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  1. On the downward stretch of my brake overhaul and found one of the pad sensors is no longer useable. Do I replace (at a somewhat inexpensive cost), and keep the car closer to original; or bin the lot as a set of pointless features that are more trouble than they are worth? Im favouring cutting them all off (connecting the ends to maintain the circuit).
  2. I bought mine in 2012 - I bought it off a independent Porsche dealer. I didn’t have any inspection, but I felt I knew enough by reading this ‘Porsche 911 Buyers Guide’. I found that brief book really helped. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Porsche-911-1964-1989-Including-Ultimate/dp/0954999096/ref=sr_1_14?crid=1DS7VS7TSBQL&dchild=1&keywords=porsche+911+buyers+guide&qid=1593153859&quartzVehicle=92-1181&replacementKeywords=buyers+guide&sprefix=Porsche+911+buy%2Caps%2C146&sr=8-14 After owning an MGB for over 20 years, I was a bit worried about the affordabilit
  3. Peter -Thank you for your kind offer - you must be less than a mile from me! Likewise, if you need some help, PM me. Phil - thanks for the advice about the Reinsertion of the seal. Success - I managed to prise out with these tools ... I bought them years ago but this is the first time I have used them. They work really well.
  4. Slow progress on my brake overhaul, but I have now got 2x new inner bearing oil seals in order that I can grease up the front bearings Next problem - how do I get the old oil seals out? Do I just prise off with a screw driver ? Seems it might go horribly wrong if not taken out straight? I don’t want to damage the bearing race behind it.
  5. Thanks Phil - that’s useful - I will keep searching!
  6. Just continuing with my brake overhaul .... got the front hubs off. Are there any tips on cleaning these to repack with grease? The outside bearing just pops off, but the oil seal prevents the inner bearing from doing the same. I don’t think I can buy just the inner seal, so I guess I need to clean it with the bearing in situ. Alternatively, I could just pack with new grease over old , but that feels like a bodjit job.
  7. Thanks everyone - I sensed this was somehow old technology ! Do you recommend any more modern grease on the backings other than Copper ease? I always find it tends to go a bit hard after some time.
  8. I extracted the front brake pads and they have these thin plates between the pads and piston. However, the new pads didn’t come with these plates/shims and they are not listed in the parts manual. Do i just fit the new pads without the plates/shims?
  9. I removed only the air box. Despite its name of ‘Triangle of death’ I thought it was quite achievable and really didn’t take that long. An inspection mirror is clearly essential. I found the most difficult item was the breather tube housing - accessing 1 of the 4 nuts was difficult. The other 2 items (thermostat and pressure switch ?) were quite easy. It’s just fiddly and needs a bit of patience.
  10. Oh sorry , I now see you were referring to a different thing - the first step of getting the disc of plastic out with the light icon printed on it. You need to pry off this disc - it should pop off quite easily given the actual knob holding it is rubber and should stretch a little. Under the disc is a small nut holding the rubber knob to the shaft.
  11. I don’t think there was anything on the back - if you refer to the PET it should help. Mine is a much later model (1988) - I’ve attached photo. The Plastic bit is threaded and goes in the dash about 1cm. I think I read somewhere you can drill the plastic out by drilling down the holes. I didn’t do this - I just used a punch at an angle in the hole, and then tapped it with a hammer to get it rotating.
  12. I got mine off a few years ago and had the same problem - it was really stuck IIRC the plastic bit is really cheap (£2-3?) so just buy another one and then you can mess this up getting it off.
  13. Surely Tracy Chapmans ‘Fast Car’ (1988) should be on the list!
  14. I tackled the second pin today and it went on in a few seconds! For the future - a few tips to anyone wanting to fit these expensive bits of plastic. 1. Unscrew the small metal plate to get better access and cut off the old rubber 2. Place the new rubber pin in a cup of boiling water for 10 mins to soften 3. Apply some dry PTFE (or other lube) on both the metal pin and inside the rubber cover 4. Push the rubber pin covering on by hand. Use some gloves - it will really help. 5. You probably can’t push it over the final stop. Cover the rubber pin with a cloth to protec
  15. Just back to penetrating fluid- that’s not general WD40 but a proper penetrating fluid? It’s much thinner and will get into any micro gaps.
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