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  1. petesc30

    6 pin Cdi

    your in box is full
  2. petesc30

    6 pin Cdi

    yes that’s ok pm me the postal info cheers pete
  3. petesc30

    6 pin Cdi

    Looks to be the same part number in the top picture,so I think it's ok. pete
  4. The Michelin tyres are not always available in the size or compound needed ,seem to go in or out stock as I suppose they make batch to order. the Pirelli tyres get good reports but like the tb's are also about £350 each What's the thoughts on the alpine trip on r888 rubber,not driven on them yet,but there what I have??hopefully it will stay dry. my car has taken so long to do it now seems the 17" wheels I have got no one is doing wide tyres for ,the new r888r in 17" only goes to 255 wide.i may need to get a smaller back rim to suit ,but not the look I wanted.need the 17" wheel now as I changed the brakes to suit😠
  5. Gary at classic fx did mine in alcantara ,said it was a pain to look right as there is lots of contour changes ,double stitched ,it looks great. seems ok on steering wheels which are gripped a lot and get moisture from hands,so hopefully a quick brush every now and then will be ok .
  6. yes , you weld in plates with threads in or thinner plates with nuts on the back ,then they need to go in flush,so chassis needs to be cut to let nuts sit in. not really bolt in as such!
  7. Just ordered some 65mm plus 12mm bullnose studs and open long nuts from a guy on Instagram in the states,he shows gold plated on his site! quality looks good,he also does some to screw studs with cup washer on to suit later cars with rusty Porsche bolts Ti-Porsche-products.
  8. Sportmatic control unit? Found this by the heater motor and think it's a sportmatic ecu,also have a bracket with a switch from the transmission tunnel and some wire loom.might help someone out,condition Unknown. donation to charity plus post
  9. 2 electric window motors ,full working order,£30 each plus post, 2 regulators to suit ,£30 each plus post switches plus wiring loom with plugs available if needed,bit butchered though,
  10. petesc30

    6 pin Cdi

    6 pin Cdi ,removed from my 78 sc,all working ok but going with efi so not needed now £275 plus post
  11. Rs style engine support,folded top and bottom lip for strength plus holes to make it lighter and faster😄 Made by fenn lane from strong grade plate,£70 plus post tunnel strengthing plate ,fits at rear through to the torsion tube,£40 plus post
  12. petesc30


    Used yellow bilstein rear shocks ,£50 plus post
  13. Rs style tank bash plate,3mm steel ,comes with spreader plates and rear stays, mounts through front crossmember and at steering cross member.made by fenn lane so of good quality. £150 plus post
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