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  1. Welcome. Looks cool๐Ÿ‘ - give us more info on your new acquisition!
  2. You could always do a "trigger' with the old shovel (- you may recall he still loved his old 'original' broom, it only had 3 new handles and 4 new heads!!)
  3. Really great before and after photos!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ - shows how much work/effort/ blood sweat and tears that you have put into it!!
  4. Thanks for all you comments, whether positive or negative. The engine has done 56k verified miles. Top end rebuilt about 600 miles ago (with new rings etc). Two of the valve guides were badly worn and it smoked on tickover, when really hot and excessivley on start up after a weeks layup. Following the top end rebuild, it still smoked badly on start up if left for a week or so but otherwise all is fine. After standing for a week, on draining the crankcase, several litres of oil would drain out, evidence that the oil was slowly migrating down from the tank. Oil pressure when hot is good. Oil is fresh Shell Helix 5 (10w-40) as advised by Matt, and level (when hot and idling is on around 3/4 mark (not that it has a 3/4 mark!) Anyway, I'm very happy with the result. Thanks again for your comments. PS my son's '79 SC has done almost 200K with only minor work to the engine and it has never smoked on start-up
  5. The answer is 'yes' Graham. My guage only used to register once the engine has warmed up - say after 10mins of driving. I presume this is because it takes a while for the oil pump to clear the excess oil out of the crankcase which has, on standing for a while, seeped back into it from the oil tank However, with 'the valve' fitted, as there is no migration of oil back from the oil tank through the pump into the crankcase, the oil tank still retains the level of oil in it that was there when the engine was switched off. Thus, when switching the ignition on, the tank is still 'full' of oil and the guage reading is what ever it was when the engine was switched off. Once you start the engine, the guage will drop as the oil pump pumps oil round the engine etc, opening the valve and sucking some oil out of the tank. Whether your guage gives a correct reading, does, of course, depend on how accurate you guage is in the first place!
  6. Apparently, Porsche fit a similar device as standard to the GT3. I don't think it is an alternative or 'cure' for worn valve guides. Basically, all it does is to stop the migration of oil back from the oil tank into the crankcase when the car is left for a period of time which is more prevalent in some engines than others.
  7. Hi Guys, a quick update: The significant smoking on start up continued (when left for a week or so), so I decided to fit a 'oil inlet control valve', made by Rothsport (and supplied by Matt, thank you Matt). As a result, the start up smoking has been significantly reduced to just the occasional puff. Positives: * Greatly reduced smoking on start up after a reasonable lay-up. (wife pleased, enviroment pleased and less coke on the valves etc.,) * Oil level guage gives immediate reading when the ignition is turned on and engine not started. * Easy to fit (just need cutting a small section out of the return oil feed rubber pipe from tamk to crankcase - opportunity to fit a new one!). Negatives: * Not cheap for such a small item. * need to drain the oil tank ( but an opportunity for an oil changel?) Hope this is of interest to some of you. Richard
  8. Really a good idea to drive and enjoy the car for a while, then you can decide what the priorities are for updating/repair etc., once winter comes.๐Ÿ‘
  9. Looks like you're keeping the delivery men busy!! Great progress which we are all watching with interest. Next update soon, please!๐Ÿ‘
  10. Can't beat driving a lovely 911 Cab in some of the glorious weather we have had (but not at the moment!) this year.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  11. Good result๐Ÿ‘ Shows the value of this forum with members willing to share their experience and advice๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  12. Looks great --- from ground level and below!!๐Ÿ‘
  13. Yes, a very sad day indeed but what an Alladin's cave!!
  14. Very good, runnersp๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘
  15. I'm in awe.๐Ÿ‘ I daren't show Mrs WC's craftsmanship to the wife! No need for Mrs WC to go to the gym!!
  16. Ok LesW, living in the Chilterns, we have quite a few steep hils around so will give the recommendation a good try. Thanks again, Richard
  17. Hi Guys, Many thanks for all your comments, experience and advice. Just need to put a lot of miles on it (looking forward to that!!) and see how it improves. Cheers, Richard
  18. Again, Thanks guys. Yes, spirited driving from now on then (just like before the top-end rebuild) and will also check out for possible 'exhaust valve' leakage! SWT, not sure which oil they put in - will ask the question. (and NO, I'm not going to ask which grade/brand is best!!!!!!!) Thanks again๐Ÿ‘
  19. Thanks guys - I'll try SilverWT's technique. - I thought I had read about it last year but for some reason, couldn't find your thread. Cheers, Richard
  20. Hi Guys, Thanks for your prompt replies. As recommended, I haven't exceeded 4k rpm yet and I have driven it gently, mainly on the flat - no steep inclines - up or down. Oil level (hot & on tickover) is correct. Perhaps it will settle down with more mileage (and spirited driving!) allowing everything to bed in. It only smokes on start up if the car has been left for several days - occasionally not at all but most times, its quite a cloud ( invoking quite a negative comment from her in doors!). I haven't noticed it smoking on acceleration or deceleration, and it doesn't smoke on tickover. I just am disappointed seeing this cloud of smoke have spent a few pennies having the work done. Are there any restrictors which reduce oil drainage back into the engine when its switched off? Thanks
  21. The speedo on my '89 3.2 has always given a highly optimistic reading - around 10 - 20%. EG at an indicated 40mph, I'm only actually doing 32mph. You would think that this is helpful in not getting a speeding ticket! But it can be a problem when I drive one of my other cars that don't have over optimistic speedos!! I know that it's highly unlikely, but there any adjustment that can be made within the speedo unit to reduce its over optimism????
  22. My '89 3.2 recently had a top end overhaul (at 55k). Valves, guides, rings etc., were replaced. I've done 300+ careful miles since (advised not to exceed 5krpm for the first 500 miles). However, if the car hasn't been used for several days, it gives quite a puff of smoke on startup. Should I expect this after a top-end rebuild? Your expert thoughts please.
  23. Found the rocker switch - its below the oil pressure/engine temp gauge. So thanks for your help in jogging my memory!!๐Ÿ‘
  24. My son's '79 SC had, I recall, both electric mirrors.

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