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  1. Yes!! I have .22 for these pests who annually making their dreys in our loft, in a position where I can't get to them.
  2. Wow!! You could feature on Grand Designs in the near future!!
  3. I've found Nutella and peanut butter best - also for squirrels!πŸ‘
  4. Go careful with that grinder!!!!
  5. Any update on this - did you find what the problem was? πŸ€”
  6. Great colour scheme - I'd always have them up with that colour combo (mine are 'linen').πŸ‘
  7. Down in my Cab when the hood is down, and up when the hood is up - so no help here then!!
  8. As jevvy says, sounds like the fuel filter as some crud from the bottom of the fuel tank may have been sucked through when you ran out of petrol.
  9. Wow, first time I've seen expanding foam used for car repairs. As Nige says, nice to see new metal going in but this could be the start of even more restoration!! - "whilst we are doing this sir, you may want to consider repairing/replacing this and that"!!! Good luck and keep us updated of progress. πŸ‘
  10. Thanks guys, I purchased my β€˜89 cab from Williams & Crawford, some 6 years ago. - They are probably a little too far away. Cheers, R
  11. Hi guys, can you help, please? can anyone recommend a good mechanic and/or garage in the Truro area for my son’s 1979 SC? (I live 300miles away!). His local garage has done some work on the car but can’t get it to tick over properly when cold (CSV?) and it hesitates when accelerating. So he would really like to get it to a mechanic with specialist knowledge. He is a member of this forum but never gets round to posting!! (Says he’s too busy - kids, eh!!). Thanks in advance πŸ€™. R
  12. Lets hope Williams F1 survives and becomes more competitive, like a decade or so ago.
  13. Welcome. Looks coolπŸ‘ - give us more info on your new acquisition!
  14. You could always do a "trigger' with the old shovel (- you may recall he still loved his old 'original' broom, it only had 3 new handles and 4 new heads!!)
  15. Really great before and after photos!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - shows how much work/effort/ blood sweat and tears that you have put into it!!
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