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  1. Eeek. I had a solid unrusted unrepaired 88 targa and the opening and closing of the doors was only slightly affected when jacked up.
  2. If the car has had poor quality structural repairs due to rust the gap between the header rail and the targa bar may not be as it left the factory; in this case having the car present can allow modifications to the top to adapt it to a bigger or smaller gap. I'll venture a guess that this is more prevalent in UK cars than the US cars.
  3. Recently went to the continent via the tunnel - barely any different than pre Brexit/Covid. I uploaded relevant paperwork to Eurotunnel's portal and it was all pre-approved. Going out French customs stamped my passport and asked if I was vaccinated but didn't want/need to see proof. Coming back passport was again stamped leaving FR but otherwise no further checks/questions. Could have brought that ham and cheese sandwich into FR after all. 😁
  4. Excellent; v much looking forward to hearing your observations.
  5. As I said, there's a Porsche trimmer near Gatwick but I would want to see the quality of his targa top work before committing to him. Given that he took a year and 2 attempts to get an acceptable retrim on a pair of sport seats for me you might understand my skepticism. 😉
  6. I'm not as geographically challenged as you might think. 😀 It depends on what you're looking for. If a superficial recover is your goal then a trim shop might be OK. But if you want a top that fits properly, doesn't have puckering in the beading, has the beading out of the airflow so it's quiet at speed and doesn't bow out at speed because the internal fabric has been properly tensioned you need to bring the top to someone who really understands how they were made in the first place and uses the correct materials. Southbound got mine close but not quite there - disappointing for having spent £1K. There is a Porsche trimmer near Gatwick but I would want to see the quality of his targa top work before committing to him. Given that he took a year and 2 attempts to get a barely acceptable retrim on a pair of sport seats for me you might understand my skepticism.
  7. Having used Southbound and been underwhelmed I would recommend https://www.carsincnj.com/targa-tops.html
  8. sopor

    Advice on SC purchase

    It’s worth persevering to find the right car. I think I spent over a year looking before I bought my first IB in 2013. I saw over-priced cars, duffers and even over-priced duffers before I found the right one. To my amusement/amazement a price at the high end of the scale did not necessarily mean that it was a good car; some dealers think “reassuringly expensive” is a selling point!
  9. sopor

    Advice on SC purchase

    IMHO based on what you’ve said think long and hard about making this compromise. Buy a sporto if that’s want you *want*, not just because it’s what you’ve found.
  10. sopor

    Short shift advice

    Installation of the Wevo internal shift gate is not for the faint of heart. For road use the shifter and PSJ should be more than sufficient and can be self-installed.
  11. Was the link I posted of any use - guessing you’re on a Windows PC?
  12. great photos; thanks for posting. my laptop doesn't work very well upside down - all the pixels fall out https://www.ivertech.com/Articles/Image-Rotation-Issue-With-Windows-10.aspx
  13. @911hillclimber thanks for your reply. in the interim have got stuck in a bit and found that there seems to be far more radial play in the shift linkage than there is corresponding left/right movement at the shift knob so I'm thinking something's not quite right at the join between the lever and the linkage. Centre console and carpet needs to come out to investigate In theory all of the bushes in the linkage should have been new 1500 miles ago but I'll need to confirm. In poring over the gearbox and linkage I discovered something neither the seller nor the dealer he bought the car from seemed to have been aware of - the car is also fitted with Wevo's internal gate mechanism. That internal gate mechanism combined with a misaligned Wevo shifter and/or excess play somewhere in the linkage would certainly explain why the car sometimes feels locked out of 3rd/4th/5th.
  14. That is the sort of thing CG are very good at - measuring/assessing the condition of things instead of just wholesale replacement. They even have a shock absorber dyno for testing the shocks as installed and can tell you what state they’re in. Further to drive and more to pay up front but quite possibly cheaper in the long run.
  15. Assuming you currently have Boge or Bilstein front struts/legs you can reuse them and just get Bilstein inserts.
  16. Have pencilled it in to the diary; thanks for the idea.
  17. And if you don’t grease them every few years they can all but seize which sort of buggers up any idea of controlled dampening of suspension movement!
  18. Some background… my new to me 914 has a 915 gearbox which I’m told was rebuilt 1500 miles ago. The car is also fitted with a Wevo 915 shifter and the box was fitted with a Wevo 915 side shift conversion. As the box is at the back of the car the linkage is far longer than in a 911 and runs under the engine to the side of the box. The linkage came from Patrick Motorsports and consists of two fairly thick steel rods with 2 universal joints and a bearing where the linkage emerges from the bulkhead. The UJs are said to be Apex high precision but they still add some “looseness” to the connection. The very helpful folks at Wevo advised that the precision of their 915 shifter is a bit “wasted” in this application as a result of the double UJs and the necessary play in the bearing. Also worth mentioning is that the gearbox oil was changed 350 miles ago to a 50/50 mix of Redline MTL and Redline 75W90NS gear oil. And as I don’t have the car registered yet driving it on the road is not easy. I have checked the clutch cable travel; it’s exactly 25mm. I haven’t check the 1.0/1.2mm measurement between the clutch arms but in general I’m pretty sure the clutch disengages fully. The fluid level is fine What I’m finding is that when stationary I generally can’t engage 3rd, 4th or 5th. It feels like they’re locked out. I can only get 1st, 2nd and reverse. I can sometimes get third if I move the lever slightly to the right out of the spring-loaded 3rd/4th plane. I can’t fully engage 4th this way; when I try the lever doesn’t go all the way “home” and sure enough when I very slowly let the clutch out the lever is kicked back to neutral. I did try driving the car to a prebooked MOT (about the only way I can legally drive it while it's unregistered) and had to turn back as I couldn’t find third for love or money. Double clutching changes nothing and I’m shifting fairly slowly and deliberately. I did try to “drive” the car by raising the rear wheels off the ground and going through the gears and things worked pretty normally. So a sigh of relief in one way but I’m still well puzzled. I’ve contacted the seller in the US and he’s as puzzled as I am. This is my first car with Porsche synchros; every other car has had more conventional synchros. So my questions are as follows: should I be able to shift the car into every gear while standing still? is the Redline oil too slippery for the 915 box’s synchros? can I short shift the gearbox? Any other tips/advice on shifting a 915 and what behaviours I can expect will be gratefully received.
  19. but we can't bear to look at them...
  20. Phil, sorry to see your IB ownership has come to an end, at least for the moment. Don’t forget though - this place is like the Hotel California…
  21. Great to hear of all the love for 914s and thanks for all the nice comments - they are seen as a bit of an ugly duckling by many but I rather like the shape and the dynamics are fab. Slowly getting to know the car a bit better; all needs to be done visually as driving is a no-no. Had a very quick and super helpful reply from the chaps at Wevo about the shifting and will have a go at re-adjusting the linkage over the weekend. Their comment is that the 915 shifter is sort of wasted on a mid-engined 915 install (as opposed to in a 911) due to the unavoidable play in the long linkage between the shifter and the box. Refreshingly frank feedback! Thanks @Mondrian; it'll be a road car for sure. Leg room is quite good I think. I'm 5' 11" with what must be a disproportionately long torso so have headroom issues in some cars, particularly when a sunroof is fitted. I'm a snug fit with respect to headroom so need to investigate a thinner seat squab. But I seem to have loads of room to move thw seat further back.
  22. wow, that one does look tidy. most have one or both of the clasps broken off. good luck with the sale.
  23. Ah, good to know. Last time I played with K Jet was on a 77 VW Scirocoo!
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