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  1. Can't understand how the Singer DLS isn't on here but the test mule is?? I can think of many many different Aircooled items that should be in the article, eg Singer, RUF etc
  2. Nowt wrong with a bit of Bling, these are Porsche's not Peugeot's
  3. If you're going to the levels of trimming seats/cards/carpets then really the worlds your oyster. Have you thought about contacting a custom trimmer? There is a reputable trimmer near me that a lot of the VW scene use, who produces some fantastic stuff: https://www.davethetrimmer.com/contact (No affiliation by the way, just example of what can be done) The beauty of our old cars is that you can pretty much do anything to the interior and it would still look good. Mine has bright red bucket seats for example!! (admittedly not to everyone's taste, but don't build your car for other people to enjoy)
  4. Brakes look immense Haith! 100% confirmed that if I ever get round to building my brake setup, i'll be going red calipers also!
  5. Very true. Think TwinSpark are the European distributors still 👍
  6. Isn't Shirly a 915? You can get a stock looking replacement from Wevo, so you wouldn't know it's in there... You'd just have the reward of the shift. One of my many outstanding projects is to fit my Wevo
  7. Looks great Phil, always like Gold on Blue cars Are they 16x7 and 16x8?
  8. That's a great design, can't really argue with £15 either. Ordering one out of principle I've always used small G clamps and bits of wood. Such a bodge for such a simple task, thanks for the link Ian 👍
  9. Bit of a thread bump on this and slightly off topic (wasn't sure if it deemed a new thread) Does anyone have any experience with action type cams that could track/follow you when static mounted? I'm not really sure if the technology is there yet. My GF wanted something to be able to use for when she's riding her horse at the yard so she can study techniques/check horse health etc and was wondering if such thing existing that would track you? She currently uses my old GoPro2 and whilst still robust, is a bit dated also the fish eye lens doesn't help much. Budget was main constraint, I think I'll end up just getting one of the Apeman cams as linked above. They look better than my GoPro2, would then give her 2 camera angles to study from (and I get a shiney new cam for track days 🤫) Any feedback on tracking type things recommended. Cheers, Paul
  10. Sidewaysfun


    As above, i've had a some from Matt and the quality is spot on!
  11. Personal feedback from GAZ is good, not based on 911 though i'm afraid. Mate has GAZ coilovers on his track Elise S1, which handle great. Their customer service is also excellent. He sent them off for refurb, they didn't deem them salvageable and offered him new replacements for an extremely competitive price. Also, we have just purchased a set of GAZ supercups for our track car. I didn't even realise they did shocks for 911s..
  12. Totally agree with the E46 ageing well. When they first came out I was smitten with the E36 and thought the E46 looked gigantic and vulgar. Every time I see my mates E46 now, I always comment on how well it has aged. Beautiful lines, bulges in all the right areas and I think are quite small cars compared to today's market. E36 on the other hand has not aged very well for me... Strange huh!
  13. Be careful with Craigslist. Many scammers active
  14. Hi Matt, completely missed this group buy! I don't suppose you have any left? Cheers, Paul
  15. I understand the hold out for the colour, it's gorgeous. In the mean-time, have you considered getting hold of a good solid car and then respraying to your desired colour? You could be waiting a LONG time for another Oak Green to turn up, with no guarantees it doesn't need heavy rust correction and then respray anyway? Just a thought and good luck with the hunt!

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