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  1. Have just renewed with Lockton. AV £65k, 3k miles. Initial renewal premium was £450. I challenged this, based on competitor quotes, and had the renewal premium reduced to £345. It's a good policy so I've stuck with them.
  2. Not through PCGB - I am not a member. Just via their website - the link that was posted.
  3. Dear Chris, Thanks for your mail. At the present time, due to covid, Fuelpecker is not accepting any new customers nor issuing any more cards until further notice. We have taken note of your request and details. Tom
  4. That's great Matthew - I'll have one please. I did see the one you stock but it looked a little rough around the edges. I know I willed a few other bits so I'll get my list together.
  5. @Type911 I'm after their stainless steel alternator strap.
  6. Do I have to deal with Design911 or are there any other UK stockists?
  7. I wrecked a master cylinder many moons ago doing just this. Now I only pressure bleed.
  8. Been with Locktons for a few years but seeing a BIG jump in my renewal premium this year. Renewal premium is £450 on a £65k valuation, 3k miles. Classicline looks as though it will be £358 on the same valuation and 5k miles.
  9. Looks like a great idea but I found it doesn't work particularly well in practice.
  10. Bump as I see another has popped up for sale.
  11. Well it's a US mag so yes. Some decent Porsche content in the latest issue.
  12. I've long admired Road & Track as an interesting read. Their re-design a few issues ago is, I think, a tremendous success. Reminds me so much of 'Car' mag back in the day. Anyway the current issue is , I think, brilliant. If you can, get hold of a copy.
  13. Thanks - nightmare colour to shoot though as it really does change colour depending on the how the light strikes it. So whilst it looks like the white balance isn't consistent across the images, actually it's all down to the paint.
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