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  1. 16vjay

    Sportomatic SC Targa

    Didn't know you could get cruise control on SCs.
  2. 16vjay

    3.0 SC v 3.2 Carrera

    Interesting that Carrera-Al says the later 3.2s had their seats lowered. Through work recently we got to play around with a 964 and couldn't initially work out why it felt so different inside to my 3.2 which also got involved in the work we had the 964 in for. One of my colleagues spotted the 964 had thick padding on the floor of at least 50 - 60mm thick below the carpet which in my car are on the floorpan.
  3. 16vjay

    Blaupunkt Toronto SQR46 or SQR48

    In 1984 the standard radio in a 3.2 was a National Panasonic CQ873. Not sure when that applied though - my car came its the original unit and it's mentioned in the 1984 brochure I have.
  4. 16vjay

    Interior - Door Pocket Lids/Arm Rests

    I carefully bent mine straight a couple of years back. Still look fine.
  5. 16vjay

    Bentley manual book

    Thanks from me too, also swiped a copy. Already got a paper Bentley but the other Porsche docs are very useful.
  6. 16vjay

    1976 Carrera 3.0 exterior parts required

    Boydyrs - if you still have the over-riders I'd be interested. Thanks.
  7. 16vjay

    Early Steering Wheels....

    Short answer - yes, there are different wheels. The difference is the early three-spokes have the rim concentric to the column and I've seen enough pics on discussions of this subject to know pretty certainly that's what you have. The later three-spokes on SCs and 3.2s have the rim set eccentrically by about 10mm IIRC to improve clearance to your legs. Once you've seen the difference, the shorter bottom spoke and different angles of the side spokes is noticeable on these. As long as the fire didn't damage the foam core yours should be easily recoverable. Just make sure they know the difference and use the right shaped-piece of leather!
  8. 16vjay

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    A colleague lined himself up a nice new Golf to replace his current A3 but cancelled the order when he found out it was unlikely to be able to be delivered before Christmas......
  9. Has anyone got a nice condition rear right rubber over rider suitable for a 1984? Thanks.
  10. Nice car but PINK beading on the seats??
  11. The K+N claim for better filtration seem to be just that, a claim, independent testing doesn't back it up from the discussions I've seen.
  12. 16vjay

    Door seals and alignment

    Are targa seals different to coupes? And is it the seal around the main part of the door on the body? Mine looks like it has always had the tube type with fine ribs type, and I got the same part when I ordered a replacement for the torn-up driver's one.
  13. 16vjay

    Anyone owned a Lancia Delta Integrale?

    Great, thanks a lot. Ruin 16Vs because you don't think they're worth preserving... They (and the 8Vs) were only the ones that won all the rallys. Works only ran Evos for one year. They're not like 911s made by the 10s of 1000s, 8/16V production was 15,00-odd total. Yes, mine were 16Vs..... Why? If it's for the looks, no problem but the Evos are no quicker than 16Vs and the wider track and body makes them feel less nimble apparently.
  14. 16vjay

    DME Relay for sale

    Hi Rick, I'll have it if no-one else has asked for it. Thanks, Jeremy.
  15. 16vjay

    Anyone owned a Lancia Delta Integrale?

    Deltas only get fragile if pumped up to silly states of tune, in standard trim they make perfect daily cars. My first car was just that, even did the commute to the midlands from the south coast when I was working away. The only downsides to daily use are that even in standard tune you'll struggle to get more than about 28mpg even on a run , and just like using an IB daily it'd be wise to get an annual rust treatment from someone like Rustbusters.