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  1. MikeS911

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Too Right, great job
  2. MikeS911

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Hi Phil. "Great News" does not sound bad for first go. When are you having Shaun visit or are you going to him? Did you fit the Knocktec or are you waiting for Shaun Mike
  3. MikeS911

    Brakes on 1977 911

    Hi. I fitted a servo to my 77, and use an electric vacuum pump set up for the vacuum operation, I used a 3.2 Servo and pedal set.. I also have Boxster brakes front and rear, Great set up for someone getting a little older. The servo takes a lot of effort out the pedal. See pic of my Servo installation, Mike
  4. MikeS911

    Fuel pump relay signal.

    Hi Phil. I would guess you have this sorted by now but the MS switches low side, "Ground" If you look at any of the MS diagrams you can see the normal switching. I would think you have removed ALL the CIS connections/sensors as you are using the T Bodies so the fuel pump relay only needs to control the fuel pump (and if you have wired like my diagram the wideband). as Jonny says this would usually have power 12v via ignition to term 86 and ground to term 85, This would be the black wire from pin 37 on the MS. Do you have any other thing to do before starting it up. Mike
  5. MikeS911

    CDI and Ignition Wiring

    Hi Jonny. Thanks for that Info. MikeS
  6. MikeS911

    CDI and Ignition Wiring

    Great Thanks
  7. MikeS911

    CDI and Ignition Wiring

    Thanks for the info Strickly. I have a couple of wiring diagrams taken from Pelican but I am not convinced they are correct as I have heard people say they do not follow their cars wiring. MikeS
  8. MikeS911

    CDI and Ignition Wiring

    Thanks Ian, I can build a loom just need a little info. Possibly an engine wiring diargram MikeS
  9. MikeS911

    CDI and Ignition Wiring

    Hi All Can anyone confirm which CDI unit would have been on a 1976/7 2.7 engine/vehicle, I believe it should be a 3 Pin CDI unit?. I have a been looking at a vehicle for a friend who got a car without any ignition parts even the distributor is missing and all the engine wiring either burnt or hacked away. Can anyone confirm the ignition wiring etc. I have an old distributor taken from 1974 2.7 would this be good to use? Is the tacho for this age vehicle points driven. Hope someone can help. Thanks MikeS
  10. MikeS911

    Happy New Year 2019

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Hope 2019 is a great one for everybody enjoy the driving and playing with your cars.
  11. MikeS911

    Phil's CIS to EFI

    Hi Phil. Hope you had a good holiday and are getting back to work on the car? I decided to follow your lead and change to Semi-Sequential Injection, I am sending the ECU back to ExtraEFI Phil on Wednesday to have the extra driver fitted. I have added a "yellow" wire to the 15 Pin connector pins 11&12 as per Phil's diagram. I did not like the idea of a black wire as Phil uses Black for grounds and thought it could be hard to diagnose at a later date. Are you/did you get the Knocktec conditioner from Shaun MS? Do you have any info on this, wiring etc? When are you hoping to get it started, Is Shaun coming back to you for the start or are you trying it alone? Any update coming soon Mike
  12. MikeS911

    Light weight undertray

    Hi Henry. I am also interested do you have a price yet. Thanks Mike
  13. MikeS911

    New batch of aluminium undertrays

    Is Henry still working on this, if so are orders still available ???
  14. MikeS911

    A Porsche Christmas Sunday 9 Dec

    Unfortunately BMW M-Sport Estate need the room to collect some stuff on the way home.
  15. MikeS911

    A Porsche Christmas Sunday 9 Dec

    Chris and I are going got the sticker today