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  1. https://www.bernina-granturismo.com/index.php/en/
  2. Are you offering?! Happy to pay for materials and a contribution to your son's uni funds.
  3. The levelling system for the headlamps on my car is inop and rather than diagnosing it would like to remove any obvious evidence of it as it's been an MOT failure point. Is there a blanking plate available for the thumbwheel or is it just that cars without the system didn't have the hole punched in the dash?
  4. All other things being unchanged you ought to be getting better fuel economy with ITBs and EFI than with CIS - the fuel and ignition mapping can be optimised for any combination of engine speed and load.
  5. Right you is - http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/480462-mitch-lelands-steering-wheel-bushing-25.html#post10678052
  6. having trouble visualising this.
  7. Doesn't sound like a warranty issue at all - just a dealer trying to wriggle out of a commitment once he's realised the actual expense of resolving it. There are the likes of http://bmwspecialistreading.co.uk/bmw-key-remote-supply-coding/ but note the cost is for an uncut key. I would suggest your mate goes to his local BMW garage with ID and the V5 and gets a quote for 2 new keys. Seller's van is released upon payment in cash for the quote. BMW can create keys without the physical car being present. There's still a risk that in removing the ECU they have buggered something up.
  8. I think that advice must have been on early airbag cars; it seems that as far back as 10 years ago that advice was "retracted". https://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/8078919/Out-of-date-airbags-should-not-need-replacing.html
  9. Thanks for posting that portion of the manual. Is there anything more specific at the back of the manual where capacities for the various fluids are listed? I think it makes sense to future proof our cars when replacing fuel lines that are 30-40 years old. E5 might be fine but Porsche says E10 is not compatible with any car made before 1998. See page 10 of https://www.acea.be/uploads/publications/ACEA_E10_compatibility.pdf That said BMW fuel systems are not dissimilar to Porsche fuel systems and BMW says E10 is OK for all petrol engined models!
  10. Replace air bags, seat belt systems, brake and fuel lines every 10 years? Can't say as I've every seen that; surely if this was de rigueur a big deal would be made of it in the automotive repair industry? Ethanol has indeed been around since the 70s but up until relatively recently it was possible to buy petrol with no ethanol content or at least no more than 5% and the performance fuels tended to be just those. I looked in the manual for my 3.2 and it quotes fuel as needing to meet a DIN standard (51600). I couldn't find the actual standard but found references that implied up to 5% etha
  11. The Rennline part appears to be a shameless copy of the Mitch Leland bushing.
  12. 😀 what's your usual percentage? and is the question directed at @flappa2 or me? 🤣
  13. It's the fittings that make the replacement set of line for a 3.2 that I'm selling so dear - getting those produced in small numbers is not cheap. The hose itself is cheap as chips by comparison,
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