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  1. Very nice Bee and bloody worthwhile cause! A lot of people don't realise that Air Ambulance is 100% charity funded
  2. Jig requires 3/16 and also 17/64. Cromwell stock good stuff on first appearance, Dormer being one of the brands, but there are plenty more. I don't know why I didn't look there first to be honest, thought they were more geared towards hand tools, not power stuff. I was wrong, it actually looks like their range is geared more towards trade rather than DIY Nice info, I did search previously but didn't spot this thread! Looks like I have a few options to exhaust (forgive the pun ) before I decide to pull the engine and go down a very expensive 3.4 rebuild... Well it would be rude not to if i'm removing the engine right?
  3. Thanks Leicestershire! As Sopor mentioned, Cromwell have an excellent selection of bits, so will take a look at those. Worst case is I get some new guide bushes manufactured to allow metric size bits to be used. It will still work out cheaper than sending away/getting someone else to do it. As you mention, I also like the challenge The satisfaction of getting past these problems for me is part of the fun of owning and maintaining these special cars! I shall persevere! The wealth of knowledge on this forum is breathtaking.
  4. I have absolutely no idea what the existing studs are Phill. I feel like they are made from Meteor Unobtanium metal that is harder than anything known to man Thanks for all the suggestions gents. I think I will wait until pay day and then treat myself to a variety of drill bits Something has to work lol Paul
  5. My taps are all Dormer. Do you know what type of bits they use Jonny? I'm not overly fussed with spending on decent bits. Still be cheaper than removing the engine and sending it away somewhere ha ha
  6. Sidewaysfun

    Backdate Time

    Fantastic! Looks beautiful Matt 👍
  7. Nice, will have a check. I was using some cutting oil, but because drilling from underneath it was just dripping off the end of the bit. I will buy some cutting compound for the next attempt, the stuff that is in a tin which should hopefully stay in the hole. Thanks for the advice guys. Take two will happen sometime in August so will see how I get on 🤞
  8. I had a go at removing some snapped exhaust studs this weekend.. Totally failed lol. I seem to only be making a slight dent in the snapped stud, perhaps 1mm depth. Does have any suggestions for drill bits? I have tried Cobalt and also Tungsten Carbide Tipped and both seem to just blunt on impact and not cut at all Should my next port of call be true carbide drill bits? Any other suggestions? I'm using the Stomski drill jig, which is excellent, but requires imperial bits. I may get some new guide bushes made up to take metric bits, which are a lot easier to source over here. I refuse to throw in the towel on this, there must be something out there that can do the job Can anyone share some knowledge? Thanks in advance, Paul
  9. I used to think the same about the headlight, but they been growing and growing on me. Now I really like them
  10. Ah sorry B, I meant to say I was running stock sizes for 8/9's, so 225/50/16 and 245/45/16 respectively. Not 100% on the geo that the car was setup with, if you ran 225/50/16 you may need to raise the front a bit, perhaps someone in the know can confirm? Saying that the differenve between 225/45 and 225/50 is very minor so perhaps you'll be grand
  11. I'm running Toyo Proxy T1R on my identical setup. I find them very grippy on the road. You can also fit 225/50/16 on the back wheels which open up your choices massively. I'm liking the look of the new Yoko AD08RS at the moment, which are a bit more track orientated, but may still be suitable on the road. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/yokohama-advan-neova-ad08rs-tyre-2007558/ Paul
  12. BB congrats, this has made my day!! I'm so glad that Richards old car has gone to a good home AND within the IB fraternity. It's been the most influence in my current build
  13. Spotted a very tidy looking slate grey '73 rsr (backdate?) near the Shell garage in Frilford this weekend. Anyone on here??
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