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  1. Hadn't noticed that - have decided to book a ticket. UPDATE - good job I checked before I paid. Apparently my presence is required elsewhere 🙄
  2. The wheels are hideous but that is otherwise a thing of great beauty.
  3. Won't be there I'm afraid. I have come down with a lurgy following the Spa Six Hours and also had forgotten that Mrs T is away in Palma doing a run, so I have the dogs to take care of.
  4. Holy cow! Surprised he parted with it. Enjoy.
  5. I'd also add the flywheel sensors to this list. They corrode over time and can lead to running issues.
  6. Sounds like you need an IB work party. Name the date.
  7. For dedication, dignity and grace she set the bar very high. I feel privileged to have lived during her reign.
  8. Although the cynic in me feels that this will be for residents and that tourists will face a more difficult future.
  9. I have a spare ticket for tomorrow (Saturday). Owes me £25. Anybody want it?
  10. You can't get one for cars IIRC manufactured before 1997. Anything that old is considered the spawn of satan in pollution terms. Some cities do seem to be recognising 'classic' cars but I fear this may be for residents only that can get a carte grise and 'historic' status. Seems to be a developing picture with regard to 'classics'.
  11. Are Fiat 500s really that prone to rolling over??
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