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  1. I agree with Ian. The 70T would be way cooler, and be a more sound financial basis. It would always be the more interesting proposition - and it already has a story to tell. I love cars with (hi)stories....
  2. Build it, no question. Pristine toys in pristine boxes are just, well, wrong.
  3. I'm not sure I agree with the 'definitive' description but it's a nice history of the cars and well worth buying.
  4. Much prefer mine to the OE G50 or the Wevo knobs 😉
  5. looks like the one I have.
  6. Pretty much always down. My preference is to put any luggage on them.
  7. Did you read my experience with a new Porsche line - stamped with a 2013 manufacturing date.....
  8. They pay others to do their projects (No offence intended!!)
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