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  1. Rustybum

    back-dating gauges with brushed alu needle centres?

    They’ve gone stupid on pricing!! A bit like one or two of the specialist Porsche upgrades suppliers!! What planet do they get their prices from??😩😩
  2. Rustybum

    3.2 Owners say Hello

    Hi Harry, Great looking car! I love the colour! Russ
  3. Rustybum

    Outer CV boot

    I used to sell these years ago. They were the only boots, that you could use the spread finger tool to fit them, that wouldn’t split. Very stretchy and tough. Regards Russ
  4. Rustybum

    New RSR Muffler

    Cheers Nige. Russ
  5. Rustybum

    Quality rubber or poly suspension bushes

    Are they a pig to fit Doc? I’m not familiar with fitting the A arm bushes that’s why I’m asking. 😁 cheers Russ
  6. Rustybum

    Quality rubber or poly suspension bushes

    $320 for a kit Ian!! Plus import duty and tax etc If you’re doing the front A arms? A bit pricey! Russ
  7. Rustybum

    New RSR Muffler

    Looks and sounds fab Nige!! Is it a one in two out system? Any pre muffler? Regards Russ
  8. Rustybum

    Jonny's Daily

    Are you going this style? 🤣
  9. Rustybum

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    Classic Retrofit are the best ever!! Do I get a free fuse board now John??😜😂👍
  10. Rustybum

    Interior refresh - Winter project

    Oops! Sorry, I should’ve read your original post better! 😩 I hadn’t seen the square weave bit.
  11. Rustybum

    Interior refresh - Winter project

    If you’re after originality Alex the quality of carpet varies a lot between the different suppliers. Even though they all list it as Silverknit. I had samples from a few companies and Simon’s is one of the best. The prices vary a lot too. regards Russ
  12. Rustybum

    Blaupunkt Toronto Refurb

    If it’s for a SQR46 there’s one on eBay
  13. Rustybum

    Seat bases

    Thank you!!😁👍
  14. Rustybum

    Seat bases

    Yes, sorry, that’s what I meant. Cheers Matt 👍 Oh bugger. Thanks Shirish 👍 I presume it’s the side bolster sections that are different?
  15. Rustybum

    Seat bases

    Hi all😁 Might be a daft question but here goes. Are the seat bases on a comfort seat different to a sport seat? I’m thinking 86,87 yearish. Thanks in advance Russ