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  1. https://www.parts-wise.com/
  2. Crikey. $550 all day long in the US. £400 less than the UK. Just about about to pay for a roundtrip ticket on Norwegian.
  3. As a good friend of mine says - if I live in the UK much longer even I might become civilised. Not clever enough to figure out if that's a compliment or insult. 🤔🤔 🤣🤣
  4. Consider a few strategically placed jubilee clips to see if they help?
  5. Both or each independently?
  6. could be crap - only time will tell! 😂
  7. Good thought @lesworth - I would be up for this as well. Could bring some high lift round top axle stands and a high lift long reach jack for the day as well.
  8. put the video onto youtube and link it
  9. Another place to check with is RSR in Droxford - Dave likes doing engines.
  10. sopor

    Targa Roof Clips

    Understood but it obviously only solves the cover issue; you still have all the other challenges of the various seals and getting the windows and quarterlight frames in the right place. I have read of people carrying the unfolded roof panel close to vertical behind the front seats but have never tried that myself.
  11. sopor

    Targa Roof Clips

    that'll be right behind the pile of rocking horse poo 😁
  12. sopor

    Targa Roof Clips

    I like the 914's arrangement where it's a solid top and fits under the rear lid. I think Porsche used to make a solid top many many years ago as did a company in the US called Saratoga tops. And now there's a company in Germany making carbon fibre tops but the price is as silly as a new top. And somewhere there's a company that makes a hard outerskin for gluing to the folding frame. http://www.kaminari.com/porsche-targa-top-carbon Southbound did a good job with my top but if I had to do it again I would send it to Dan in US. It's virtually all he does and I think he knows how they work and what materials to use better than anyone else.
  13. sopor

    Targa Roof Clips

    Here's a photo of my car after the P seal was removed. The dirty yellow stripe is the remnants of the glue or double sided tape used to hold it in place. Note that the entire vertical face of the windscreen header rail is visible. The P seal is made of vinyl as opposed to the rubber of the roof seal so is a shinier black rather then grey. It begins/ends at the end of the vertical section of the header rail so if fitted you should be able to see the ends of it.
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