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  1. A pair of newly wed ducks are in their honeymoon suite. Not wishing to start a family yet, the male duck calls room service for some condoms. "Certainly Mr. Mallard," said the night porter "Shall I put them on your bill?" "Bugger off, what do you think I am, a pervert!"
  2. sopor

    Seat fixings

    Any interest in these? They're a bit simple/crude - just 4 strips of 2mm thick ali drilled and then taped together. Thickness is 8mm. You'll almost certainly need longer bolts. The Porsche bolts have low profile heads - about 4.5mm thick whereas a standard M8 bolt is more like 8mm. Get the grinder out!
  3. sopor

    Seat fixings

    No idea why they did it that way. And sorry but no screws. I think the Porsche ones have slightly shorter heads so as to not interfere with the slider and they're made of cheese as they're very soft.
  4. sopor

    Seat fixings

    I think you need 1 long one and 3 short ones. I have 2 spare sets. £12 plus postage for a set?
  5. Ryobi gun with 2Ah battery and charger for £100 for Amazon prime day - seems like decent value.
  6. Forgot to add - Cromwell.co.uk has a decent selection of imperial bits
  7. Go slow and use cutting oil?
  8. Mobil 1 PTX 75W-90 is a Porsche recommended gear oil for G50 gearboxes. (see https://www.mobil.com/English-GB/Passenger-Vehicle-Lube/pds/GLXXMOBILUBE-PTX-75W90 ) Unfortunately it's only available in 20l quantities. Mobil 1 75/90 SHC is the nearest thing from Mobil that's available in 1 litre quantities so that's what many people end up using. Opie sells it for 4 litres for £14 so £56 plus shipping. The biggest difference between the two products is that PTX has a lower viscosity at lower temperatures improving cold shifting. If you've recently changed your gearbox oil there's probably not much point in changing the oil again but if you haven't done it in a while or at all then PTX might be of interest to you. But probably not 20l for £250! So... Is there any interest in a group buy of Mobil 1 PTX in 4 litre quantities? I propose to buy a 20l drum and decant it into 5l jugs with 4l in each. Cost should be in the order of £11-12 per litre. You could collect from me in SE Hants or I should be able to ship within the UK mainland for roughly £10. I don't mean this to turn into "which oil for a G50 gearbox" thread; let's save that for another day. 😁 But if the group buy is of interest please let me know.
  9. Hmm... maybe some 6.5s would fit. Snugly! https://www.focal.com/sites/www.focal.fr/files/shared/catalog/document/access_165ac-technical_sheet.pdf shows the basket to have a diameter of 140mm. The diameter of the hole on the CAD drawing is 140mm.
  10. Yes, 6.5s are too big for the spacer.
  11. The hole in the material is 5.5 inches in diameter. This post suggests 6.5s are too big.
  12. I have a pair surplus to requirements. For all the gory details please see the pelican thread at http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/778272-door-speaker-spacers.html £40 plus postage or collection in SE Hants.
  13. In the diary as provisional at the moment. Thanks for organising.
  14. I too prefer flowing roads rather than countless hairpins. The top of the Maloja is definitely a series of hairpins but the view of what's below (or above) you is quite something. The lower sections are more flowing. And having cycled up and down it my younger days I never get tired of driving it. As it's not a major north-south thoroughfare traffic isn't that big an issue. And speaking of countless hairpins... that would be the Stelvio then!
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