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  1. Pretty much this. Can't wait to give them both a long hug. Then I will get the Cossie out and burn off the best part of a tank of fuel around some country roads. That evening will be spent in the pub, with many pints, planning the earliest trip to the workshop with my pal so I can retrieve the MX5 and see what sort of damage lockdown 1.0-3.0 did to the 911
  2. This is great news, I still have credit with MSV due to lockdown 1.0 I do wonder if they will extend the credit date again due to all the lockdown restrictions. Think mine is good till May, but cars will unlikely be ready by then 😪
  3. Are 17" wheels on a 911 really that bad? 😅
  4. Similar spec to what we're doing Beaky (although car is off the road for the foreseeable due to COVID) Already picked up a few bargains for it GoPeform cat back for £200 and bloke chucked in the rx8 arbs he had lying around
  5. Agreed. I'd still take a manual Cayman GT4 any day of the week over any current 911 model
  6. Proper driver orientated performance cars have always been a bit niche though? How many of your friends when you grew up had something pretty special for a car? For me it was not very many at all! Aren't proper lightweight (sub 1000kg) performance cars are a thing of the past purely down to ever-increasing safety standards? The only way to really achieve this now is to build a kitcar... 🤔
  7. Beaky, since your post above, I didn't even know that Pilot Sport PS4 were available in 225/50/R16!! Thanks for enlightening me. I'm going to be popping those on mine when I get round to changing my inevitably square tyres. 16x8/9 but i'm not too concerned about running 225 on the back 👌
  8. Oh wow, that EB110 has aged well. I always thought it looked a bit odd and lacking in the style department when compared to the F1s and XJ220s of the era. How opinions change!!
  9. A spitfire would be no comparison to an mx5. I'd take the spitfire all day long for country driving. This, however, was purchased for one reason only. To be driven on the track COVID has other ideas though 😅
  10. I never did follow this up. We ended up pushing the button on an MX5. Managed to find a mk3 2.0 and haggled down to a shade over £2k which we were please with. The car was in remarkable condition having being owned by someone working at the Bicester heritage car place. Regularly had the drainage channels cleaned out etc so no rust in the usual places. Unfortunately, 2 weeks after the purchase, lockdown 1.0 happened. We managed a few days of work on the car over summer, but that's the last we've seen of her.
  11. This is awesome! Fantastic video, thanks for sharing. I got goosebumps at 3:20 🥰 Congrats to them I say 👌
  12. I love the old school hot hatches. The first car I bought was an S1 106 Rallye. That was and I think still is a cool little car. I'd happily own one again to do the shopping run in
  13. My car was the demo car for Club AutoSport for a long period, to showcase their 2.8 RSR Backdate kits. I'm not sure it is on their website now, but was certainly on their old one (and also I think it was on their advert in the old 911 mags) Edit: still on the old site: https://clubautosport.co.uk/Old_Site/index.htm
  14. Motul Motyl Gear 75W-90 looking at my order history
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