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  1. Kenny what is your location just so I can see how far away you are cheers
  2. Hi Kenny Are these still available? thanks
  3. Might be a daft question but are they suitable for 85 3.2carrera? cheers Paul
  4. Hi Dr Rock thank you for link that looks better than old style under bumper 👍
  5. Hi everyone tried searching for toplc on removing the older style fogs on rear and intergrating into reflector strip, but can't find anything any links to previous post would be great cheers Paul
  6. Matt is this still available? cheers Paul
  7. Thanks everyone for help and advice,think i will speak to Matt about a set and try and sell my cup alloys on gumtree
  8. Here they are was on iPad then realised photos were on iPhone so had to swap
  9. Just thought i would share a pic of my 85 carrera, its a bit of a barn find fully restored body wise and currently in porsche specialist getting engine rebuild, and a lot more stuff. Should be ready soon for first drive
  10. Hi everyone im after some advice my car is on cup alloys at moment, which i need to change to black fuchs,however i want 16" alloys but im not sure which width i require and offset. my car is a 85 3.2 carrera any advice would be great so i dont buy wrong type thanks Paul
  11. Hi I'm looking at buying Bentley book for 3.2 but just wondering are they any good and worth the price? or can it be downloaded anywhere? thanks
  12. hi thanks for the link, going to read through now with a nice cuppa👍
  13. Hi im looking for a rebuild thread from a while ago it was a red 3.2 full restoration the owner did a great job fully documented on here with loads of photos, but im struggling to find it.want to read through it again for some tips as im about to embark on a rebuild myself on a recent purchase, mine is a guards red 85, the thread im looking for i remember owner putting singer style headlights and gold bbs alloys on if this helps anyone remember. hope someone can point me in right direction. thanks Paul
  14. Hi everyone was just wondering if anyone on here has my old car 1988 E reg 3.2 carrera in guards red it was my first 911 and I owned it from June 1999 I owned it for about 4-5 years when I sold it had about 108,000 miles on clock the vin WPOZZZ91ZJS101809 such a great car I only got rid of it for a 993, however as time has gone on its one of my car regrets Cheers Paul
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