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  1. Agreed - thank you both very much. I am quite touched by your generosity
  2. Ivan I think the main problem is that I seem to have to deal with the english end of the operation. I was actually quite surprised when I placed my order via the eisenmann-technik site and my confirmation came via the UK end, which is actually CT Technologies International. Guess he's just the UK agent. I am making sure I copy all of my communications in to a German e-mail that I have but I am not impressed with the English guy at ll. Bullsh!t and bluster!
  3. Not quite sure how to feel about this - on the one hand I'm grateful for the support, on the other they may accuse me of collusion (they have already made a ridiculous threat of libel over the FB post you have commented on). Thanks anyway
  4. Wow!! Bought directly from Eisenmann. Thanks Steve, though I don't think it's going to be an easy ride. They claim that it is because the items are 'hand custom items'. Now this might have some validity if the exhaust was bespoke to me - if I had asked for a certain specification to suit my individual requirements and car. But the simple fact is that I have a standard catalogue item that is made to order.
  5. You can replace the gearbox cross member bushes yourself. Several of us on here have done it. I have Superpro bushes in mine, which I didn't find changed the NVH of the car at all, but others have found a detrimental change.
  6. Thanks Roy. I fear it's going to be challenging. They are claiming: that the Consumer Rights Act 2015 doesn't apply to them that they have 'sold and installed several dozens of identical units over many years' that the items 'will indeed fit correctly onto a non modified factory standard vehicle, with professional installation, not DIY installation'. that my car is not 100% standard (due to its age!) the items can be modified to fit It's down to me to prove (with evidence) that the items are not as described. They are not as described because the items were not sold to me as professional fit only and NOT for DIY fitment, and that there was no mention of the need to modify the items to fit.
  7. Thanks Guys. Yes all in progress with credit card company.
  8. Yes Beaky - I have formally rejected them. Had an interesting first reply from Eisenmann - all bluff and bluster. Batted that back robustly and apparently they are now asking their 'legal representative' to reply to my facts and claims. Going to be a fight this one.... Flirted seriously with SSI but have decided that the std HEs with TT presilencer and silencer will give me 95% of what I want
  9. That SSIs are not right for the 3.2 (apologies to everyone else that tried to tell me....) and that unless I'm seeking to extract every last horse from the engine the std HEs will suffice. He also pointed out some observations on the construction of both the Eisenmann system I have and the Cargarphic that I was interested in - neither especially positive, but nevertheless well-reasoned. Incidentally the Cargarphic is 4000Euro + VAT so not an option for me.....
  10. Decided not to go SSI after a long and very helpful discussion with Rich at TT. Have just got a reply from Eisenmann - I can see that there is going to be no quick resolution and I'm going to have to dig in very robustly
  11. Yes - the Eisenmann kit includes the two new oil lines required (the 'question mark' shaped scavenge line and the part flexible/part hardline to the oil thermostat). There isn't a fouling issue with the oil lines - it's the engine oil cooler itself that there is inadequate clearance for. The extra clearance required looks to be between 5 and 10mm at the engine oil cooler so not insignificant. The issue I had with the part flex/part hard oil line supplied with the kit is that the flexible part is too short. This means it kinks on installation massively reducing the oil flow through the line. Whether this would open up with heat is not something I would want to risk.
  12. Just to round this out I have formally rejected this shoddily made exhaust system. Awaiting a response from Eisenmann.
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