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  1. Now Sold(on ebay)
  2. As long as postage costs me less than £10 this will be fine. I will look at postage this afternoon. Thanks, Sam.
  3. Leftovers from sound proofing my 911 floor and doors...reduces road noise and improves stereo sound quality. Easy to apply, simply peal off the backing paper and stick down. 3 x 18” x 33” sheets of dynamat + some off cuts at 80x45cm, 25 x 26cm and 20x18Cm. Looking for £35 for all of the above or; • £10 per sheet (18”x33”) • £10 for 3 off cuts Sam - 07525188073
  4. For sale are these two seat plastics, from the area of the seat that’s the back pivots on the base (pictures attached to help make sense of my description). One is in perfect conditon the other has had suffered over tigggtening damage to one of the hols (photo 2, top hole). Asking £10 Can post Sammillyard@gmail.com 07525188073
  5. I hope you get to the bottom of it. Worth checking the oil that was unsed in the car, some people use fully synthetic which is too thin and leaks more easily. Same goes for old oil. well worth renewing the oil/filter if you are unsure of when it was last changed. if the oil gets to thin the hydrolic cam tentioners will struggle and that makes a scary noise.
  6. Pictures of ‘blown’ I let manifold gasket(s)
  7. I have fitted a Parrot Asteroid Classic head unit in mine, looks good, easy to use and has satnav, hands free aswell as other useful apps.
  8. 3.2s commonly suffer from inlet manifold gaskets passing, this can cause backfires and depending on severity of the leak, an unstable idol. relitivly easy fix and cheap parts (2 gaskets and spacer per cylinder 'bank'). simple test to check inlet gasket efficiency is to either (depending on your apitite for risk): 1. Spray brake cleaner (sparingly as is flamible) around the base of the inlet manifold(s) and if there is a leak you should notice the rpm of the engine increase or; 2. Spray leak ditector fluid and watch for bubbles being drawn into the flange etc around the manifold base.
  9. Passenger side now sold Drivers side remains - £200
  10. Brand new rubber valance/spoiler/splitter for a narrow body impact bumper 911 (1974-1989) asking for £300
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