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  1. Does anyone have any experience of the replacement fuel tanks available for the 911? With OE items retailing for over a grand, I am seriously considering one of the aftermarket tanks. I appreciate that there is no internal tank filter, that aside are they any good? I know Dansk list one, is this the only option? Any comments welcome. AT
  2. Forgive my ignorance, but what's the difference between the SSI and the Dansk? I read comments on the forum about perceived inferior welding, but I assumed the design would be the same. Is this not the case? Andy
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company to overhaul a CIS fuel distributor? Having changed my pump and accumulator. I suspect my hot starting problems are related to the FD. Cheers
  4. I know just what you mean. As the sun was out early, I took the wife to work this morning in my old 2.7 targa. Took we 15 mins to get there and an hour to get back home as I took the long way round through the lanes of Sussex. Not much that souds like a flat six on the limiter IMHO )
  5. Cheers CFD Its the early style pump with the banjo on the side of the body, never thought of the check valve in the banjo! Will get it off again tomorrow for a better look. As you rightly say, without an effective check valve the accululator has no purpose.
  6. As part of my investigation of my hot starting problems on by 1975 911, I removed my fuel pump and accumulator. To facilitate the pump removal, I put the back of the car up on ramps, so the back end is approx 400mm off the floor. Even though I clamped the fuel line, it appear s that the fuel has flowed back to the tank. With the pump now refitted I am unable to prime the pump with fuel. Is there a simple way of drawing the fuel up from the tank while the rear of the car is elevated? The other strange thing is that I cannot see any form of check valve on the pump. Any advice welcome. Thanks Andrew
  7. Thanks Folks Some of the US forums are suggesting the the Bosch 044 pump as an option. I use an 044 on my TR which runs Lucas Mechanical injection which operates at 105psi, so this would certainly meet the pressure requirement. From memory the K-jetronic opeartes at 5bar (75psi) This is the Sytec pump I was considering:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150835141118?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Specification is similar to the Bosch 044.
  8. I am considering changing the noisy old Bosch Fuel pump on my 75, 2.7 911S. The Sytec pump seems to have more than enough flow and pressure capacity. Does anyone have experience of these pumps on a 911 running the K-jetronic? I may have to make some minor wiring adjsutments, but that aside it looks straightforward enough; famous last words!! Many thanks Andrew
  9. Hi Dave I went for a base level black carpet ( which is absolutely fine) for around £150 - these were fully cut and bound. This supplier does offer two other grades of carpet, the best being 100% Wilton for around £275. My seat covers were vinyl to original Porsche spec - came from the States, inculing freight and duty around £300. In fact the seat covers were equal in terms of quality, if not better than the Porsche originals ! AT
  10. I have just redone the front seats and carpets on my 75 Targa. My originals were very tired. Providing you choose the right materials, they need not look out of place. I went for vinyl covers with perforated inserts, IMO they look great. While everything was stripped, I built up the tired driver bolsters at the same time. Do your homework and it need not break the bank either. AT
  11. Great video, if only it was that easy, that job would take me a whole day !
  12. My baptism into Porsche 911 ownership has been far from straightforward, but compared to my recent braking, suspension and electrical problems, the latest issue of low oil pressure has got me seriously worried, especially now that I know the previous owner would have been quite at home in the “wild west” When I used the car last week I thought the oil pressure was reading a little low, 1 at hot tick over 3+ at 3000 rpm. Took it for a blast last night and now I’m down to no reading at tick over and 2 at 3000rpm. As the car is relatively new to me I can’t conclusively say if it sounds “endy” There is plenty of oil in it, apart from a dodgy pressure sender, is there anything that could cause a rapid fall in oil pressure? The sender fitted looks like an original item and is some years old. I was going to drop the sump plate to see if there is any obstruction in the pick-up, any other comments are welcome. Does anyone know the thread on the sender so I can make –up a manual pressure gauge and take a reading on the engine itself? A crankcase rebuild is the last thing I want to do on this !! By the way the car is a 75 911s. Cheers Andrew
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