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  1. Here's a comparison of the two filters I have - the one that was on the car date stamped 09, and the one that was leaking date stamped 19. The newer came from a reputable source - Opie Oils. The printing on the exterior is quite different. I'd be very interested to know if this is the 'new style' or whether some other factor is at work. I'm hoping @Type911 can shed some light - what do your stock items look like?
  2. A few years ago when buying my wife's Boxster at Porsche Solihull we happened to still be finalising the paperwork right at the end of the day when they were moving cars from the front forecourt. You'd be quite surprised how much smoke on start up was visible! You've got to bed those rings in. Just drive it normally. The important thing is to not labour the engine.
  3. As far as I can be. I actually had two new KL21 fuel filters from different sources and they were of identical build quality. I don't think either came from Type911. Matthew @Type911 is kindly going to have a look at his stock for me tomorrow.
  4. A word of warning on the fuel filter. I have just tried to start my car and (fortunately before it fired) I noticed a major leak from the top of the fuel filter. Now this is the area where the 'as supplied' fitting needs to be replaced with the one that Paul supplies. Clearly the sealing surfaces on the filter, crush washer and new fitting need to be in excellent condition. I have no concerns with Paul's adapter. My filter and crush washer looked good but clearly they aren't sufficient to give a good seal. When I changed out the existing fuel filter (date stamp 09, but hasn't been on the car that long) for the new one I felt that the build quality of the new filter was not as good. For interest I removed the existing fitting off the old filter and the sealing surface looks better than the new... This may be an issue going forward.... Both filters are Mahle/Knecht KL21s. New (leaking) filter sealing surface. Old filter sealing surface.
  5. Thanks. I wrote myself a list of all the jobs still to do in what felt like the right order - despite all this I've still got what looks like a very long list..... It's great just being able to get a couple of hours in here and there but I would like the car down on its wheels soon and back in the garage. Should achieve that early this coming week.
  6. Rear calipers rebuilt with new seals and fitted to the car along with new rear hard lines (managed to catch one and bend it when I was removing a caliper so decided to replace both). Too hot today so I'm planning to bleed the brakes tomorrow and re-install the gear lever. Then I'll be in a position to get some fuel and start the car....
  7. More progress today. Handbrake finished - new cables installed and everything adjusted to work as it should. Fiddly but satisfying. Gearbox crossmember re-installed and new earth strap fitted. Next job is to rebuild one of calipers to replace the torn seal.
  8. Top idea Les, right in the 'why didn't I think of that' category 🤗
  9. A little bit more progress today. New fuel pump fitted - the fuel system is now ready for fuel and, err, testing..... As I said before the fuel lines are very tight to the steering rack as they exit the tunnel. Nothing I can do about this, save keep an eye on it. New fuel tank filter and seal fitted, though the original wasn't too shabby. Fitted the rear tunnel grommets - nowhere near the fight that I had with the fronts thankfully. Next job is to fit the new handbrake cables which will allow me to refit the gearbox crossmember.
  10. Wow! It's at times like these that I wonder about all the missteps I have made in life... But be thankful for the riches you have.
  11. One thing I remember from ordering my lines from Paul was that it got to a point where I was convinced that they had been lost. I can't recall completely the circumstance - IIRC there was a very long gap with nothing apparently happening. I even got in touch with Paul to see if he could find out where they were as I feared them lost. Then out of the blue Parcelforce made the delivery.
  12. Seriously expensive. I guess the production numbers must be low, hence the price?
  13. I would describe both sets as being of high quality - but they are different. Paul’s lines use Teflon as the hose material which is covered with a steel braid, with a black shiny material over that. The end fittings are quite different from factory. Len’s lines use the OE materials, or very close to as far as I can tell. The hoses and fittings have a more OE appearance. Len can be reached on lendotcummings@verizondotnet.

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