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  1. i once sold an expensive remote control on ebay, buyer complained it was scratched (it wasn't) and opened a dispute on paypal who refunded him if he sent proof of return postage. He sent me a bottle of beer……. Ebay were not interested. Don't use paypal people, its massively flawed.
  2. Thats is a sweet looking car!! really cool. Not sure about the script on the boot though (just my opinion)
  3. I'm going with work, they have a small stand there (Classic Motor Trade and Classic Collectors Insurance) I've never been but all the guys who went last year said it was the highlight of the year for them! looking forward to it :-)
  4. Don't suppose you know what the White Carrera 3.2 went for do you? Looked quite clean to my eyes,
  5. I used to use rose passion and type 911, found both to be a good service
  6. Just to add, the torsion bars and afm are no longer available. Thanks
  7. Will have a look and get back to you Jasper
  8. I read somewhere that the spare wheel forms some sort of strengthening in the event of a front ender? (I doubt it would make much difference personally)
  9. Ha ha, good stuff! pm me if you need my details again.
  10. sweet, ta. If I take the company oil burner will I be stoned to death?
  11. Do you need tickets in advance or can you turn up on the day? quite fancy this.
  12. Sorry to bring up an old thread, Last year somebody paid for the front Aluminium bumper and said they would collect but never got back in touch, despite going through my mail I can't find a record of who it was, if it was you please get in touch!
  13. Any news on those wheels? I'm dying to see them!
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