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  1. Fastest colour obvs, looks great congratulations
  2. +1 and you can get a good earth behind the rear quarter panel
  3. looking lovely Andy, roll on the spring!
  4. Nice car mate in a great colour!
  5. Drinky

    Cool vids

    Haith, just tried to pm you, I think your inbox is full cheers Carl
  6. It’s usually a 10mm socket lol, we’ve all been there
  7. Excellent Nige, looking great
  8. I’m like Beaky, can’t commit yet sorry
  9. Lol, NPN was the previous owners initials, a strategic number plate screw within the S?
  10. Hi All, I recently purchased another car with this private registration number included, I'm looking to put a plate of my own on the car and wandered if this plate is of any interest to anyone. It will cost me the £80 to put in on retention + any further contribution to fund my own plate would be a bonus, similar plates on the DVLA are around £250
  11. Drinky

    Battery flat!

    Does the garage have a window, if so you could use a solar panel, as they do on boats
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