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  1. I'm leaning to your way of thinking also Ian. Best pack it up and ship it back.. Cheers Simon, that's seems good value form OPC, will check it out.
  2. Thanks for the PET extract on ARB dimensions, good info. Its certainly is an IB item, profile is a mirror of my standard ARB. Must be aftermarket in that case.
  3. Thanks for the comments Chris. It is a front ARB, so no adjustment or drop links involved. Its a 25mm bar, so correcting could take some really long scaffolding poles... May just be easier to bounce it back to the supplier. AT
  4. I've just acquired a Turbo ARB as part of a suspension overhaul and upgrade to replace my standard 22mm ARB. One slight snag the "Legs" of the bar are slightly out of true; when sitting on a flat surface, one leg being 4/5mm off the surface. I cant decide if this is a problem or not.... If it was a race machine corner weighted to within a kilo, obviously its a problem, but for swift road use, I'm not so sure. Any thoughts welcome...
  5. I dropped my Bottom Arms a few weeks back, they are a snug fit in the crossmember. With a 50cm angled wrecking bar, I levered them out without much bother. You will have good access from the open side of the Crossmember. AT
  6. Poly bushes can be quite inflexible if they are cold, pop one in a cup of hot water to warm it through, coat the housing with plenty of their silicone based lubricant or KY gel.. An afterthought as I'm typing this, they are split, yes??
  7. Newman Cams would be an option, I have dealt with them on a couple of occasions for different projects. Very knowledgeable and prices are sensible into the bargain.. AT Newman Cams - Performance Camshafts (newman-cams.com)
  8. Many thanks for the input folks, looks to be straightforward enough... Cheers AT
  9. Does anyone know if 964 Front wings are compatible if earlier IB's Appreciate that they have a wing mounted repeater; which is easily remedied. My rationale being that they will me much newer than many many used IB parts and should have less rot... To my novice eye, they look pretty much the same. All thoughts welcome AT
  10. Hi Haith, Builth is cant be much much more than half an hour or so from here - Eardisley, so no problem if you want to try.. The 18v LXT Lithium batteries for the 285 Impact gun are fine providing they are charged prior to any long term storage. Most of my LXT batteries are Non Genuine Makita, same goes for Chargers. From memory around £25 for a 5Ah battery with a 5 year warranty... In a past life, I spent some years in product development with power tools, at that time the number of Power tool Brands who actually manufactured battery cells was remarkable few; no more than 3 or 4 w
  11. +1 for Makita. The Makita DTW 285 is a great combination of Power, Price and Compact size. Better still it limits the maximum power setting for releasing tension only - around 400Nm. Milwaukee has a great track record but unless you work with Wind Turbines or Rail Rolling stock, 1400+ Nm is just bonkers and can do a load of damage unless you are careful. Haith, if you are anywhere Herefordshire/Welsh border, you are more than welcome to have a play with my Makita, to see if it suits you needs.. Andrew
  12. Thanks for the input Al. Your view and mine are along the same lines. As the RHS is in such good shape, no point disturbing things. I have a front new front Pan on order and the intention is to split the Pan it in half and only use the left hand side, followed by a complete new Front Tank support over the top. This way it gives me the option of adding reinforcement within the Tank support to bridge the join. Andrew
  13. Hi Rich As you say, never a great feeling when you are at the digging stage not knowing the full extent of any corrosion, I'd always known my Kidneys were less than perfect, but hadn't planned on any work at the front end... But its coming apart OK thus far. Fortunately 911's seem to me made of lighter gauge steel than others of the early 70's, so the welds part easier than many. Fortunately I have some basic welding skills; although they like my bodywork are a little rusty, having not done any for close to 10 years. I think it will be a day of set-up and practice before I go an
  14. Part 2 of my front suspension mounting saga.. With the front hood stripped out, the full extent of the corrosion starts to becomes apparent. Although superficially the under hood view looks normal enough, stripping away paint and stone-chip and cutting away the front Tank Support shows the true scale. One positive being that the OSF mounting area is completely sound. The only conclusion I can draw is that the front lower corner must have suffered damage at some stage in the cars 46 year life and the repair was below Stuttgart assembly standards... There's no going back
  15. It’s been said before that IB’s hide corrosion really well, I can now vouch for that… What started out as a relatively routine front suspension overhaul of Bushes, Ball joints and Turbo Tie-rods, has turned into a bit more of a task… Its common with a 40+ year old car to drop a little debris when an Impact Gun is used to remove stubborn bolts, but I found a little more than normal when I removed the front A frame mounting. A little prodding and a couple of pinholes discovered, digging a little deeper, and 15 minutes with a grinder and radial brush revealed full extent of the rot
  16. saab4249

    Targa roof rebuild

    I looked into recovering my Targa top some years back and did a fair amount of digging. Quality of Southbound's work is first class, but lead times and cost were well out of my range... There was a useful video online showing a frame refurb and recover, think the company is in Belgium. When we lived in the Southeast, it was viable to visit, to get a fitting, but now its too far. If I can find the video , will post the link. AT
  17. Items are still available. I'm not a 3.2 expert, but my understanding is that they will fit, but with a spacer between the head and the face of the exchanger to allow for they different flange thickness on the 3.2 system. If I have got this wrong, happy to be corrected by those on here who know..... Cheers AT
  18. No interest @ £125.00. Any takers @ £100.00??
  19. Deano, they are yours. Message me your address and I'll get them in the post over the weekend. Don't worry about the postage cost, next time you see someone collection for charity, throw a quid in for me and I'm happy. Cheers AT
  20. In keeping with Christmas being a season of good will... Front disc pad fitting kit for 911 2.7 & 3.0 Not suitable for Alloy Callipers on 911S; ask me how I know. I've moved these so many times around the garage, they will never fit my car, so why the hell I kept them beats me... Quite happy to put them in the post to someone, just send me you address
  21. I pair of Heat Exchangers and a 2 in 1 out silencer. These are a good few year old. Bought as a spare set for my car, but having gone to Stainless, hopefully I'll never need them.. One heat exchanger is in decent condition, with one small perforation, easily rectified. The other Exchanger is quite ropey, but a creative fabricator could salvage it. The Silencer itself looks OK. A good few scrapes and minor blemishes, it doesn't sound like a Maracas when its shaken - Of German manufacture and heavy! This set-up may be of use in a Backdate project, or performance u
  22. If no interest at £25.00, lets try £20.00 including delivery.
  23. Connector Sleeves for 3.0 Manifold Tubes - complete set of 6 - new and unused These are the upgraded Silicone items. Bought in error thinking they were suitable for the 2.7 engine, they're not. 3.0 engines only, SC etc. £25.00 ono for the set, UK postage included.
  24. MOMO 360mm 3 spoke leather wheel shallow dish - approx. 30mm dish Fitted with boss horn ring and Porsche horn push. Was fitted to a 1976 911, not sure if the boss is compatible with all IB's Used but in good condition. £90
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