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  1. Drinky

    Sourcing linen leather

    Coming together beautifully, it’s some art
  2. Drinky

    My Shed Thread

    Congratulations looks fantastic
  3. Drinky

    Sourcing linen leather

    Cheers Rich, Roy you have a pm
  4. Drinky

    Sourcing linen leather

    Lol Here comes the piping
  5. Drinky

    Sourcing linen leather

    Its started at last but going to be worth it
  6. Drinky

    Anyone owned a Lancia Delta Integrale?

    this one still up for sale and I think its dropped 5k in price, however as discussed before, I struggle with the interior! http://www.classicwise.co.uk/cars/1989-f-lancia-delta-hf-intergrale-16v-turbo/
  7. Drinky

    Can you tell what it is yet?

    Nice or a trendy fruit bowl 😀
  8. Drinky

    911 SC - Monte Carlo

    So cool 😎😍
  9. Drinky

    "We go again" ....

    Great news Shrish , looking forward to seeing it in the flesh
  10. Drinky


    No personal experience, however the guy who is doing my seats rates https://www.lakewell.com/en/porsche
  11. I should be, as long as I have got my seats back
  12. yep, that’s us, driving sedately to Bicester
  13. Drinky

    North Coast 500 2019

    guys what would be the plan in terms of number of days/nights to do the 500?
  14. Drinky

    Anyone owned a Lancia Delta Integrale?

    Mark, interesting, bit pricey but https://themarket.co.uk/listings/lancia/integrale-evo-2/55909f5e-2441-43a8-993a-895b77d76610?status=preview
  15. Drinky

    Group4 16” Campagnolo reps

    Aspro, there’s another thread going on this cheers Carl