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  1. Thanks, will try them when my renewal comes up (currently with Hagerty on a multi classic car policy).
  2. `That's great, who was that with??
  3. I have a Clarion CZ301E which was in my 3.2 when purchased now surplus to requirements as recently replaced with an original Blaupunkt. Anyone interested, pm me with an offer. Richard
  4. We get my wife's A3 serviced every 2 years by a local garage, using the apropriate oil, filter etc. It's now done 80k without missing a beat!
  5. Richot1989

    2035 ban?

    So we all go electric or hydrogen or whatever ---- where is the goverment going to get the £30+ billion a year it currently raises in taxes from oil and petroleum products????
  6. Richot1989

    sound deadening

    Hi Guys, The roll (2.5m x 0.5m) of Dodo Matt (dead mat duo) weighs 8.75kg according to my wife's holiday luggage scales. Its not as expensive (£89.99 delivered) as the Dynamat Extreme product. Cheers, Richard
  7. Richot1989

    sound deadening

    I'll weigh the roll of Dodo Matt tomorrow and get back to you. Its dimensions are 2.5m x 0.5m. Not sure how much you need for an IB?
  8. Richot1989

    sound deadening

    I've just purchased a roll of Dodo Mat from the guys in Oxford, who were very helpful. Its not for the the 911 though (an E Type instead!). It is quite heavy. Haven't installed it yet so can't comment on its performance but I'm assured it will make a significant difference. We shall see!
  9. Very satisfying when it turns out looking so good.👍
  10. Yes, it looks like shadow chrome to me. To get this effect they powdercoat the wheels black, then cure them, then spray them with a silver mist, then lacquer them and bake again. They look brilliant but it is very difficult to match the colour again if needed. I know as I had them on my Range Rover and when one wheel was damaged, they had to do all 4 wheels, so they matched eachother. They will look brilliant with you car colour👍
  11. Don't take it to bed with you!!😁
  12. Coming on nicely and it keeps you out of the pub!! (so that will help pay for the injectors being cleaned etc.,) When its all done, you'll then have the task of keeping it clean and shinny! (an enjoyable task, most of the time!). Keep the updates coming.
  13. It sounds like I'm probably the only one that likes the whale-tail on the cab, especially when the hood is down (always when driven!!). lovely car, by the way!👍
  14. Great looking car. I bought a '89 cab some 6 years ago and haven't regretted it. (current mileage ~55K). With the hood down, I think they look better with the spoiler. It always gains attention wherever I take it! Enjoy it!!!👍
  15. It will be a Happy New Year when I pick up my IB from Northwaays on Friday after a top end rebuild (Yes, I did decide not to do it myself!).👍
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