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  1. Sounds like you are having fun? as long as the motor is sweet, I would not worry about the mpg. Re the maps no rush whenever you get time, did you get my email address/ Will be interested in the motorway/cruise mpg,
  2. Hi Phil. Thanks. will look for the map later, will be happy to see it, will this be Ignition and Injection? would like to see both if possible Did you seal the adjusting screws or are you relying on the springs, what change to get you full throttle opening.
  3. Hi Phil. Glad to see you are still enjoying the learning curve. Why do you think is will be necessary to do the balancing so often? are the adjusters backing off? I still need to get in touch with Shaun, did the current maps change much from his first set up? Will be interested in the fuel usage. By the way, you missed a great day last Saturday at Greatworth. apart for the rain is was a great day I thought. Mike
  4. Hi Ron - Mark. Only just seen this, sorry. I only have the same original on in colour, It sort of looked ok for my car but a fair bit missing, US wiring but most colours are good. I ended up making my own diagram for my car, using an original black=white one from the Haynes manual and making changes I had done when I rebuilt my wiring harnesses. This includes the relays for the headlamps, vacuum pump for a brake servo, power windows etc and deleted bits I do not have including the CIS and Ignition. (my car has EFI) It was better for me when I was building the car. Hope you guys are sorted, Regards Mike
  5. Hi Guys. Sorry for the late comment had to drive to Aberdeen Sunday, snowed all the way from South Yorkshire up to Perth, so only looked on line today. Had a great day even though we got cold and wet, loved being able to chat with people not computers. I ended up buying quite a few bits, all at great prices so very happy, rearly bent the wallet though. I hope the weather has not put off the traders, and that sales were enough to have more of these events, I did miss the HC events. Many thanks to the organisers and Greatworth for holding this, I for one thought the venue was great, also the butties and coffee. MikeS
  6. Hi Mark Did you manage to find a good diagram, are you soted Mike
  7. Hi Mark. Which USA diagrams do you have? I tried to get the Pelican one recently but they are no linger available. I ended up making a diagram for my car as I could not find one that was correct 76/77. I admit that my car is not standard so I added bits and removed bits in the diagrams including Ignition and Injection "Megasquirt" I ended up tracing my looms when I had them out of the car, as non of the ones in the manuals Haynes or Porsche was the same. Mike
  8. No Idea, but have you tried DVLA. Lovely looking car
  9. Me too. much awaited as I miss the old days of a gossip and hunt for bits.
  10. Hi Henry Just received a large parcel, unpacked, "best packed I have seen for a long time" Many thanks for making this happen and thanks also to your brother. Looking at it, it is a thing of beauty, think I should hang it in the lounge not on the car. Only joking, will do trial fit tomorrow. Best regards MikeS
  11. Thanks for the response, will wire it as ignition fed. Mike
  12. HI. Can anyone confirm if the number plate lights on a 1976 911 only should come on when the ignition is on, like the headlights do. I have a light switch p/n 911 613 019 03 and the number late lights are connected to the N terminal, this is only live with ignition, there is also a terminal #86 which could be used and this is live with side light. Which is the correct solution. Thanks Mike
  13. Hi Phil. Absolutely Brilliant. Great news everyone I know thinks does super tune up, not to mention your great work. Guess all the effort is more than worthwhile Will be interested in the mileage, as this was one of my targets, unless used in anger. Do you have the KnockTek yet? I need to contact Shaun this week to see when he will have more stock Mike.
  14. Hi Henry Payment made in full, please send as I will not be in your area in the next couple of weeks. Thanks. PS no AC for me so no problem. Regards MikeS911 PS I think you have my post details.
  15. Hi Henry. Any update on payments etc, when are you hoping have them ready for sending Regards Mike
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