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  1. Definitely not legal, but you will probably get away with it. My mates s1 Elise has a sticker front plate and passes mot every time.. If you've a particularly tight mot tester, then aside from changing mot station, you could always put some clear vinyl ove the top of said sticker and mount a proper plate using sticky tabs available in Halfrauds. That way after the mot is done you can just peel off the clear vinyl with less risk of damaging the sticker plate. Hope that makes sense.. It does in my head anyway ha ha
  2. Sidewaysfun

    Backdate Time

    What a cracking summer car this is going to be Jonny! You are changing those wheels though right?
  3. Sound, will pick them up tomorrow evening. I'll send you some pics etc tomorrow when I've got them. Pm me you mob number, I'll WhatsApp you 👍 Cheers, Paul
  4. Chris, got a pre-silencer too bud 😜 I'm pretty sure it's stainless too. I'll grab it with the backbox tomorrow and you can see if it'll do for you.. You don't need heat exchangers too by any chance?! 🙈 I've just swapped my full 3.2 setup for a TT heated manifolds plus M&k rally backbox 🥰
  5. Sidewaysfun

    Seat belts

    Don't forget to get a torque wrench on the bolts at correct settings! Safety critical things should be torqued up, rather than "that'll do" 👍👍
  6. Hi Chris, I've got my old one available in Olney, Bucks. I could collect tomorrow night and bring home, which is Wantage, Ox. Probably an hour from you? Backbox was solid enough, however the tailpipe looks like it has been slightly bent down, as there is a slight crease at the join (not sure if all are like this). Yours for a box of Corona Iirc it's a danks mild steel, with chrome tailpipe. It may get you going at least... Paul
  7. Think the coloured centres look quality. I have them on mine, albeit on blue wheels. But I still think they really suit. I say go for it! Paul
  8. Good lord, that's stunning. Love the 240z, nicest of all the z cars in my eyes.
  9. Sidewaysfun

    Pre silencer

    I'll take some pics of my old one if you like. Think that's Stainless.. . Not sure on price, say £50? 🤷‍♂️ Paul
  10. Smashing, no major rush as I won't be fitting till May. Let me know how you'd prefer payment over PM and I'll fire over and send you postage address 👍 I can paypal/bank transfer etc etc
  11. Ooo, Kenny I'll bag these please if they're still available? I was going to buy new set at the end of the month, but this will save me £££ which can be spent elsewhere 👌👌 Cheers, Paul
  12. Already made sure, but thanks for the warning. Something to do with the ASM needing to be on the in-cabin side of the driver I think.. Not quite sure how it works 🤔
  13. Exactly what I have just ordered for mine (well 1 as i'm too poor for 2 lol) Cheapest I found was through GSM seats in Nottingham.
  14. Thanks for all the responses, those who have given contact details, I will get in touch with them and see what they can do I'll certainly be cautious if using Shiply and base my judgement on the individual transport company. Good thought about the recovery service... would they check if the car has an MOT before picking up..? I am with AA and have used them in the past.. collected my old Nissan from just outside Blyton Park racetrack with a monumentally ruined head. Transported all the way back to Bucks. Obviously, the damage to the engine happened on the road and was purely coincidence that it happened near a race track... Thanks all, hopefully get the car to Somerset allowing me to fix her up before the Summer ends!!
  15. Thanks for the advice gents
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