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  1. andy121

    Wanted a E.C.U

    I have exactly this, was taken from my fully running 1985 3.2 in november last year, and stored since. Not in your range I do not think but more than happy to post.
  2. Slightly different subject, but what signal does it require? From a standalone management pov
  3. My work van has a limiter function that you can easily set. I use it quite alot so I dont have to think about cameras etc.
  4. Not internal, it comes with one though. Also go for the AEM version as it outperforms the Bosch and is a little cheaper.
  5. I could get it made by our fibreglass guy from work if a few people want sets I'm sure it would be alot cheaper than £800. We would have to borrow an OEM set to mould though.
  6. Wow that is not cheap for fibreglass 😲
  7. Where can such items be purchased?
  8. Wosp stuff is great in my experiance.
  9. In terms of the bigger machines a lot of it comes down to space in UK (the south for sure), I have friends with businesses in the US and they penny's for the space that they have compared to what we pay in Buckinghamshire. The space we have we have to work out the most profitable use for it, rather than have an abundance of it.
  10. I have used both for regular towing, and it was fine, I did expect the front to bend up as it pulled straight but it didn't. Never tested from deep in the gravel though
  11. I have the front and rear Stuttgart classica ones, seem to work ok. They look tidy which is the main thing to me. Sadly my red paint came off pretty quick
  12. I have a proper merge collector exhaust system on my car and no matter what we tried we couldn't come up with a decent heat exchanger design. There's a good market for people who have merge collector exhaust systems and want to be comfortable. I'm imagine of this works, someone like Tuthills would take a few kits for rally cars etc
  13. I think heatsoak from the engine is more effective 😂😂
  14. Oh yeah of course, the stock alternator Is only like 70amp
  15. Is there anything wrong with that alternator?
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