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  1. Really interesting post - thanks for sharing
  2. Think I understand the end of your post - not sure I get the Boxster feedback but ???
  3. Hi Richard have sent you a pm - thanks
  4. Ah yes I know Chris really well - great chap Ah yes - good shout , should have thought of that - I know Chris very well ; done lots of work on cars for me
  5. Lovely , please tell me more
  6. I’m guessing, but I imagine, at least a couple of 964 RS’s : also if my numbers came in I’d want to spec the Singer myself from scratch - but in truth, a nice Tuthill ST would do nicely
  7. Yes, that would be nice - not sure it’s ever going to happen though
  8. That would be great thanks
  9. Interesting post this - you must be psychic, as this is exactly what I’m debating at the moment. I’m trying to decide between a 930 Turbo vs. 964 RS. I previously owned a 964 3.6 Turbo which I thought was the most stunning looking car, but I found it a little heavy and a bit GT cruiser for my liking . However, for some reason I just keep coming back to a 930 Turbo (even though I know from an agility perspective it will probably be the same as my old 964 Turbo) ; they just just look so right, whereas the 964 RS looks a little dull. It’s a very simple heart over head question to me - heart says 930 Turbo , head says 964. Lots to think about really (including buying a nice manual C2 964 rather than an RS - if I go down this route) Either way, you’ve called it perfectly
  10. Cheers - are you saying with mods you can get rid of the turbo lag ?
  11. Hi there, I’m seriously thinking about buying a 930 Turbo and wondered if there was a person who runs a 930 data base (or similar) that I could contact with a VIN number of any cars I find , who might know something about their history? Also does anyone knows a good specialist in the Midland’s who I could pay to PPI any cars that I might find? Thanks .

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