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  1. You'll probably be fine for fuel given the size of 911 fuel tanks. Just fill up when you get the chances to. I would take at least 2 or 3 microfibre cloths for detailing. They'll soon get used! Top up your screen wash before you leave. Take a tyre pump if you have one? Sun cream if you have a sunroof (I've fallen foul of that before!!) GoPro or similar if you want to take some footage, but more importantly a good camera to capture some of the scenery and obligatory car shots!! I wish i'd taken more last year
  2. Does he have any prior experience of powerful/sports cars etc? I got my 911 when I was 28 and was able to insure through Lockton I think. They mentioned that the underwriter was happy to insure me due to past history of owning powerful cars, but didn't usually insure under 30 year olds. Could be worth mentioning if he has experience?
  3. That thing is a beast. I am assuming by the sign language that they are all deaf lol. Must be so LOUD!!!
  4. Sorry Drinky, I totally misread your username!! 🤦‍♂️
  5. Hey Beaky, I did a slightly cut n shut version of the NC500 back end of last year with some pals. We did the route clockwise and skipped most of the East coast section as it apparently quite dull compared to the West. Although we did come back via the old military road over Cairngorms national park, which was fantastic! Very fast roads if that's what you're in to. West coast is mainly single track roads but plenty of overtaking points when you come across slow moving traffic (aka campervans). The scenery is breath taking. We based ourselves out of Ullapool for 2 nights, did a
  6. I've had company cars for the last decade or so and have always struggled to find something decent. My current daily workshorse is a Golf GTD. It was essential that it had a manual box, as I still dread the complete lack of engagement an auto gives you. The Golf is brilliant, economical, pretty nippy for overtaking, comfy with the DCC suspension pack and a great stereo. However, it completely lack all form of soul. In terms of cars i've bought and owned personally, they've all had soul and driver feedback. I don't regret buying any of them and wish I was rich enough to never let the
  7. Spoil sport 😛 The article had me going for a while I must admit, until I noticed today's date ha ha
  8. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/highlands/3020257/electric-avenue-nc500/?fbclid=IwAR0D-MQoJKPZPS9bje4YDBeTOH1B5UxLm0hGQNoKwsC2CqyvdHu9I2IqNKU Just released today, electric only cars allowed from next month. Glad I got my NC500 trip in last year........ 😋
  9. Glorious sounds for a Thursday morning
  10. Can't help but think the sentence was a bit lenient. Driver of the 911 has long term damage and Vlad has to put in a few weeks of unpaid work as penance...
  11. Pretty much this. Can't wait to give them both a long hug. Then I will get the Cossie out and burn off the best part of a tank of fuel around some country roads. That evening will be spent in the pub, with many pints, planning the earliest trip to the workshop with my pal so I can retrieve the MX5 and see what sort of damage lockdown 1.0-3.0 did to the 911
  12. This is great news, I still have credit with MSV due to lockdown 1.0 I do wonder if they will extend the credit date again due to all the lockdown restrictions. Think mine is good till May, but cars will unlikely be ready by then 😪
  13. Are 17" wheels on a 911 really that bad? 😅
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