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  1. If you’re after quality Silverknit I’d be wary. it varies loads between different suppliers. I had samples from quite a few places. The best was Southbound and Pf911. regards Russ
  2. That’s excellent Chris!!👍👍 Did he stick with the Wong chip and remap it? Regards Russ
  3. Sorry if it sounded like I was doubting what you’d done, it wasn’t my intention. I was just passing on what I’d found when fitting a dab radio before, hoping to find a solution. I have one of these radios that I’m hoping to fit soon. I’ll probably get an adapter too.😁👍
  4. Looking at that adapter it shows a negative ground lead. Did you have to use that? It could be that Blaupunkt are presuming the radio is earthed out through the radios body to the body of the car.😳🧐 Not very good instructions if that is the case.
  5. I had a different dab radio and I could not get it to work, until I put the aerial to “ground”. Just wondering if you’ve got a good ground/earth on yours? Best regards Russ
  6. Haha!! Have you?😂 Nice one I’ll try later.👍👍
  7. Ahhh ok, I’ll give a try. Thanks 👍 Okey dokey Haith Thanks 😁👍
  8. I tried to book in with Wayne ages ago but he completely ignored all attempts to contact him. This is why I was thinking of going the Wong route. Maybe things are different now. I’ve tried before Haith but had no joy. Maybe I should try again? Cheers Russ
  9. Oh!! That’s great figures then!!👍👍 I’ve got the new style TT box and I was also thinking of having a Wong chip. Did you have a custom one? Think I’ll try it now😁 Thanks Chris Regards Russ
  10. Sorry if you’ve posted this before Chris but, what other mods have you done to the car? Engine wise I mean. Cheers Russ
  11. Well done Chris!! Keeping everything crossed it works this time!!
  12. These look good Chris http://www.bearingshopuk.co.uk/23012044-mikalor-o-clips/ regards Russ
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