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  1. That mirror is very close in shape to a Sebring "Mach 1".
  2. I imagine the Mobil 1 Motorsport 10W60 will have good levels of ZDDP? (I think this is what comes in the Porsche cans given their close links to Porsche).
  3. Yes, I'm close to having a Cortina's-worth of Green Shield Stamps!
  4. I must have been lucky with the pumps I've used I guess.
  5. Seems that PCGB got rid of the Region 5 organizer and team for reasons neither side will state, so just over 50 R5 members have demanded an EGM to replace the PCGB board with themselves and their mates, plus added some other grievances. And if the PCGB directors get deffed out, apparently that could affect their ability to be directors in real life, like their real jobs. Instead of in what is, after all, "only a bl00dy car club"......
  6. Must be something wrong with mine then, works fine using the nozzle normally.
  7. Why should you use the fuel nozzle upside down? What does that affect? Have always fuelled mine normally and not had any problems.
  8. Opened fine for me. I don't normally bother with club meetings but I'm signing up for the EGM just to vote against these people.
  9. Just got the appointment for mine - next Wednesday. I'm 57 but I'm on the Vulnerable list because of immunosuppressants.
  10. By coincidence, I was looking at their pricelist yesterday, they list prices for the three panels separately in both carpet grades.
  11. I hadn't seen this thread before. This early post from Greg includes the ad. for my car, the third one down in slate - it's actually slate blue, 1984 was the last year for this colour I think. Although it's irrelevant really now, I said 14250 against his 15 asking price and he said yes so quickly I regretted not saying 14!
  12. I didn't say the main clubs didn't need committees but the local areas. If the PCGB is so big its regions need committees it must be immense. As I said I was the "RO" for several areas of a club including starting one from scratch. There was never enough work that ever I considered I needed help, and for one region I even produced a newsletter!
  13. Any car club that thinks ROs need committees needs to take a long hard look at itself.... I say this as someone who has run several car club areas and even started a couple from scratch. By myself. As Goebbels nearly said "When I hear the word "committee" I reach for my revolver"....... Every year when the PCGB subs come around I wonder why I bother renewing. I suppose now Porsche Norwich is open it might help with discounts on parts I suppose. When I got the 911 I thought I'd give the local PCGB R12 meet a go. On meeting the RO, he asked which Porsche I had and when I told him,
  14. Watched all of it. Seemed like a 4 minute excuse dressed up as a virtue.....
  15. As my wheels only had the remains of the factory finish, I just took them down as much as possible with heavy duty scouring pads from the supermarket, and sprayed the Halfords straight on to that.
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