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  1. Yes - white masonry paint will make a huge difference in the brightness of the garage.
  2. It's basically a BMW - needs neither indicators nor mirrors! 🤣
  3. Have a read of https://www.mini2.com/threads/wing-mirrors-not-working-elecrtically.175775/ - seems like multiple fuses involved?
  4. The SMG to manual conversion on the M3 is completely reversible so is a viable option.
  5. Yup. A valve adjustment? Umm, do we have anyone that knows how to do that?
  6. Shame the car isn't available!
  7. M3 CSL - luverly. Hard core E46 - what's not to like. I miss the sound of the S54; the 981 BGTS is nice but doesn't have the symphony of induction, mechanical and exhaust noises of one of BMW's best straight 6s. Very different car obviously but a friend owns the 99 E46 328i that I had from new back in the day - after 20 years and 195K miles it's still a joy to drive. Just watch the usual E46 rust traps - it's hugely disappointing that BMW dropped a few clangers on the design/build of the E46 that leaves them with rust traps in the wheel arches and under the sill covers. I had the afore-mentioned Z4M coupe and an E61 M5; my experience with main dealer servicing on older M cars was patchy. You'll need to find one that has M certified techs on cars of that era; many will have left for independent garages or even set up on their own. Iridium is reasonably close to me - let me know if you need a lift to the station! There's also someone in Haslemere (names escapes me) that looked after a friend's ex-DTM E30 M3. And https://walkersautotech.co.uk is another option.
  8. 👍👍 good result - you must be well pleased!
  9. Some info on Boxster coolant loss following on from @Type911 's post on the caps - http://www.revolution-porsche.co.uk/faq/im-losing-coolant-can-see-boot-lid-condensation/
  10. To get back on topic (but only for a moment!) - nicely done Jonny - I have lift envy! @MarkJ, thanks for your reply. I got limited data from the local council - here are some photos of the microfiches that I was able to view. The first details the beams and the second comments on the screed although its from a single garage variant. I have tried chipping at the screed - it's hard as nails.
  11. Umm, I think buyer and seller are in different countries.
  12. sopor

    New 911SC owner advice

    Not yet but it's heading more in that direction... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50250730
  13. I was hoping to put a 4 post storage/maintenance lift into my double garage but discovered it's a block and beam floor with beams spanning the entire width of the garage. Soil type is clay so block and beam floors are the norm is this area. There's a void under the floor of probably 12 inches or more.
  14. 😂 The Swiss approach is simple. The make rules. They publish the rules. They enforce the rules. What's so hard to understand? 😉 That said a more pragmatic attitude towards mean in green's situation would hardly have been a hardship on their part.
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