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  1. hi, i have still the rear shocks front top mounts with poly bushs 1 replated spring plate set of spring plate fixings replated new front wishbone cups and standard bushs pair of powdercoated wishbones and i think i still have a set of polybush for front wishbone and rear torsion bar thanks
  2. adjustable spring plates sold to robos 911 ,thanks pete
  3. hi steve ,parts still here ,will be top bits and two plates as a set. i did price them separate but think i got that a bit wrong. let me know and i’ll get a price for post pete
  4. hi bb,in yorkshire on holiday then so will come over for the day to watch ,if i get my throttle bodies by then i’ll book it and bring the car.
  5. I used one of the cheap ebay kits ,make your own mounts to fit and you’re away. makes life a lot easier when working alone ,turn over to tack and then back over to seam weld,easier to dress of the welds without sparks all over you as well. made a dolly to go to paint and move around the garage,then sold on to another iber on here for his project ,so recouped the cost ,would not do another full strip without either first.
  6. looks like next june for me ,will email cancellation after work tonight thanks for your efforts richard pete
  7. Panagali 1199s, Diavel 1260 carbon Ktm 790 duke
  8. hi, i have a switch ,all works ok £10 posted if you’re still after one cheers pete
  9. my fibreglass is coming through redtek,the shroud will fit my early small fan and the 3 bolt manifolds,and suit the 964 case layout. think these are made special,i have sent a message to a guy on ebay in america who makes the tin work in fibreglass to fit a 964/993 in a g body.about £400 plus tax n post to see if he has stock .think he does standard shrouds. spoke to mark at eb racing and he's don’t fit. jb racing in florida makes it all in carbon but £££
  10. thanks david, i have my sc tinware but the 3.6 engine is a complete different shape-size so really needs to be 964 style unless anyone knows different thanks pete
  11. Hi does anyone have some 964 engine tin and shroud lying around in the shed? been waiting a few months on engine build as have ordered honey fibreglass but still waiting, tatty or good will maybe help out and i can move it on when the new stuff arrives. using my sc engine fan for old engine look,so not sure if that needs a special part as never had a 964 fan on the engine, thanks pete
  12. I went to see the kw shocks locally ,really nice bit of kit .i looked at the coilover version ,they come with lowered spindles ,new adjustable top mounts fitted with monoballs,,and they will match springs ,valve to suit the weight and use of the car. I only saw them after buying new torsion bars and top mounts ,if starting from nothing they can pay for themselves.
  13. hi paul ,yes its ok ,if you want to pick up 1/2 hour through the tunnel at rainham kent

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