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  1. Thanks everyone for the comments. To update you I have made the decision to go for a new OEM oil tank. I am intending on enjoying the car for the next 30+ years so I am hoping this will be a fit and forget item rather than a niggle in the back of my mind that a fix or a second hand part would cause. Thanks again
  2. I have no evidence of this but had heard that the Dansk ones risk some internal contamination from the manufacturing process so for the cost difference may be best to go OE. I must stress I have no evidence to back this up and I am generally very happy to go with aftermarket components. I would love to keep the original oil cap if possible.
  3. Hi jevvy, I haven't got a picture but I'll try to get one and post it up (car is not local to me). It is wet in the middle of the tank as though the tank has become porous. I am presuming corrosion on the inside has eaten through the tank.
  4. Does anyone have or know here is best to get a replacement Oil Tank for a 1976 C3.o? Mine is leaking 😞 OE replacements don't seem to be available and I dont really want to go to a SC tank if I can help it (although i'm not sure why, proably due to the different cap). Anyway, any help would be much appreciated 🙂 Thanks.
  5. I presume you are talking about Panorama magazine? I don't see any reference to the article, did it make the magazine?
  6. Hi Bert, It is 76 C3 and is number 26 on the 911carrera3.com/carrera-3-0-registry What sizes are you thinking of fitting? 185/70 and 215/60? I've no intention of going to 16s but deciding on either my 6&7 or my 7&8 to refurb is hard. I had the intention of going with either early911.com or Canford to refurb the wheels when I get round to it. Seems like these two get the most praise for their work. I do like the RSR finish but unsure it would look right. Am I correct that RS finish is the same as RSR but without the polished lip? Won't polish the petal if it isn't a standard feature so at least that's one option crossed off.
  7. Thanks, realised it was my first post but i've been lurking for a while. Picture is the only one i have access to at the moment.
  8. Hi All, I'm going to get a set of Fuchs restored for my C3 and I'm struggling to decide what to do. I have a set of 6&7 15s and a set of 7&8 15s. Problem is which do I get restored? I'm only going to do one set (at least to start with) as the price to restore with the couple of places that are recommended in the UK is expensive. Once I've decided on which wheels to refurb, what finish do I choose? The C3 is Black with chrome trim (inc door handles and headlamp trims), interior is red/black tartan (MacLochlan) on seats and door pads. The wheels currently are standard black petals and centers but I think it just makes the car look a little heavy and dull. I really like RSR finish with the polished lip but not sure this would look right. I then thought I could add polished petal to the RSR finish to pick out the chrome trim, essentially they would be polished rim and petals with black centres and rsr upstands. Decisions, decisions! The next problem is tyres. I currently have the 7&8s fitted with P6000s on the rear and some contis on the front which were fitted as an emergency. Looking in to tyres available I see that the correct sizes of 185/70r15 and 215/60r15 are available in Pirelli CN36 N4. Problem is, I don't know how the car will handle and look on these tyres which are way too expensive to fit just to see. I believe these sizes are the correct size to fit to either set of wheels. Anyone have any experience with these? I read that modern tyre (inc. the P6000s I presume) alter the handling and ride because of their squarer shoulders. I have tried to look for pictures of cars to get ideas but they often don't have references to tyre sizes and 15s tend not to be 'trendy' as people want bigger, also lots of cars tend to be lowered which mine is not. Any thoughts, photos, or pointers would be welcome to help me decide. Thanks All

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