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  1. Rustybum


    Just contacted them and I think they would do you pretty much whatever you’d like. Bit more money though. Regards Russ
  2. Rustybum

    Light weight undertray

    Great work Henry!
  3. Rustybum

    “Bouncing” idle from cold start

    Ivan, you’re a star!! thank you so much! I’ll try that as soon as I can and let you know how it is. 👍👍
  4. Rustybum

    “Bouncing” idle from cold start

    Haha. Sorry, I was editing it. 😂 No, no cat
  5. Rustybum

    “Bouncing” idle from cold start

    Hi Ivan, I’ve never touched the fuel mixture. I’ve had the car 4 years now. The car runs perfectly after I’ve settled the idle down and also when it’s warm. It’s just passed its MOT with no adjustments needed. Theres no AC. Does that help? 😁 Russ
  6. Rustybum

    “Bouncing” idle from cold start

    Will do. Thanks👍
  7. Hi all, I’m sure you’ve probably covered this before but I can’t find it on the search. My 85 3.2 has started bouncing on idle from about 800 - 1300 rpm from cold. If I press the throttle gently to raise the rpm a bit it smooths out and then it idles fine. I’ve replaced the ICV but it’s still the same. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance Russ
  8. Rustybum

    Refurbed Fuchs - RSR Look

    I had a set of 6’s and 7’s that needed “sorting out” but I’ve got 7’s and 9’s on the car now in standard satin black finish, so I fancied something different. Took my wheels to Chris at Exel. What a top bloke!! To say I’m impressed is a mega understatement!! They'll give me a totally different look if I fancy it. Photos before and after.
  9. Rustybum

    August date for your diary. Boxengasse

    I don’t think anybody’s dissing the idea. All for more events. It’s just the pricing strategy that seems to be the issue with most people. If it had been a cheaper track day, a fixed price for the cinema night and the open day without highlighting the booking fee and vat, I think it would’ve been received more favourably. Just saying😇
  10. Rustybum

    August date for your diary. Boxengasse

    Being a tight Yorkshireman it sounds like a load of dosh for very little in return. If people want to talk Porsche’s why not just have a pub meet? Or, as has been said, go to Bicester. Track day sounds like mega bucks too! But what really makes my blood boil is the booking fee!! I won’t buy anything from anywhere that charges them! Rant over.😂
  11. Rustybum

    Light weight undertray

    I’m more than happy Henry, thanks!! I was just thinking it might save you some time, effort and cost😁
  12. Rustybum

    Light weight undertray

    Lol. No, I was hoping to get one without the holes !! Saving him time and dosh.👍👍
  13. Rustybum

    Light weight undertray

    Will there be an option to have one with or without the holes Henry?
  14. Rustybum

    Light weight undertray

    Black for me!!👍👍
  15. Rustybum

    Light weight undertray

    Are you going to paint them for us too Henry?? 😗