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  1. Would have been great to meet up with you Ian but regrettably I couldn't make yesterday. For me the rally demo is a key attraction which runs on Sat & Sun.
  2. I bought this new in 2001. Great car but didn't get under my skin in the way my IB has.
  3. Hi Ian Was thinking of going this year, but I can't make either Saturday or Sunday. I guess the rally demonstration doesn't happen on Friday. How long are you there for?
  4. Thinks....Hmm...camper conversion on a Man HX??? What could possibly go wrong?
  5. My guess too. Earlier on they were filming one of the DB5s deploying smoke and then 'oil' (water).
  6. Actually the cars... They are on a separate piece of track in the infield that is part of the Aston Martin centre there. I believe there were three separate DB5s circulating. Two were on track at the same time, and a third came out later in the afternoon sounding very fruity. May have bee the driver but it seemed this car was set up for oversteer.... Yes tyre smoke from the DBS. He span it shortly after.
  7. Whilst supporting the Mission Motorsport Troops Trackday on Tuesday I was temporarily distracted by these using the Aston test track. Familiar?
  8. Chris_911

    2035 ban?

    Article in the Times today - the greenest car is the one in your garage..... Quotes approx. 50% of carbon footprint rooted in manufacture. Any new car you buy is adding pollution over and above what you currently have.
  9. Chris_911

    2035 ban?

    Vehicle tax likely to be eye-watering.....
  10. Chris_911

    2035 ban?

    And the electricity has to be generated somewhere, somehow. Contrast that with a hydrogen FCEV - most plentiful element in the universe, combustion by-product is water, and no additional electricity generation demand.
  11. Chris_911

    2035 ban?

    I was only saying to my wife the other day that I thought it would be a brave soul that bought a BEV with their own money right now. We are flat broke so not even in any sort of market right now.
  12. Chris_911

    2035 ban?

    I most definitely agree. Massive advantages compared to BEVs.
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