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  1. Thanks for all reactions. This is giving a very good overview of this option. Regards Govert
  2. Thanks Guy for the clarification. Many thanks. It than means the set up in my car was correct. Regards Govert
  3. Thanks highItalian. But in the case pinstripe was ordered was that for all seats e.g. front and back seats or was that also an option to select only the front seats in pinstripe and the back seats not?
  4. Still in process of my restoration of my C3.0. Original my car did came with the pinstripe option. When I bought the car it did have the pinstripe fabric on both front seats. Now I am searching online and I do see two interesting things which my question is all about: 1) I see that cars with the pinstripe option also have the pin stripe on the back seats as well as the door panels. When owners choose the pinstripe did that automatically meant that all seats and door panels were with the pinstripe fabric? 2) The door panels with pinstripe fabric ( i saw similar with the tartan option) look all flat door panels and not the door panels with the under an angle stitched in the door panel like you see on all Porsche 911 SC and later models. I add some pictures on what I have found. I don't know what is original or not. My C3.0 is from 1977. Many thanks for your responses. If you have pics from your car if you believe it is original that would be great too. Regards Govert
  5. Congrats! Most important thing is to enjoy this baby! Too many people myself included not having the time or other reasons to take them out on the road.They are designed to drive and they drive very well. Get out there and have fun!
  6. Thanks for al replies!...I now know where to drill the right hole! Appreciated! Regards Govert
  7. Thanks Ivan....so it is on the left hand side and not the right hand side?
  8. Dear IB,s...... I have option M440 on my ,77 Carrera3.0. To my knowledge that was a mechanical antenna. Am I right that these were always placed on the right fender? Appreciate your feedback. Regards Govert
  9. Dear members, For the restoration of my Carrera3.0, I am looking for an original NOS Mahle complete set of cilinders and pistons. Partnumber: 930.103.962.04 or Partnumber: 930.103.962.05 Many thanks and a happy new year! Govert
  10. Great Job! Wish I was that far as you........
  11. Dear IM'ers, see my other post that I am trying to make my car back to original. Currently there is an aftermarket spoiler on it an want to return to rear lid without one. Original also was a rear wiper installed. Is the rear lid different if you have a rear wiper or not? Or is the rear lid grill different? Try to understand what parts I need to look for. If there are differences between the lids is it possible to modify a normal lid without a hole to one for a rear wiper by drilling a hole? If so what would the size of the whole be? Many questions...maybe there is simple answer.... Many thanks Govert
  12. Austria3 and Felix83 thanks for replies and pics , very helpful!
  13. Dear IB'mers..... Today I have purchased a Porsche 911 Targa delivered in EUrope in 1977. I will receive the car in a month time. Now the engine lid is not original with a later version tail on it. I will replace it with a standard engine lid and trying to understand what was used at that time. Can you let me know was it only "911" embossed in black? and what style was used? Can people upload some pictures how it was in 1977 for Porsche 911 in Europe? Many thanks for your help! Regards Govert

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