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  1. I’m like Beaky, can’t commit yet sorry
  2. Lol, NPN was the previous owners initials, a strategic number plate screw within the S?
  3. Hi All, I recently purchased another car with this private registration number included, I'm looking to put a plate of my own on the car and wandered if this plate is of any interest to anyone. It will cost me the £80 to put in on retention + any further contribution to fund my own plate would be a bonus, similar plates on the DVLA are around £250
  4. Drinky

    Battery flat!

    Does the garage have a window, if so you could use a solar panel, as they do on boats
  5. Hi guys, just heard from a mate who organises our trip, that three guys now can’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances, the general entry tickets have new homes, however we have three prime position grandstand tickets available in tribune 16, right opposite the main pits on the home straight. Not looking to profiteer, available at face value £90ea. Can be collected at Arnage late Thursday morning or from our campsite anytime thereafter cheers Car
  6. hardly worth me coming back to Blighty following being at Le Mans lol
  7. Interested, how many days are we talking?
  8. 503 for me now, not had before now
  9. Excellent, thanks, for the advice VT
  10. Thanks again for all the comments, Stuart I have updated my profile. Alex first impressions are very positive, certainly corners really well. Takes some getting used to the automatic element, when you decide to plant it there’s hesitation and then the taps open, however with a few quick grabs of the left paddle the performance is quite something, just need to remind myself to move the function button off the range left in the tank estimation 😀
  11. Thanks guys Alex, on the test drive with sport plus and exhausts buttons on in the twisties, there was a horrible noise coming from the near side seat area 😀 Not going to be able to get many miles until a week on Wednesday , when I set off for Le Mans
  12. Well I’ve only gone and done it! Stuart/VT I hope you approve, hopefully picking her up tomorrow Thanks for all the advice chaps Drinky
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