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  1. When opening the passenger door from the outside of the car and the door handle 'clip' to open the door snapped!!! Access denied! No worrys through, removed the door handle' got the snapped bit out, traced it onto a bit of aluminium, roughed out the shape, milled then finished with a file! I think it looks cool and is much stronger than the 'mazak' original
  2. Following the huge success of last year’s Drive it Day, the West Berkshire Classic Vehicle Club is organising an event again this year. This years’ event is on the 28th April from 10:30 am to 18:00 pm. Again we will be hosted by the West Berkshire Brewery in Yattendon Google Map – West Berkshire Brewery You can turn up any time throughout the day no need to pre-book*and all classic vehicles are welcome. The nearby (5 minute walk) Yattendon Garage will be open to visitors again, this is a great opportunity to see a local classic specialist restorer and repairer and their range of customer and proprietors vehicles. There will be a self-paced tour (we have two routes) as an option to see the local Berkshire and South Oxfordshire countryside – they are around 40 miles on mainly country roads. *If you are planning on bringing a large group, please email richard@thehuntleys.plus.com so we can be sure to accomodate you.
  3. yeah, good point I guess. Looks easy enough to change...I changed the clutch on a 1974 911 2 weeks ago so well adapted to getting under the car! typical that a week after doing a clutch replacment on the 74 i get in the 85 and pop goes the omega! can you send a link of the oem? - my thoughts are (at £40) if it last half the time/milalage of the original then it will see my lifetime out!
  4. synario: I was pulling out ot the pub carpark last week when all of a sudden I heard a snap sound, symoultainously the force to keep the clutch pedal depressed probabaly doubled. Verdict: Sheered omega spring (i picked up the snapped off part from the road.). Has anyone changed their Omega spring, and can anyone recomend Original porsche part over pattern part (Porsche £110 patturn £80) Thanks, Sam M
  5. sammillyard


    got 7s with an 8j tyre on the front of mine. rubs very slightly on full full lock. otherwise okay.
  6. For sale: 1974 Porsche 911(t) Carrera, non-sunroof, narrow body coupe; Year: 1974 Colour: Peru Red Mileage: 145,000 Miles Power: 205HP 2,994cc (upgraded with the more powerful 2,994cc 911 SC engine - originally housed a 2687cc) Air cooled 6 cylinder - sounds awesome Left hand drive One years MOT This is a surprisingly rare 911 finished in the stunning and sought after Peru Red with black interior. Originally from Washington this Porsche changed hands for the first time in 1976. The new (second) owner resided in California and after 2 years of ownership transferred the car to his son’s guardianship for the next 40 years. The car has since been imported to the UK. Upon arrival, the car underwent a conversion to satisfy the appropriate conditions for use on UK roads (UK specification headlights fitted etc…) - Now registered with a new V5 log book, ready for use. Being 1974, the car is now Tax and MOT exempt, simply insure it and drive away. It is worth noting that if required, this car is capable of passing an MOT. In my ownership i have covered 2-3000 miles around the uk, visiting Goodwood, Beaulieu, Bleinham palace and on various tours around the Cotswolds. This 911 is a joy to drive and retains unique characteristics expected of a 911 from this era, every drive was an event for me and I have made some great memories in this car. Unfortunately I am selling the 911 is to release funds required for another project (1971 911t). Engine: The 3.0 drives beautifully, pulls like a train, doing what all 911’s do extremely well, cover ground very quickly with ease. The engine sounds great. Gearbox: The gear box operates as expected, smooth selection, no vibration, crunches, odd noises etc. A good gearbox. Brakes: All four brake callipers have, very recently (40-50 miles ago), been fully rebuilt with new rubbers, seals and pads. The brake calliper pistons have been cleaned, inspected and re-installed. While the calliper work was developing, the wheel bearings were inspected and adjusted to factory recommendations - all four bearings are within the recommended tolerance for use. Clutch: A brand new clutch kit has very recently been fitted. The Clutch was replaced last month due to the original clutch showing signs of wear. The new clutch feels and works great and shall serve for many many future miles (100,000+)! Wheels: The car dons genuine 15” Porsche ’cookie cutter’ wheels. The wheels have been professionally shot blasted / powder coated in gloss black and then fitted with brand new Toyo Proxy tires (1000 miles ago). They look awesome. The Toyo tyres provide fantastic grip whilst remaining quiet and durable on the road. Chassis/Undercarriage: I have seen and owned many Classic Porsche’s over the years, good and bad; this car is very good underneath, no rust/‘rot’, very straight and clean. I have had a close look in and around the typical areas for concern (door shuts, side sills, kidney bowls, floor area, battery tray/front fuel tank area etc…) and have nothing to report, this car is very good from a structural integrity perspective - a very presentable car, a great base for a project, concourse restoration or simply enjoy as it is! [whatever takes your fancy]. Paintwork/Cosmetics: The paint looks fantastic, the sort after Peru Red paint looks great in all lighting and receives many compliments. The panel gaps are spot on (this is a personal pet peeve of mine; too large of a panel gap) and look great! Although the paint does look great, minor imperfections are subtly present in a small number of locations (close up photos can be provided on request) on the car. The paint is 85-90% original. All of the chrome work on the car is very presentable, this is largely due to the car being from a primarily “dry state” prior to import, leaving the chrome in top condition. Interior: The interior is all black, a popular choice amongst enthusiasts. The seats are cloth fabric and very comfortable. The interior is all original except for the stereo and steering wheel. an after market head unit has been fitted into the car. The head unit is paired to some aftermarket speakers (of period) which are on the rear parcel shelf. The speakers are simply resting on top of the shelf so can be easily removed if they are not to your taste. the original sterling wheel has been replaced with a Momo variant (made popular perhaps by Magnus Walker or similar). Alike the stereo, its a simple job to return the wheel to stock. I do have a 911 sc steering wheel available if preferred. The condition of the SC steering wheel is rather used with a torn upper region. It is useable and more original than the Momo however the Momo is ‘as new’ condition. All of the clocks/gauges are functional and in good condition, even the clock works and keeps time exceptionally well. Paperwork: This car is accompanied by its genuine and original service book, dealer stamped up to 50,000miles (1977) as well as additional information on ownership/servicing. £33,500 - Open to offers! 07525188073
  7. Now Sold(on ebay)
  8. As long as postage costs me less than £10 this will be fine. I will look at postage this afternoon. Thanks, Sam.
  9. Leftovers from sound proofing my 911 floor and doors...reduces road noise and improves stereo sound quality. Easy to apply, simply peal off the backing paper and stick down. 3 x 18” x 33” sheets of dynamat + some off cuts at 80x45cm, 25 x 26cm and 20x18Cm. Looking for £35 for all of the above or; • £10 per sheet (18”x33”) • £10 for 3 off cuts Sam - 07525188073
  10. For sale are these two seat plastics, from the area of the seat that’s the back pivots on the base (pictures attached to help make sense of my description). One is in perfect conditon the other has had suffered over tigggtening damage to one of the hols (photo 2, top hole). Asking £10 Can post Sammillyard@gmail.com 07525188073
  11. I hope you get to the bottom of it. Worth checking the oil that was unsed in the car, some people use fully synthetic which is too thin and leaks more easily. Same goes for old oil. well worth renewing the oil/filter if you are unsure of when it was last changed. if the oil gets to thin the hydrolic cam tentioners will struggle and that makes a scary noise.
  12. Pictures of ‘blown’ I let manifold gasket(s)
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