crap if I recollect correctly. Seek a Weber would be my advice. 8v Mk2 GTI is my favourite car ever followed closely by 6N2 Polo so kudos 👍🏻
  12. Only watched one - last Sunday's which was on while I was doing some work. I thought it was great, had me laughing and some of the photography was excellent. Watched Grand Tour a couple of times and thought that was incredibly indulgent and very repetitive. I don't like motoring TV that much - there is better stuff filmed with a near-zero budget on Youtube.
  13. That felt like a good hit to me...
  14. He had it for eight years! That is longer than many on here. James is a top bloke, several work friends of mine have had good times with him.
  15. Welcome @napir - looks excellent!! See you in Suffolk or thereabouts 👍🏻
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