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  1. I went through a similar quandary on rod bolt torques when I did my first 3.2 rebuild. I probably did overthink it, but you may find the info in my thread below useful:
  2. Nickname given to me by Andy Green (land speed record holder) when I was out in Bonneville with him working on a Diesel Land speed record project in 2005/6. I bought my 911 just after so it seemed appropriate to use it.... Not so sure now given all the bad press diesels have been getting!
  3. Great - I’ll take it ! Paypal or bank transfer?
  4. Hi Shirish - is this still available?
  5. Very nice - I'm still some way off paint. I did give mine a wash today though! Wire brushing the underside back to bare metal starts tomorrow...
  6. I think I’d try to identify the root cause before changing to a different setup with the Canems EMS - this may just make it harder to work out what’s going on. I may be able to help - I’ve got a spare early 24pin ECU here and a spare AFM that I know’s good too. If you can get over to mine (once lockdown permits..) you’d be welcome to see if either of these solve it. I’ve also got a portable lambda kit that we can use to check your idle mixture with. Have you check your cylinder head temp sensor resistance versus temp - is it one of the later two wire ones?
  7. Cheers 👍 They’re all blue now too 🤓 Its been interesting to see how much the chassis flexes on the rotisserie. With a single door brace each side the gap between windscreen frame and targa hoop decreased by 1mm when I put the car on the jig. When I rotated the car upside down the same gap increased by nearly 1.5mm, so around 2.5mm total flex. With the long diagonal braces added the total flex is now about 1mm from right way up to upside down. I feel more comfortable attacking the underside now without any risk of bending the car!
  8. I’m using a combination of scissor lift and rotisserie for my 914 - between the two of these I can access all areas and work at decent angle for welding etc. I’m only just starting to work in the underside but it’s already a massive improvement over working upside down. I wouldn’t do another bare shell restoration without either the lift or the rotisserie. As above I’ve braced the door openings well due the strain on the shell from holding it by the bumper mounts.
  9. Cheers. The Clarke garage was a good bit of kit - quite sturdy and certainly kept the rain and snow out. It withstood some pretty strong winds too without any problems. It was quite a fiddle to put together - assume on 2-3 hours with 2 people - the first hour just sorting out which tube and connector goes where. Whilst it keeps the weather out - it doesn't stop the damp - it's a bit like a car cover in that respect. Whenever the weather was good I partially opened up both ends to dry things out. So I guess it depends what you're looking to use it for and what time of year it is.
  10. Thanks for all the comments. Its definitely taken a lot more time than I expected - I don't know if this is just because I'm very slow or that's just they way it is with stuff like this... I suspect a bit of both. If I was doing this as a job for someone I'm sure they've be wondering what the hell I'd been up to all this time!! The mid rise lift has made all the difference doing this - it's meant I could do nearly all of the work standing up and its saved my back and knees in process. I wouldn't attempt this kind of work without a lift in future (even my wife can see why I needed the lift now!). The other new tools that I've found invaluable are a power file and a cordless grinder - both have made life easier and sped up progress too.
  11. This is the last repair I've done prior to deciding to turn the car upside down and strip the underside. Its the left longitudinal and jack point - with hindsight I've no doubt I could have sourced a large single piece repair panel from the states. This took many weekends with a few breaks where motivation ran out too. It didn't look good even before I started Access panel cut out Crusty Ground back First small repair - trying to maintain the hole position as it's how the jack tube is aligned: Next patch: This is where the front and rear chassis sections join - the metal was too thin for my comfort, so another patch Welded in I then found the lower corner was corroded internally - so another complex repair piece was required: Inner skin repair: Then the same again for the outer corner I was quite pleased with this one: Next up was the main structural repair - this bridges the join between the sill and rear chassis Still keeping aligned to the hole behind Trying to replicate the pressing in the original panel without a press! Jack tube going on at last Another Dansk panel that had to be re-worked to fit... Relieved to find it aligns with the outer sill Access panel going back on: Door gaps still good
  12. Tonight's success was wrestling this lot out the chassis - all in surprisingly good condition, so Ill probably be reusing: Currently the engine still looks like this
  13. It's been over a year so I thought share what I've been up to on the 914 - its been slow but steady progress through rather more rust than I'd hoped. The last serious welding I'd done was twenty years ago when I restored my old 912 - so it was definitely a case of re-learning... which was a little frustrating. The last repair I did to the left longitudinal and jack point certainly a lot better than the first bits I'd on this car. I've decided I much prefer mechanical stuff over welding! I'll start with the hell hole - it certainly lived up to its name and I'll not be doing another one of these in a hurry! This is the hell hole with the remains of the battery tower removed: The firewall the other side... With the engine 'tray' removed: Cleaning up to find the inner skin: Bottom of the sill is solid - just surface rust First repair done to the inner skin - I double checked it's not meant to go all the way across Cardboard aided design After about 4hours of bashing and bending to get all the curves right Welded in (not showing it pre-grinding as my welding was rubbish as this point!!) Patching up the firewall Now to access the inner wing Patched As I cleaned up the surrounding areas more patches were required And all welded in Then fitted a new engine tray - the repair panel took around 4hours fettling to fit properly... Finally onto fitting the new battery tower. I soon found out the Dansk part was rubbish - not one edge fitted or aligned. After a quick check on the 914 forum it seems everyone knows this and doesn't use them. A month later I had a much much better one from Auto Atlanta. Dansk trial 'fit' Old one, crap one, good one Hell hole done - still needs seam sealing and some epoxy primer - but I'll do that all in one go later on:
  14. Following this with interest - I'll be looking for somewhere to paint my 914 later this year. I'll be supplying it as a bare shell - I'm hoping this will reduce costs as there'll be no stripping and far less masking etc. I'll be wanting them to paint the underside as well though.
  15. Cheers. I've made it so it'll break down small enough to go in the back of a car - so hoping it won't take up too much storage space. My other thought was to loan it out for a small fee to try and recoup some of what I've spent on it. If I'd found someone doing this I probably wouldn't have made one up myself. The main bit I've changed from the other mobile rollover jigs I was looking at was not have a central central connecting bar. If all goes to plan I'll be able to use my scissor lift to get the shell on the jig, then lower the lift and roll the car out the garage, or the other way around and pull the scissor lift out from under the car & jig. The 914 is making slow but steady progress - more rust than expected... but I think that's always the case! Having gone as far as I have I've decided to bare metal and reseal the underside - hence the jig. I'll post some progress photos on my 914 thread later - I've had plenty of welding practice!
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