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  1. These must be Swiss specials! Spotted them at a bike show in Zurich.😁
  2. Look forward to seeing how you go on with this.😁👍 Russ
  3. Rustybum

    Drink holder

    Phew!! 😁Okey dokey Thanks Shirish👍
  4. Rustybum

    Drink holder

    The guy who makes the grilles looks like he’s churning them out Simon! 😩 You need to put a stop to it if it’s your design. Unless you’ve an agreement with him? Just in case you didn’t know 😊 Regards Russ
  5. I looked at that but I didn’t have a lathe big enough to fit the wheel onto. You could try drilling, grinding it but getting the hole centered properly would be difficult. I just used a former (a big old socket) to beat some steel around, then drilled for the rivet holes and clipped/bonded the outer part of the cap on.
  6. I used the original rivet/peg things with the clips on and then used an adhesive. Similar to tiger seal, just to add extra strength. They're fine. They've been in for quite a while now and not had any problems.😊
  7. I’ve got wevo ones on the rear engine support beam. They look great but that’s about all I can tell you.😁 When I picked them up from the manufacturer he recommended fitting these to the big beam and standard or poly bushes to the gearbox beam. (For road use) Not had any issues with them. Regards Russ
  8. I had to make some up to fit mine Haith. The bit that pushes in, then rivet/glue the outer bit onto it. I just bought a 9” wheel rear off Matt for £200 delivered. I suspect they’re the same type of copy wheels. Regards Russ
  9. Rustybum

    Engine lid

    Just to close this off. i am now sorted Thanks to @Tripe cheers Russ
  10. 🤔 I’m not sure Shirish! 😩 I could’ve been researching oils ont tinterweb!! I know Rockoil from my motor biking. It could’ve been you that mentioned it before!? Not sure😁
  11. Hi Shirish, I’d like to see how you get on with it.👍 This is the reply I got when I enquired :- “It contains sufficient additive chemistry to protect this engine easily. ZDDP is not extremely high but it is supplemented with other more exotic anti-wear additives, I’d go for CARBON 10W-50.” Regards Russ
  12. I’ve only used it once Haith. But it’s perfect for me. I’ve got height restrictions in my garage to so I can’t, even if I wanted to, get it right up in the air to walk under. My mate runs his own garage so I can go there and use his two poster if I’m struggling.
  13. Looks like the same as the one I’ve just bought. The pump unit may be slightly different. Price is identical. Shipping cost? Regards Russ
  14. I’ve just bought one of these! Superb bit of kit. I used to sell garage equipment and this is one of the best I’ve seen. Especially as it’s so portable. And cheap🤣 I just put some scaffolding planks down each side (they are going to be joined/hinged and the rubber mats sorted out when I have time) and drive the car onto them. It’d probably clear the floor of the car but I wanted to be sure. As you can see, my garage is diddy but it gives me plenty of room on all sides.
  15. Hi G, My spacers were with 7” Fuchs and did not catch/rub or anything so I presume the teledials would fit without any problems. Although my car is not lowered at all. (I’m happy to be proved wrong by anyone with more experience of fitting teledials with spacers😁👍) They did look slightly “skinny” in the arches but only if viewed from the rear of the car. They looked great viewed side on. Regards Russ
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