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    Worked in mainstream automobile industry most of my career. Until 2000 at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.<br />Interests: family, local history & archaeology, youth work, ex rallying co-driver mainly in Davrians and Darrians.

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  1. Ours at the Italian Chapel on Orkney, now there's a great place along with the Shetland Islands for some fabulous driving roads. We'll be able to soon won't we...........
  2. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the suggestions finally fixed it! I couldn't get the new sender to work properly, but I searched on the Pelican site and found a thread about repairing the sender unit which I've done and bingo all's well again. So, what's wrong? I can only assume the new sender unit isn't properly calibrated as the old one repaired works fine.......... Peter
  3. Thanks for the replies, I'll try disconnecting and cleaning terminals. Yes it was fully warm I did over 60 miles with it not changing.
  4. Hi, Has anyone come across the oil pressure reading almost doubling? Driving a couple of days ago I looked at the the gauge and was surprised to see it reading almost double the usual 1 bar per 1000rpm. Everything else seemed fine. Gauge gone off? The sender is a porsche new one fitted 5000 miles ago. Thanks, Peter
  5. Thanks for your replies, Dr Rock - yes the gasket is in place. Strictly - good suggestion and yes the correct part number 930-107-731-01 is stamped on the dipstick. When I tested the system by shorting to earth the gauge does go to full. I'll try the better earth connections tomorrow and try it full of oil and see what that reveals. Thanks again Peter
  6. I think I'm going mad! A year ago I lost the oil level dipstick, so I bought a new one from local dealer. For years the oil gauge has operated intermittently I guessed poor connections but always took notice of the dipstick. Recently decided to fix the gauge by fitting new sender unit, but still didn't work, suspected electrics cleaned all the connections - nothing? Yesterday checked the level on the dipstick yet again, engine normal operating temp and dipstick showed 3/4 full but gauge still showed nothing - at idle, at tickover etc. In frustration tonight I've taken the sender unit out again connected it up and it all works fine on the gauge move the sender float and the gauge responds fine, put the sender back in the tank still shows nothing on the gauge. Can it be that the dipstick is wrong?? I can't come to any other conclusion can anyone else? Thanks Peter
  7. Hi Jamie, I suspect no-one has replied to you because the aircon kit on our cars is pretty crap and most people consign the lot to the bin. However, I'm also in the process of refurbing the aircon on my 930 because I use the car in Europe and a bit of cold air is very welcome. My air con has never worked and so far I've had the compressor refurbished (£250) and I'm about to fit kit (£1800) from these guys in the States who have been a great help. The kit I've bought replaces almost everything but adds nothing that spoils the originality of the car and they say will give a aircon performance reasonable for use in UK and Europe. I'll know in August whether that's true! To answer your questions: The expansion valve needs to have oil inside, is that correct? Yes the whole system has oil in it to keep the compressor alive, I think 2 types of oil depending on what refrigerant your using, when the system is regased they'll check the oil and put the compatible one in your system. They completely empty and flush the system first. Where does the oil go in and what type? See 1! The valve is covered in some horrible resin muck, is that standard Porsche insulation? Yes! How can I tell if the thermistor is any good before I refit it to the car and exactly where should the tip of it be? Just do a basic continuity check on it I suggest? On my car it just pushes (gently!) into the core of the evaporator. Bodged Evaporator Case: As you'll find when you read the Griffiths stuff in the link above, changing the fan motor to something that actually blows a useful amount of air is one of the key mods but someone's done a crap job of modifying yours, maybe find a replacement evap box and rework it, someone on here is sure to have one lying around, there are 2 types though, again see Griffitihs site. Hope that helps you along the way! Peter
  8. Peter Aston

    SC Head Studs

    Mark, There is a view that one broken isn't the end of the world, keep running the motor until more break or you're taking the motor apart for other work! Peter
  9. Its a coupe, and no Nick you're not misunderstanding the question I must be mistaken about what I did last time, thanks. Peter
  10. Hi, A few years ago I replaced the strip on the bottom of the drivers door glass, usual problem strip rotten on the bottom of the glass. I definitely took the glass out the door I remember hammering the new strip on in the vice but I can't work out how I did it. Searching here and Pelican I can only find 'remove the door frame and the glass will come out', workshop manual says the same!I definitely didn't take the door frame off............ Can anyone enlighten me as to what I did last time please Thanks
  11. Only trying to avoid a very fiddly masking and paint job, not the thing I'm best at but if needs must...........
  12. Guys, Can I remove and replace the metal rear screen trim piece on my 87 Turbo whilst leaving the screen in? Or once I've got the old one out will I never get the new one in without taking the screen out and putting it all back together with the screen rubber and trim piece together. I've managed to damage the finish on the existing trim piece Thanks, Peter
  13. Hi, This has been referred to a couple of times but not fully covered, I don't think! Installing these strut mount bushes is a bast**d of a job but if you follow a few simple, not necessarily logical rules, they fall into place. Of course, they do not look as if they should fit especially as you've drilled the previous old ones out!! Everything clean and well greased with the supplied grease and get a piece of M10 threaded bar. Clamp in the vice to give you hands free. Run a nut down the bar far enough to allow you to build your press then use one of the shocker top washers, the large dished one, upside down on the nut with a secnd nut on top to stop it tipping, like so: Then put the SuperPro bush in including the metal inner sleeve, this is illogical I know but it seems to stop the bush canting over as you apply huge forces!! Then put the strut plate on well greased too: This is free to move around. Then find a length of tube that fits on top of the strut plate: Then using a large washer over the top of the tube run the last nut onto the threaded bar. Make sure its all lined up! Run the top nut down carefully and tighten much more than you'd ever imagine and making sure its all staying in line keep tightening and suddenly the tightening eases and you find the bush has popped in!! Easy, but this ignores the many, many other attempts to get the bush in before I evolved this method. I hope it saves someone else the frustration!! Peter
  14. Although I've had the Turbo for 8 years something happened yesterday I've never noticed before. On the way to the Gawsworth Classic yesterday, only 4 miles for my house, as we queued to get in I could hear a pronounced gurggling noise coming from behind me. I guessed it was the oil system gurgging like there was a lot of air in the oil pipes. We parked up and I thought no more about it, then it did the same thing coming home. I found by feeling the pipes before and after the thermostat that the thermo was just opening and up and I guessed that the oil beginning to flow through was causing the gurggling, anyone else noticed? I don't think there is anything amiss but........
  15. Hi Guys, I left the side lights on the car the other day and thoroughly flattened the battery (yes in know pillock!!), but now I've recharged it the alarm just continuously pip, pip, pips and won't let me do anything else with the car? Its a Toad alarm fitted a long time ago, long before I had the car and it has never had full functionality according to the manual. Any body got any suggestions, please? Peter

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