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  1. Way back in the past, I bought a bottle of touch up paint - today when I needed to use it (two small chips on the rear bumper) I found it has set rock hard! I can't recall where it came from and the label was no help at all. The paint I need is Iris Blue metallic, code 33P. There is a later, darker, Iris Blue, used on 993s I think, which is a different code. I have checked the touch up sticks available from Type 911 and the code isn't there, before anyone points me in their direction. Google sends me to any number of commercial touch up suppliers, which Trust Pilot tells me I should avoid like the plague. Any suggestions?
  2. Mrs L has her own version of man maths, proudly telling me how much she saved on her latest pair of boots, without ever mentioning how much they actually were....
  3. All in just over £20K including VAT. It was spread over several interim bills and many months, rather than one big hit, but once they'd started, and kept finding more rot, it was too late to stop. It was a first class job though. They apologised for the cost and the mission creep, but they said they hadn't done anything that the car didn't need. If I'd known it was going to be that much beforehand it might have been more sensible to flog the car cheap and made it all someone else's problem, but I having only paid £17k for the car in 2013, and become rather fond of it, I now have a much better sorted car than I think I'd get now for what it stands me at. You could buy one for £37k tomorrow, and find there was all sorts of hidden rust once you got it home, if looked hard enough.
  4. Thanks for your comments, I thought I'd add the following from an email I just got from John Bradshaw (Owner of R&R) after I commented on the improved feel of the car. You can see by this why someone who has owned and raced these cars is much better at understanding them and setting them up correctly than just a guy who has worked at a garage for years..
  5. Well a combination of lockdown and mission creep have made this restoration drag on and on, and the cost go up and up, but finally a truck arrived from Road & Race Restorations with my car on the back on Saturday. 😃 She looks great with the new look wheels and sharkfins deleted, but the main difference is where you can't see it. The rot has gone, there is a lot of new metal in the floor, inner wings, scuttle, sills and kidney bowls. Considering how extensive it all was, the door and panel gaps look perfect. Last week when it came to starting her up there was no spark, I had to pay another bill for an auto electrician to come and diagnose that the CPS had gone down (she was getting harder to start last year). I think it was replaced with the BMW option, they gave me the old one and the wire had been pinched at one point and was down to a few strands unbroken. The back light clusters are new, my originals were falling to pieces. They reset the steering geometry and adjusted the corner weights, for the first time since I bought the car, and the difference is really noticable. It will be interesting when I get on a track, last time at Oulton she noisily understeered into corners and soon wrecked the front tyres. I got online and sorted out tax and insurance (R&R MoT'd the car last week) and took the wife for a trash around the Peak District. Now the car feels pin sharp going into turns and inspires real confidence. The Mrs trusts my driving, but I did hear a couple of sharp intakes of breath at my entry speeds into some corners 😎 I'm sure I could have got it done cheaper, but my philosophy was 'do it once and do it properly' and that mission has been well and truly accomplished, the body should be good for another 35 years. Gearbox and top end refreshes will get done eventually, but for now I'll just enjoy what I've got, there's been an empty space in the garage for too long....
  6. Thanks guys, because of you beating a path to his door, Chris gave me a discount! Looking at his Facebook posts, he is reluctant to discuss prices in public, lest the competition and lied to wives find out (£20 a wheel love, honest!), so I’ll respect that and not say how much it cost, but considering the results and the fact he drove up North to collect and return the wheels, I was very happy.
  7. I emailed the body shop on Friday, to check that my wheels had arrived back from their refurb (see thread in Wheels), and were Ok and undamaged. Apparently all the bodywork is finished, but the restoration paint prep guy has been off sick, but comes back on Monday and will be getting on with my car. Lets hope it can all get done before we all go down with this @#£& virus.
  8. I was looking to replace mine, after it was suggested as a possible culprit for my difficult hot starting in (rare) hot weather, but it looks like I won't be doing that any time soon! If anyone finds a source keep us posted, it looks like one for the Porsche Classic wishlist.
  9. One day we will have to try for a 'seeing double' photo with my 3.2 (same year, same colour), hell it even rotted in the same places! Great job, makes me want to get mine finished ASAP.
  10. Well my wheels are back in the frozen North, Chris came up this morning and dropped them off at Road and Race Restorations. I haven't seen them in the flesh yet, but as Chris updates his Facebook page as soon as he does a job, I have shamelessly nicked his photos for you of the finished article, tyres re mounted and balanced to boot. The (new) centre caps were painstakingly de-painted before being mirror polished to match the wheels. Chris tells me this is very time consuming, I can imagine it must be!
  11. It was fun watching him trying to find the sunroof switch, and the second hand on the clock not working amused me too. The first trip in mine, bringing it up North from Bath, In the rain, it took me till Birmingham before I figured out the intermittent wiper knob.
  12. Seriously, that's something you probably don't want to Google! As someone already said, your car looks museum quality. Reading this thread from the start, and seeing what happens when people without a clue do serious bodywork without the aid of a jig, was a major influence in deciding to send my 3.2 to an OPC bodyshop for new sills and kidney bowls, where it is currently disemboweled, but on a proper jig. I'm sure my gaping will be immaculate. 😉
  13. No, I may have binned the pictures that came with the 2003 Dick Lovett PPI, it was that bad I didn't want them in the history file. There were large dark orange blurgs below the door catches. As to how it was in 2019 (after another 16 years of secret festering), just imagine a magnet 100% refusing to stick to something that, while looking fine, is supposed to be made of steel, this is an example of how these cars can hide their inner rot so well. Noone else could see it, but I knew the rot was there, big time. If I'd ignored it for long enough, one day I could possibly have gone over a bump and had the door come open on its own, leaving a blooming great hole! Also, a petrol headed mate pointed out that rotten sills are all fine and dandy until you get T-boned, and end up wearing the car, not a jolly thought.
  14. Go whale tail - where else are you going to put your brew / beer can?
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