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  1. so... I ended up purchasing these from @Kenny Senior and transporting them to the sunny SE Hants just after Christmas last year. A change of plan means I no longer need them so am putting them up for sale for what I paid for them - £300. Collection only as they're surprisingly large and unwieldy.
  2. Dunno exactly what the aerial that comes with the radio looks like but most of the internal glass mount DAB aerials either have an earth lead or an adhesive foil section that needs to be attached to clean metal for the aerial to function. Also, I think the aerial need to be mounted vertically for best results. All that said DAB reception in the UK worsened in recent years as the frequency allocations were tweaked.
  3. My poor wording - I meant that only the PDK versions of the 981/991 had/needed a dyno mode; I didn't mean to imply anything about other generations. Bit late to be asking for advice on the GYs now?! What are you like? I had them on the BGTS and couldn't get rid of them fast enough. Noisy, poor grip, prone to flat spotting, dry rot cracks only 2 years in. A complete disgrace of a tyre. Back to reality .... they're perfectly fine. Rears finally toast on my car. Strangely quiet at the limit. Seem to be rare as factory fit on the 981s according to CG but they rate them highly.
  4. Pretty sure the dyno mode is only on the 981/991 PDK cars and if it's not engaged when a PDK car is on a dyno power runs are unachievable.
  5. I was curious to see the barometric pressure and temperature noted for 3 July as well as the measured wheel HP to understand what factor they're using to convert WHP to flywheel HP.
  6. You need to improve your negotiation skills. I got free lifetime membership in exchange for my vote.
  7. Well done! 👍👍👍👍
  8. Ok, penny just dropped. On the two graphs that are legible that data (the box in the corner) is from 26 June both times. Do you have the corresponding data for the 3 July run? Would also be good to see the measured WHP graphs as opposed to the calculated flywheel HP.
  9. I want to see the data in the box in the corner.
  10. Can you post the graph from the first run?

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