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  1. Er... My '84 has the optional cruise control! (But being of that vintage, it's not as accurate as a modern system and I wouldn't rely on it to avoid trouble).
  2. 16vjay


    Somethings weird there, when I click the Back button to navigate away from the 503 page, I briefly see alll of Richard's post......
  3. 16vjay


    It's only got one reply (unsurprisingly) according to the All Activity list.......
  4. 16vjay


    Yep, me too with the big 503 on the Alpine trip thread but all the others seem fine?? I'm interested in the trip too if there are spaces left.
  5. It was through Club Lancia Sport in its early days and organised by one guy who had good car industry contacts. This meant we stayed in the old Fiat factory with the test track on the roof (as seen in the original Italian Job film), visited and toured the Mirafiori factory (and got to trash round their little test track!), a private collection of Lancias and the Ferrari museum plus the point of the trip, the Rally Legends event in San Marino. Can recommend a hotel near lake Geneva with covered private parking if you're crossing the Alps by Petit St.Bernard pass route.
  6. I've done this in the integrale - along with four other Deltas - and it's every bit as good as it looks.
  7. No, I wondered how it had got proper RS shaped arches.....
  8. 16vjay

    RH overider

    Is this suitable for a 1984 3.2?
  9. 16vjay

    WTB : Bumper overider

    Yeah, me too. No-one seems to want to sell one, contacted two people on here who didn't reply.....
  10. Sadly it looks like it is true, workers cut a gas line which caused an explosion that collapsed the building. https://www.thedrive.com/news/27377/americas-largest-vintage-porsche-collection-heavily-damaged-in-gas-explosion
  11. Blue of the Slate variety......
  12. Hi Axel, Have you got a good pair of rear over-riders please? Or even just a good right one? Thanks, Jeremy.
  13. Well spotted SP, it's a Vitaloni Sebring Mach 1. The metal bodied version was standard on Lotus Europa Twin Cams and Specials, and the black plastic bodied version was fitted to Esprit S1s.
  14. Sorry but the "synthetic = leaks" is an old story from when these oils first appeared in the '70s and being much thinner than the mineral oils at that time, engiine oil seals weren't designed for them hence getting leaks. If a mineral and a synthetic oil are the same viscosity, the synthetic will be no more likely to leak in a given engine than the mineral. I've nearly always used synthetics in a variety of classics and never noticed any tendancy to leak. Porsche's own oil for the flat sixes of 3.0 litres and bigger is a synthetic 10/60, but seeing how a lot of Porsche publicity material also has Mobil branding, I'd be amazed if the Porsche oil isn't Mobil1 Motorsport 10/60.....
  15. Slipping easilt into my "Grale Pedant's Hat" the Martini scheme's on Deltas are all particular the the model of Delta. So 8V, 16V and Evo all have different patterns. The one above was only used on the 1989 San Remo, it was a new scheme for the introduction of the 16V model, but it was found it didn't work on film so a new pattern of stripes was designed based on a white car. Drew Pritchard and his mate wrapped a 16V in an Evo pattern of stripes on their TV show recently, it looked most odd.
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