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  1. Welcome to 911CS ownership - these are rare and special cars. As others have said, my CS never fails to make me smile every time I take it out on our great roads here in NW Scotland! Yes, it is slow compared to modern 911s/Panameras/Macans etc but it feels so alive and connected to the road and you can really enjoy driving at sensible speeds. To get the same enjoyment from a modern Porsche usually means either going too fast or going for a track day........
  2. The Hairpin CS is being marketed at £190,000 http://www.thehairpincompany.co.uk/car-Porsche-911_Carrera_3.2_Club_Sport-1988-1.html
  3. Thanks for the additional background info 32FlatSix. Hadn’t appreciated that the PCGB Register was incomplete! Will be interesting if and when it sells and what for..... My CS is probably one of the rare ones that is used; I’ve done just under 600 miles in her over the last few days on a long weekend to Oban/Mull. What’s the point in having a great driving machine in the garage and not using it! Rant over.
  4. I'm sure this is probably old news but I've only just spotted this advert for a CS on eBay - it's been up for about a month: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-Porsche-911-Carrera-Club-Sport-/282668581564?hash=item41d05c42bc:g:7~0AAOSwE9RZyNb3 Interesting to see if it sells for the asking price (or anywhere near it). If the PCGB Register is correct, this particular car was race prepared by Peter Lovett and was used regularly in competitions........
  5. Hi Bugs - sorry can't help much as my CS looks like big al's in the rear with carpeting over the 'buckets' and no shelf unit with the cubbyholes........ I've fitted lap belts in the rear so I can actually use the rear for occasional passengers.
  6. Interesting thread. I currently run Bridgestone S-02s on my 3.2CS and have been really happy with them - good fast road tyre. However, I may be wrong, but I believe that Bridgestone has stopped making them in our sizes.......... So be careful if you are offered S-02s - check their manufacturing date on the sidewall!
  7. Good post! As I'm sure you know, a lot of your route is now included in what's being called 'The North West 500'. Welcome to my backyard......... great driving roads especially out of the peak Summer season. You would have driven past our driveway near Gairloch!
  8. Hi rmurphy5, Sweet looking CS you have there! Be really interesting if you do go on a rolling road to see bhp figures; it's always been thought that the blueprinting would add maybe 5% or so......
  9. This is becoming madness........although, if you're a CS owner, it is a very nice sort of madness The 40,000 mile CS at Hexagon advertised at £179,950 now seems to have sold, presumably at somewhere around the advertised figure. And now this admittedly incredibly low mileage example is going for silly money although I do wonder what it's mechanical condition is like with only that mileage over 27 years......? In my experience, cars that have such a low annual mileage often have problems as a result of underuse. These cars are for driving and ones like this one at 555 are unfortunate
  10. Fulla - I've sent you a pm about Service Info document.
  11. I've fitted this genuine Porsche item to my Carrera Club Sport - it was a straightforward job to fit: http://www.jasmine-porschalink.co.uk/genuine-porsche-club-sport-black-leather-steering-wheel---911-1197-p.asp It's so much nicer to drive with than standard 4 spoker but, like any slightly smaller wheel, does make steering heavier at parking speeds.
  12. You're right 32FlatSix, the Total 911 article is incorrect; I have a copy of the original Service Information document published by Porsche in 1987 for the Club Sport (M 637). This sets out the full deviations/omissions for the Club Sport from the standard 3.2 Carrera. In respect of the Electrical System, it lists the following deviations: 1. Tachometer with different red range; 2. Simplified wire harness; 3. Smaller diameter starter motor leads; 4. M 451 (includes door-mounted radio speakers and antenna amplifier). In my experience a lot of magazines are inaccurate - insufficient res
  13. I may be wrong, but I think the addition of 'Potenza' is just a marketing exercise. The S02s on my 911CS were manufactured and fitted in 2013 with no sign of 'Potenza' anywhere...... They look the same as current tyres but who knows?
  14. Route goes past our house near to where this photo was taken..........
  15. Hi Craig and welcome to the forum - there were originally 53 CSs in RHD in the UK; I think all bar one were in GP White. I am a CS owner and have been watching the price rise over the last few years...... I have mine insured for an agreed value of £100K but it seems that it may be undervalued! The car referred to by Fulla is on sale at Hexagon for £179,950 and has done 10,000 more miles than my CS! Perhaps you should contact John Glynn (Mr Impact Bumpers) who carried out the most recent valuation of my CS as he probably has a better handle than most on current values.
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