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  1. Ha! Yes! Apparently the technicians all wanted to take my car home I wonder when the final details of the venue & schedule will land?
  2. Always a good feeling as I always have that doubt that there may be something I have missed. Anyway, used Porsche Tewkesbury for the MoT and now have a ticket for another year. I think the car caused a bit of a stir given the number of 'lovely car' comments it received
  3. Few pics - more in my album on my Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisTarling.YellowHound
  4. No thank god. I'd probably end the day on the news.... Someone far more attractive - in every way
  5. I know my car doesn't qualify but I'd be up for this. My only issue is I can't make it as I have a client booked for an all-day portrait session
  6. Just received a 'test' pack - they are not the same thing at all, far too big. Shall order some from my local OPC.
  7. Me too! Hopefully my posts on here and Pelican will give others cause to think.
  8. Good - I really like it. To me it sounds very '911'. It's not especially loud (good) and quiet on a cruise. No resonances to spoil things at any speed.
  9. Very little to add to this. Exhaust is on and I've driven the car about 500 miles since, including 400 miles on yesterday's mid-Wales run. I am very pleased - sounds throaty under acceleration and quiet everywhere else. No resonances apparent anywhere in the speed range, so it's unobtrusive on a cruise. A small note on fitting. Rich did advise me that I would need to cut off the bracket on the air control tube. I wasn't keen to do this, as it's an eye-wateringly expensive piece (think £800+) and I wanted to do nothing to the car that was not easily reversible. I found that the bolts Rich uses for the back box straps are long and these prevented the air control tube from sitting where it needed to be. Some shorter stainless bolts solved this problem completely and I was able to simply use the longer of the two OE silencer straps, with a little bit of re-shaping, to secure the air control tube. All good
  10. Top day Haith. 393 miles for me, and I had an epic drive home across the twists Great to meet you all - top group I have to say. A few pics:
  11. Have ordered some, though I have a vague recollection of going around this loop previously and finding the generic ones aren't quite the right thing. We'll see.
  12. Thanks. Boy do I feel like a tw4t now 🙄
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