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  1. Same length as a current 5 series then
  2. Love it. One of my favourite shape 7s. Enjoy!
  3. Whilst an appreciable sum of money I'm not looking at the figures quoted as 'expensive'. There is quite a lot of individual parts in that image. Man time to build, material costs and the knowledge to do it all so doesn't seem expensive to me.
  4. Nothing to add Lewis but I'm watching with interest.
  5. Have received this image from Rich at Turbo Thomas and am eagerly awaiting delivery....
  6. Thought I'd round this off. After much to-ing and fro-ing, with me answering lots of detailed questions about my car, they agreed to collect (at their expense) the exhaust from me. It took a while but I now have all of my money re-funded. So, whilst I could definitely have done without the aggravation, I have the outcome I wanted. What I couldn't understand with the Eisenmann exhaust was the presence of the thin HE flanges. Interestingly this is the response given to me post collection of my system: 'In case any interest at all, they did previously discover the issue of the non fitment 6 – 8 mm gap was due to differences between the cylinder heads between USA and European specification cars, they do offer a system for your specification with different flanges, the error was in not remembering this time to ask you for finer details / VIN of the car before hand, apologies for this; it is the first time such a mistake has been made that we are aware of on any same units we ourselves have sold, sorry it had to happen to you.' This from Eisenmann UK. Now I don't believe this is correct at all - I do not believe that there is any cylinder head difference between UK and US cars, but am happy to be proved wrong. My understanding is that ALL 3.2s are thick flange HEs. The Eisenmann website has now been modified to state this: 'PLEASE NOTE; This should fit the following; 3.2ltr engine 152,160,170kW - WITHOUT cat converter, however some modifications may be required during installation on these 3.2ltr engines. Please provide dimensions of the OEM heat exchanger flanges before ordering.'
  7. E60/E61. Great cars. Really miss mine - covered very nearly 190k trouble free miles. F series that followed it nowhere near as good a car - feels more built to a price (my wife currently runs an F11 dog bus).
  8. Chris_911


    I'm interested in the 2020 trip too. Can't see that thread - just get the 503 error.
  9. Saw this a while ago, and have booked a ticket.
  10. I have WEVO engine mounts - been in there for a long time. I originally ran the blue ones (I think that's all they offered at the time) but switched to the black ones some years ago. If anything I think I prefer the blue ones. I would not consider them harsh for road use - especially so for someone running a mega exhaust
  11. Agreed - Peter Chambers Automotive can be pricey. Sam I'm not aware of any specific meet-ups in the area. There are a few of us in the area though so maybe organise our own!?
  12. Couldn't agree more. I love road trips, and being in my 911 makes them extra special, but it's the social with like-minded friends that really counts. Experiences, memories and friendships are what life is all about.
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