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  1. Im not, but I'm running a whole new loom, however you do have a good point there that I should just be able to copy the oem layout if I can find my old loom.
  2. Hello gentleman In the process of fitting standalone ecu to my 3.2, I haven't found a reliable source of what the alternator terminals are in terms of what i actually need to make it function correctly, rather than statisfy the oem wiring. I assume it requires an exciter wire (any idea how many amps it draws?) Ps bonus points if you can tell me how many amps the starter motor solenoid draws 🙂 Thanks Andy
  3. Interesting... as I need lines and thermostat this seems a good option for me. Even got a PDM to use for control.
  4. Or a amber LED bulb will generally shine through orange using witchcraft. I have green bulbs in my red lens and it kinda comes through orange-ish. Mot testers always whinge though.
  5. I'm isolated 50miles from my 911, so I am doing theoretical projects currently before I get my work to start shipping parts to me. Do any of you good people know the OD of the clock (or fuel guage) it's the actual body diameter I need to know not the face. Sadly google has failed me on this measurement.
  6. I spent 6 days quarenteened after returning from Thailand last week whilst waiting results of a test. Would have been alot easier if the NHS wasnt such a shambles and had any idea what was going on in their hospital. And guess how they notify you that you are clear? Letter!! I had to wait at least an extra day whilst that worked it's way through royal mail's network. What would have happened in the highly likely case of them losing it.
  7. Slightly different subject, but what signal does it require? From a standalone management pov
  8. My work van has a limiter function that you can easily set. I use it quite alot so I dont have to think about cameras etc.
  9. Not internal, it comes with one though. Also go for the AEM version as it outperforms the Bosch and is a little cheaper.
  10. I could get it made by our fibreglass guy from work if a few people want sets I'm sure it would be alot cheaper than £800. We would have to borrow an OEM set to mould though.
  11. Wow that is not cheap for fibreglass 😲
  12. Where can such items be purchased?
  13. I have used both for regular towing, and it was fine, I did expect the front to bend up as it pulled straight but it didn't. Never tested from deep in the gravel though
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