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  1. Just gone on eBay, awful advert but you never know https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-911-SC-targa-in-guards-red/333147872204?hash=item4d91291bcc:g:TtsAAOSwhtlcqhCw nothing to do with me, just browsing
  2. lol, forgot to mention free delivery and if i had ordered some, it was delivered within 2 hours!
  3. Not wanting to start another oil thread, however eurocarparts have a 50% flash sale on Shell oils using code flash50 today
  4. Drinky

    Few niggles

    Here we go lol
  5. Cheers Roy, very similar to the Dr’s, I wonder why?
  6. Thanks guys, I have black over mats, it’s the carpet around the rear seats that gets grubby
  7. Hi all, inevitably now that my seats have been retrimmed, it’s showing the fact that the linen carpets are 30 years old. So I am considering fitting black carpets, as I do quite a few trips in her fully laden with camping gear etc keeping light carpets clean is a challenge, I’ve googled to see if I can find examples of how it would look, but can only find one example as below, however this car has black door handles, bin lids and centre console, where as mine are linen. long shot, but does anyone have this combo or has any pictures from cas they’ve seen? TIA
  8. Agreed guys, I think the issues can occur dependant on the diameter of the isolator and the size of the pole on the battery, should be relatively standard, however if it’s a bit tight to get on and you slightly over tighten, then they can crack at the weakest point. It’s worth filing out the isolator to a perfect fit imo
  9. BB, I have something similar to this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Motorcycle-Cut-off-Kill-Switch-Battery-Terminal-Disconnect-Isolator-Tools-UK/303109556145?hash=item4692bcc7b1:g:IbwAAOSwoPpcL1LM
  10. Drinky

    Door Bins

    i have a feeling that the new bins come with the felt on the inside already or certainly the ones from Lakewell do, but much more expensive than Matts, not sure if Matts have felt inners or not
  11. Drinky

    Tickety boo hoo :(

    Excellent mate, quite a relief and a few smiles no doubt on discovering
  12. Drinky

    Seat mountings

    Looks like only four bolts being used, interesting handle been added to the longer block. PET also showing the longer block at the rear
  13. Drinky

    Seat mountings

    Just reread, my two odd ones were four blocks, but think it’s the third hole, so maybe yours have been cut down
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