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  1. A quick update, I have very kindly had two IBers step forward offering to run another group buy (thank you David Harrold), the first is a gentleman called Pete Jenkins who is going to take on the group buy for you all. I have brought him up to speed and made an introduction to the engineering company who are happy to make more sets. Pete by his own admission is not a pc whizz, so he'll do his best to work out how to use the forum, document hosting etc. and I've said I'm happy to help on the end of a phone. For now please do keep adding your names to the list of interest parties (no obligation
  2. Just to add that I e-mailed the seller on the day the advert went live, then phoned him the next day having had no answer. He said it sold immediately and he had 80 enquiries within the first 24 hours!!!!
  3. Hello, Good to see there is some more interest guys and apologies to those members who have e-mailed me over the last couple of weeks without me responding. I am very pushed for time with the preparation of my Elise for its first race in just 3 weeks time taking up many evening and weekends plus the racing season is about to get started at work too (CSCC) which takes me away from home. So, I'd ideally like to hand the next group buy over to someone else, I am happy to share the name of the company used and make an introduction, plus get you a copy of the disclaimer form etc. The liners on
  4. Hello, Good to see from various threads that many of you have now fitted the arch liners. I have had a few e-mails in the past six months from members wanting a set. I am happy to get another batch together but will need at least five sets paid for to make it worth the while of the engineering company. Thanks, Dave
  5. Sorry Mark, no, none left sadly.
  6. You're very welcome. Currently regretting selling my 3.2 now, have to hope it is worth buying the Elise when I get to race next season. I suspect by the time I look for an SC or 3.2 next year they will have moved beyond my price bracket.
  7. Hi John, yes, feel free to make payment to the details above and let me know your address. All other parcels were dropped off at a courier collection point late on Friday, so chances are most of you will take delivery around Tuesday. Thanks, Dave
  8. Thanks all who have paid so far, that's everything sold now except the belt and the exhaust clamps - make me an offer. I will be packing and posting tomorrow all going well. Regards, David
  9. Hi Alan, I think our posts just crossed, see my payment details above Bentley manual now sold too, outside of the forum, thanks.
  10. Thanks for the enquiries so far, payment can be made by either: Paypal = david@racelife.co.uk or by bank transfer Mr D and Mrs ER Smitheram Sort 20 05 12 Ac. no. 23495507 Let me know your addresses and I will aim to get these posted at the weekend. Regards, Dave
  11. Hello, A few bits for sale, out of fairness to all please post your interest on this thread although you are welcome to call me on 07718 368173 with any specific query. Happy to provide photos, but guessing that as most parts are new you will know what they look like. I owned a 1985 3.2 Carrera, although many of the parts will fit other models. Set of six Bosch WR4CC spark plugs, new and boxed. £10 delivered Holts aerosol paint, guards red HRE13, new and unused (not even a test squirt). It arrived last month, some two months after I sold my 911!!! £8 delivered Knecht Marle Micro
  12. Thanks Mac Well, that concludes the group buy, all liners are now sold and have left the building! Thank you to you all for making this relatively painless with everyone giving clear instructions and paying at once. A pity I never got the pleasure (!) of fitting them myself, but that's my fault for selling the car! I hope they do the job and help preserve your beautiful cars for years to come. If anyone wants to order more liners they can get in touch, but I will need at least 6 orders before proceeding again due to the amount of running around required. I would like to say a huge tha
  13. Five sets have just been collected by UPS, so the following members should receive their liners tomorrow or Wednesday (scheduled for Wednesday but some seemed to arrive early last time). Anil Mac911 x2 Rustybum Puddy1
  14. Hi Peter, I provisionally have one set remaining, I will send you an e-mail now. Thanks, Dave
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