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  1. Sorry but the "synthetic = leaks" is an old story from when these oils first appeared in the '70s and being much thinner than the mineral oils at that time, engiine oil seals weren't designed for them hence getting leaks. If a mineral and a synthetic oil are the same viscosity, the synthetic will be no more likely to leak in a given engine than the mineral. I've nearly always used synthetics in a variety of classics and never noticed any tendancy to leak. Porsche's own oil for the flat sixes of 3.0 litres and bigger is a synthetic 10/60, but seeing how a lot of Porsche publicity material also has Mobil branding, I'd be amazed if the Porsche oil isn't Mobil1 Motorsport 10/60.....
  2. Slipping easilt into my "Grale Pedant's Hat" the Martini scheme's on Deltas are all particular the the model of Delta. So 8V, 16V and Evo all have different patterns. The one above was only used on the 1989 San Remo, it was a new scheme for the introduction of the 16V model, but it was found it didn't work on film so a new pattern of stripes was designed based on a white car. Drew Pritchard and his mate wrapped a 16V in an Evo pattern of stripes on their TV show recently, it looked most odd.
  3. Nice Deltona Mark! Silicone hoses and a tubular manifold......
  4. Sorry, poor explanation, the windows work with the door open or closed, but with the door closed, the ignition has to be on for the windows to work. When the door is open the windows are live all the time, even when the key is out of the ignition. It's the getting the wires through the door that's stopping me, the wires and their grommets are in the thin part of the door in front of the hinge and body A post, barely visible and certaily out of reach for my fingers!
  5. For safety, the windows only work when the doors are closed when the ignition is on - this means you can leave the kids in the car without them being able to play with the windows. When the door is open the windows should work all the time. I have a similar issue but mine is definitely a broken wire as the windows only work at all when the driver's door is open past a certain point, so can I ask how you stripped the harness out of the door? I had a look at this but it looked like a door-off job.
  6. I don't think they are galavanised in the normal sense of dropping the built-up shell into a tank of hot zinc and electro-plating the shell inside and out. As I understand it the panels were stamped from zinc-coated steel before being welded together into a complete shell. And wherever there is welding, the zinc coating will be destroyed, hence the rust. If they had been truly galvanised, they'd hardly rust at all unless damaged.
  7. If you can, it'd be best to seal the outside so water isn't sitting trapped in the join. Are you sure you can't get to it behind the bumper, it should be low down near the floor?
  8. On my 1984, where you have a gap, mine has the panels in contact and covered in the stippled underseal material. Has your's been repaired in that area?
  9. Or you could just buy a thicker fully synthetic oil? Mobil 1 10/60 Motorsport for example. I thought the "synthetiics are too thin" story had died years ago.....
  10. So how would one compare to an IB?
  11. What are you used to, a tank with a Hyabusa engine? In standard trim they should be pretty firm in both seats and suspension. Boost should come in from 2500/3000 and build to 5500.
  12. Didn't know you could get cruise control on SCs.
  13. Interesting that Carrera-Al says the later 3.2s had their seats lowered. Through work recently we got to play around with a 964 and couldn't initially work out why it felt so different inside to my 3.2 which also got involved in the work we had the 964 in for. One of my colleagues spotted the 964 had thick padding on the floor of at least 50 - 60mm thick below the carpet which in my car are on the floorpan.
  14. In 1984 the standard radio in a 3.2 was a National Panasonic CQ873. Not sure when that applied though - my car came its the original unit and it's mentioned in the 1984 brochure I have.
  15. I carefully bent mine straight a couple of years back. Still look fine.
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