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  1. Ahhh okey dokey. Thanks very much. I’ll email Ron👍👍
  2. Hi Ron, I saw that Karmakanix had said they were interested in lenses and handles before me, I don’t want to upset anyone, has he decided not to have the handles? If so then I’ll mail you.😁👍 Russ
  3. Hi, if all else falls through, I’ll take the two door handles please. Regards Russ
  4. Fantastic! Always wanted to build one of these! One day....................... Russ
  5. I got mine from Basil. In ebony and maple. I love it and it fits my Wevo gear lever.
  6. Sorry Ivan, this must be a relatively new address. I’ve only been to his home address. Regards Russ
  7. The nearest “city” is probably Nottingham Ivan. He’s a bit in the middle of a rural area. Regards Russ
  8. That’s great! Thanks for that Jonny!!👍👍
  9. Ahhhh of course.😁👍 That's a shame, it would have been good to see the finished fan and housing. I’m wanting to get mine done at some point.
  10. Oh ok.🤔 I thought you just clicked on “Add files” 😳
  11. Any photos of the finished job please? Thanks Russ
  12. Might be at my end. Maybe everyone else can see them ok? Regards Russ
  13. Not seeing any of your photos. It asked me to sign into google on the first two?! But wouldn’t show me the photos. (On my iPhone)
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