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  1. Thanks, it's 1987 Carrera non-sport L10W SW combo (sunshine yellow and mahogany leather)
  2. Success! But not quite as I expected. On a 3.2, or at least mine, you can't find the wire by scrambling around behind the heater duct and blower, and yes, no point in removing the side carpeted panel (too late). I bent up a metal coat hanger, but this didn't work as the one we had was too thick, so I used some thin race car wire used to attach nuts to bolts etc... that was bendy enough. Fashioned a paper clip type hook on the end and went fishing... I couldn't tell where it came from, seems to be a small wire (brown and white) held inside an insulated protective plastic sleeve on both sid
  3. Thanks, now it's not raining, I will have a look this afternoon...
  4. Thanks, yes there's a blower and the hose. I'll try fishing it out first...
  5. Thanks for that. So is the wire coming 'up' not down then, I assume... OK, thanks - the void you talk about is got at by removing the triangle of carpet in the foot well that butts up against the door pillar?
  6. So as part of a general tidy up, I decided to get the interior lights to work when you open the doors. The actual lights in the roof work when you push them, but not when you open the doors themselves. Taking care (and Bentley manual says) not to drop the wire when you unscrew the switch, I did that only to be greated by no wire on the end of the switch. I removed the carpet piece (3 screws) by the door, thinking I'd be able to get at the pillar there, but no joy. So how do I retrieve the wire from the hole where the switch used to be in the door frame? Does the wire come from above the h
  7. Thanks for that all, I'd forgotten you need to start fitting aerials for the DAB... stuff that, so will leave 'as is' and put the money towards some new tyres.... Thanks again.
  8. OK, didn't know it's been out for a year.... Thanks. Is it just a straight swap at the back plus a DAB aerial somehow with little additional hassle if you're just replacing a Toronto unit? Asking for a friend
  9. Saw a tweet from Chris Harris linked to new Blaupunkt Bremen, updated for DAB and Bluetooth. It's about £400 on Amazon. Looks like it would be a swap for the old one in my '87 3.2. I wondered if anyone had taken the plunge...? https://www.blaupunkt.com/en/nc/products/car-multimedia/car-radio/products/single/19059/
  10. I wish I knew! Mine's a non-sport, no spoiler.
  11. Well... mine is ***2887 at the end, 6 cars away from yours registered on the same day.
  12. I have this many thanks. It's not that. It's that next to '911' on the sticker is printed '331'... So you get: Line 1: (1) Vehicle Ident No / chassis number Line 2 (2) the model '911', and same line (3) model description '331' Line 3 (4) engine code and transmission code, then Line 4 (5) Paint code ('L10W' Sunshine Yellow), and interior trim ('SY' Part leather mahogany...hmm...) and then finally Line 5 (6) all the option codes which I have as a block of 5 items per line. It's '331' which isn't anything to do with the options as far as I can tell.
  13. I think 330 is the cassette specification Toronto SQR46 as per options. What I was after, as 331 is not in the option list for the car but in the Description is what is the model description for Non-Sport that is on the paper sticker - it's not clear and isn't mentioned in any search.
  14. I am expecting this to be Non-Sport, but not sure what this actually includes as part of the car. I've seen the option list, but not what 331 comes with. I am assuming it's no spoilers front / rear, teledials. Was anything else 'standard'? Sorry for the ask, but having disinterred the car from it's hibernation (50 miles in 5 years), I'm wanting to find out a bit more about it...
  15. Just as an odd comment, I looked up the tyres for a 1987 non-sport model which has 15" tele-dials, and it says that from 1987, they weren't fitted with 185/70VR15 but 195/65VR15 instad, but same rears (215/60VR15). Go figure, anyone have anything fitted that resembles that? Asking for a friend...
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