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  1. looks like a home made "show cage" - good luck with the sale
  2. I'd be interested in the fronts - would you consider splitting the set?
  3. I had a 'full geometry set up' - my words to the mechs was 'I'm not going to do a track day every weekend, I wouldn't mind doing the odd hill climb. Can you do a set up that's some where in the middle?' and they did that. so its more negative camber, more toe in on the rear. cost wise, it will always vary. my car was 'brand new' underneath when I had the set up done so no trouble undoing bolts etc...the base cost is £280+ £75+vat labour per hour. I think from memory, my whole bill was £380.
  4. had my geo set up at Northway, best 'mod' to the car
  5. Great drive out, some good feedback. Will plan another around September time.
  6. On the 30th of June 2019 (next Sunday!) there is a Porsche (any model/variant) meet + drive. (route instructions provided on arrival!) Format is: - Meet at the Blade Bone Inn, Bucklebury (RG7 6PD) at 8am - Leave for a 62 mile drive through the country side towards Wantage/Lambourne - Half way pause then continue to the destination of The Bull Inn, Stanford dingley (RG7 6LS) approx. 10am for tea/coffee + bacon rolls. other cars will join the Porsche's at the end destination for car chat etc. Additionally, following the morning drive, there is a nearby meet (Classics at the club house) which for those who want to commit the full day we could then attend the classic meet at Stanford Springs club house (RG26 5RT) the more the merrier
  7. I'm after a bolt on (no modification or welding etc) strut brace that is suitable for a 1985 Carrera. not fussed about aesthetic condition. Thanks Sam M - 07525188073
  8. Pads changed, what a rewarding job went very well, made it to Prescott Sunday, great drive and fab event.
  9. type911 has them in stock, will order there
  10. Best place to get a set of front + rear brake pads on next day delivery (deliver tomorrow)? standard pads by brembo, nothing special. design911 only seem to have fronts online? weird.
  11. When opening the passenger door from the outside of the car and the door handle 'clip' to open the door snapped!!! Access denied! No worrys through, removed the door handle' got the snapped bit out, traced it onto a bit of aluminium, roughed out the shape, milled then finished with a file! I think it looks cool and is much stronger than the 'mazak' original
  12. Following the huge success of last year’s Drive it Day, the West Berkshire Classic Vehicle Club is organising an event again this year. This years’ event is on the 28th April from 10:30 am to 18:00 pm. Again we will be hosted by the West Berkshire Brewery in Yattendon Google Map – West Berkshire Brewery You can turn up any time throughout the day no need to pre-book*and all classic vehicles are welcome. The nearby (5 minute walk) Yattendon Garage will be open to visitors again, this is a great opportunity to see a local classic specialist restorer and repairer and their range of customer and proprietors vehicles. There will be a self-paced tour (we have two routes) as an option to see the local Berkshire and South Oxfordshire countryside – they are around 40 miles on mainly country roads. *If you are planning on bringing a large group, please email richard@thehuntleys.plus.com so we can be sure to accomodate you.
  13. yeah, good point I guess. Looks easy enough to change...I changed the clutch on a 1974 911 2 weeks ago so well adapted to getting under the car! typical that a week after doing a clutch replacment on the 74 i get in the 85 and pop goes the omega! can you send a link of the oem? - my thoughts are (at £40) if it last half the time/milalage of the original then it will see my lifetime out!
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