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  1. sopor

    Cool vids

    The Flat Earth Society has members from around the globe that are believers.
  2. Can't help but think the 2nd hand car market is going to take a massive beating, particular "commodity" cars. Reminds me of the credit crunch some 12 or so years ago. In Oct 2008 I bought a 3 year old BMW 535d estate. A year later I could have bought a 1 year old version for the same money. The market was tilted in favour of the buyer before CV; now it's a landslide.
  3. sopor

    911 for sale

    Bubbles in the paint around the engine lid release. No service book stamps between 2001 and 2014 and no invoices either. The reg is hidden in the photos but clearly visible in documentation. A check of the MOT history shows comments about B post corrosion in 2006 and various comments about dragging brakes and corroded pipes over the years but no receipts to show they were ever addressed. Not exactly confidence inspiring at that price...
  4. I'm afraid I can't help with your original request but it's a shame your original speedo wasn't returned. Seems like a legit business with good ebay feedback. https://classicindex.eu/102-classicindex/5188-tacho-fett
  5. Can you elaborate please? Curious to know more
  6. More torment - that photo is from the car park visible here: https://goo.gl/maps/W9251p4Y999h2d1E8
  7. Welcome. Nice Sonett. When are stripes being added to match the 911? 😀
  8. Agreed - my only exception is Excellence which I find quite good. https://www.excellence-mag.com/
  9. sopor

    PCGB Members

    I meant it very much in jest. It's a double sided form and I would venture a guess that a less than perfect copy would receive extra scrutiny at the third party company that the club uses to tally the votes. Mine's been posted so can't help with a copy - perhaps contact the club via email for a duplicate.
  10. pot... kettle... (now trying to find a safe room in my glass house...)
  11. sopor

    PCGB Members

    If @beaky is worth his salt he'll have more ballots to distribute. 😉 vote soon, vote often...
  12. Indeed - good to hear all's well and that the oil is staying where it should.
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