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  1. ^^^ I like the look of that. Sounds clean and has a nice look to it. Wonder what the sell price will be...
  2. I was fitting a new rennline strut brace the other day too... Top mounts moved and I couldn't stop them, so that'll be my alignment out. I could do with raising the car slightly anyway, so probably not a bad thing to force me to address getting alignment redone. Would you not need to get alignment redone after fitting a brace anyway?
  3. https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-77374-millers-oils-classic-sport-high-performance-20w-50-fully-synthetic-engine-oil-with-nanotechnology.aspx This is what went in mine last time I serviced. I am pleased to report that for considering it's a fully synth, it doesn't leak like a sieve
  4. Sidewaysfun


    Every day is a school day. What I'd give for some Speedlines at normal alloy wheel prices 🤣
  5. Sidewaysfun


    Ah, I see. I think the small lights at the bottom of your original pic are just small reflectors, not fog lights. Perhaps something along the lines of these: https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/red-rear-reflectors-rectangular-75x45mm
  6. Sidewaysfun


    This is what I would do also. With regards to the fog question, have you considered the common mod of changing the RH reverse light into your rear fog? It'll make the cleanest look by allowing you to remove the fog completely
  7. Sidewaysfun

    Axels 88 930

    Nice Axel! What's the spec on the wheels? At first I thought they were RUF, but look like too much dish at the rears...?
  8. Was your car a US import? Think the yanks also had the "sugerscoop" lights which had 4 fixings to hold in place?
  9. You need to hear it from the outside then, they sound like a full on race car! I was following my mate in his a few months back and whilst on the hands free on my car, my other half asked what the noise in the background was... Yep, that'd be the Supersprint Needless to say I didn't need the stereo on for the duration of the drive
  10. What does the CSL sound like? My mates E46 m3 sounded mega, all induction and engine but lacked ever so slightly in the exhaust note. He then installed a supersprint backbox, which is absolutely epic! Would thoroughly recommend if you feel the need for a more noise.. (guessing the csl is a bit more throaty due to the larger carbon intake setup though)
  11. Nice buy Richard! I just love the interior/seats in the csl. Lovely place to be indeed 😎
  12. MX5 was short listed when we were looking. Pros are that they're fun on track, cheap to buy, cheap parts, con is they are a bit slow. Well my one was anyway, but it was they lazy UK mk1 1.8.. perhaps the vvt mk2 would be a bit better... Could still be an option though
  13. This is pretty much what we are looking at. The budget was for the initial car purchase and actually we it is now looking like £1.5k is enough, which leaves a bit of money for some refresh items. We're totally expecting to have to put more money in to it, but only as and when it is required (even then, it will be on the cheap) Thanks for all the replies gents. We have considered pretty much all the options that you've suggested plus more, early Boxsters, BMW Z4, MGTF to name a few. Autotrader and a whiteboard was helpful over a weekend Really want to rule out FWD, this is a personal choice. I've been out in Clio 182/Mi16 205s on track and know they are extremely fast cars. Mate also had an EP3, again great car and the engine now resides in his S1 Elise. BMW 3 series is a very strong contender, but would be nice to have something different as my mates daily is an E46 M3. 3 series part prices are not the cheapest... We keep coming back to a TT though. Car for under £1500, cheap parts and a reliable engine. Sounds like the FWD tenancies can be fixed quite cheaply also, which was initially putting me off. I am going on my late summer hols this weekend, so will be re-visiting ideas when I get back. One thing I have taken from this is the increase of car sales over Facebook!! Cheers, Paul
  14. Thanks Graham, I did spot that on FB, very cheap!
  15. Thanks for the info guys. I think what I forgot to mention is what we class as cheap! Subjective word I guess, we'd be looking at a car for under £2k. I would love RWD again, but only found mx5 and ugly mr2 appealing for the price. I would happily have another mx5 again, but they are a bit gutless and cost a bomb to get any sort of power out of them (not that they need it I suppose) VT, great feedback. I've heard about being able to mod the haldex to permanently engage which would be a cheap starting mod. I'll have a read through your topic over a Cuppa tomorrow Cheers guys!
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