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  1. Certainly looks great in the pics. If I was looking I would certainly be interested in giving it a home.
  2. Interesting. Much much cheaper and only an inch lower on lift height, but they are pretty large beasts to store - really don't think I have the room for those
  3. A scissor is right out of touch currently. Going to be circa £1400 plus the work to upgrade the garage electrics. I think the hydraulic ramps would add an awful lot of convenience.
  4. So I'm starting to carry out my fuel line refresh and re-discovering that ball ache of getting the car up in the air and supporting it safely. I simply can't stretch to the scissor lift I really want. BUT have been thinking about a pair of hydraulic ramps, these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/900kg-Hydraulic-Car-Ramps-Hydraulic-Car-Lifts-Adjustable-Low-Car-Ramps-DDD/303516375814?hash=item46aafc5b06:g:RioAAOSwu1FdqK8p Much easier and quicker to get the front or back of the car up in the air and onto axle stands if needed. And I could stretch to a pair cost-wise. Anybody have any thoughts or experience of these, good or bad? I also had a think about a tilting lift (roughly the same price as the hydraulic ramps), like this: https://www.cjautos.eu/NEW_3_IN_1_TILTING_CAR_LIFT_p/cl01.htm BUT the lifting platforms aren't long enough to reach the lifting pads on the chassis, so it looks as though the vehicle weight is reacted where it shouldn't be. Am I missing something?
  5. Got a new drain and filter to go back in too
  6. Ha no. Undid the fuel tank drain.
  7. Finally made a start today by draining the fuel tank. Much more to come...
  8. £22 each? It's $350 here in the UK for a 12month subscription of 4 issues 😳
  9. Looks as though MoTs are now suspended for 3 months.
  10. Do you have a local Porsche main agent? Had my last MoT carried out by Porsche at Tewkesbury. Nice coffee/totty/cars to gawp at. Very amusing to see how much interest my IB had - think I made the MoT tester's day.
  11. I was just thinking that the Rennline phone mount looks good but looking to see how much they cost I found it's £71! Ouch.
  12. Just started reading it. Certainly very interesting. I was totally unaware of the corrosive power of ethanol loaded fuel.....
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