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  1. Drinky


    Fingers crossed Simon, red is the fastest colour
  2. Now on episode 4, Gerald head of dry walling and security😂 great characters
  3. really enjoying it, Kaleb is hilarious
  4. no problem sideways, bookings all completed now, so were stopping over at the following locations, just need to make sure we see all we need to along the routes Stirling/Inverness/Thurso/Durness/Ullapool/Skye/Oban/Stirling
  5. Thanks for the suggestions really appreciated cheers Drinky
  6. Hi All, planning to do the NC 500 with a couple of friends in July, looking for any recommendations please, which B&B's, best overnight stop locations, what must we see, even if its off the the actual route a little. we will be allowing 7/8 nights actually on the route. Thanks in advance Drinky
  7. Excellent news, been missing the updates WC
  8. I’ve Had my jab due to being diabetic, had a fever the day after for 12 hours and then fine
  9. Can I take that please Jon, i will message you for payment details and give my address cheers Carl
  10. Which chip is it Jon? Sports exhaust/98 ron etc cheers Carl
  11. Lol an oil thread 🤣
  12. Cheers Nige, saw you out in the IB last Sunday 😍I was in the 997 so you wouldn’t have seen me lol
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