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  1. I should mention I changed the rear engine support bushes for Wevo ones too. I went to their place in America on a road trip and he recommended using theirs plus standard ones on the gearbox support beam. Keeps everything straight. Regards Russ
  2. Looks like someone has been trying to make that one fit! Or it was the trainee who made it! Hope you get it sorted Russ
  3. I’ve got the Wevo gear lever assembly and the coupling. It is all reversible Haith. Best thing I've done to my car! Regards Russ
  4. Any photos of the new ones ? I really fancy a set. Regards Russ
  5. Anybody going to this event? http://www.classicshows.org/easter-motor-show-sun-21-mon-22-april-2019/ It’d be nice to meet any fellow Ib’ers. Regards Russ
  6. Rustybum

    Few niggles

    Have you changed the gear oil recently? Just wondering if it’s getting old. regards Russ
  7. Rustybum

    Wevo or Rennshift

    I’ve got the Wevo shifter and their coupling. It transformed my gear selection from stirring porridge to very precise. I love it.
  8. Rustybum


    I had this done too. Very happy with it.
  9. Rustybum

    Tickety boo hoo :(

    Phew!! Great news!!👍👍
  10. Rustybum

    Tickety boo hoo :(

    I’m no expert Nige. But it did sound like an exhaust blow. Regards Russ
  11. Supposed to be released at the beginning of June Regards Russ
  12. Rustybum

    Engine lid

    Done it Doc👍 Thanks😊
  13. Rustybum

    Engine lid

    Hi, Thanks for that. I’ve tried pm’ing him but it says he cannot receive messages. @Tripe do you have this still? Thanks Russ
  14. Rustybum

    Engine lid

    Hi all. Anyone got an engine lid to sell? Preferably without a spoiler. Thanks in advance Russ
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