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  1. I’m going to tweet Donald!!😂😂
  2. I’ve just had an update Ian. My parcel has been sat at Chicago sorting office for 18 days!!! They've just updated it by saying it’s in transit to the next facility!!😩😩 Which, as far as I can work out, is the USPS airport facility. Lets see how long it takes the bike to get there😩🤣
  3. Mine's an 85 and was an optional extra. I think the code was M261 . Regards Russ
  4. I will do. I’ve had something on order that was shipped by USPS over a month ago too! I think there’s one bloke pedalling a bike around their “facilities” with a parcel rack. 😜
  5. Mine's one that is horizontal under the gauges in the dash. IIRC Regards Russ
  6. Thanks Chris. I had pretty much made my mind up to go for Paul’s hoses. I might just price up a full set from Len and then decide. Thanks for your help and I’m enjoying reading your write up. 👍 Regards Russ
  7. Hi Chris, Are both sets of hoses similar in quality? Do they use the same hose for instance? Do you have contact details for Len? Thanks Best regards Russ
  8. They’re anti squeal shims. Design to stop the brakes squeaking. Regards Russ
  9. I’m reading them too Chris!!😁👍👍
  10. Everything’s getting better over here. We’re a few weeks further on than the U.K. so restaurants, shops etc are all open. Hope you are all ok!! Regards Russ
  11. Ahh, that’s where I’ve seen it Haith.😩 If you add the Bluetooth and mp3 to the Bremen it takes it £785 ish. The Toronto is £925ish with the same add ons. I’ve got a Bremen SQR46 that was fully refurbished by a radio refurb company in Germany so it’s fully working, (I can’t remember the name off hand) if anybody wants one. But I can’t get at it until I manage to get back to the U.K. Regards Russ
  12. Where is that from Haith? I’ve been looking fo a Toronto for a while. Cheapest I’ve seen is for a Bremen at £795. Regards Russ
  13. Thanks Ian. I’ll have a look at that😁👍 Regards Russ

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