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  1. I'll be there on Sunday,
  2. petesc30

    Wide body suspension

    Hi all,I've changed my 78sc to wide body and have polybushes all round. has any one else done this and then wished they had done different ,assuming the wider tyres will pull the suspension around a bit more,so mono balls maybe? Will be a road car mainly but will be going on some track days.any experience appreciated,cheers Pete
  3. petesc30

    SE London/Kent borders meet

    I,m good for this Thursday
  4. petesc30

    74 IROC chassis strengthening

    Bit late to the party but here's some pictures of reinforceing plates as supplied by Chris at fenn lane Motorsport . engine bay corners,shock towers,torsion bar hole plates,front inner wing plate and gearbox coupler area to the torsion bar through the rear seat base. i seam welded in places to stiffen it up ,more because I thought it would help than historically correct !
  5. petesc30

    So what's the big deal with Fuchs?

    It's all about the dish,found these on eBay .went wide body then struggled to find wheels.fuchs are crazy prices in wide sizes.
  6. petesc30

    Turbo torsion bars

    Hi,looking for a pair of torsion bars 26mm or equivalent hollow ones to suit a 915 box car, . Cheers Pete
  7. petesc30

    SE London/Kent borders meet

    Good for me
  8. petesc30

    Full brake set

    Hi,I have a full set of reconditioned calipers ,new pagid front and rear disc and pads,caliper pin set.calipers done at classic car automotive . not been used ,fitted to car then a change of plans ,so looking to sell. any thoughts on price?cheers petePete
  9. petesc30

    Wheel arch liners

    Thanks for making this happen,wide set for me please.
  10. petesc30

    Is Anna Thom still in business?

    I brought some 911 fixtures to fit a celette jig from Anna thom ,looked good nice welding and presentation.£1300 I paid. when they did not fit and they were made to different heights ,angles ,absolutely terrible,customer service terrible,not interested in sorting them out. whatever you are after I would look elsewhere . pete
  11. petesc30

    General security discussion

    That's what I've got
  12. petesc30

    SE London/Kent borders meet

    Dinner sounds good
  13. petesc30

    SE London/Kent borders meet

    I'm around so see you there hopefully pete