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  1. Can I please take: 20 - Hood shocks (x2) Standard £10.00 : (Plus postage) Hoping these fit an '84 3.2 as well. Will email you at jevvyg@gmail.com for total cost. Cheers. Neal.
  2. @Ian Comerford that's a fair, welcomed and appreciated point. The car works for now so I'm going to drive the nuts off it as much as I can until summer ends. Then look again when winter comes.
  3. I had this before and the bolt on the battery terminal clamp was corroded. cheapest replacement part I've ever needed. Shame not the cheapest labour total...
  4. Good news to end this thread with a conclusion. After going through everything the inclusion of an additional relay in the circuit solved it. The car started faultlessly over 5 days to the Nurburgring and back at the start of the month. Thanks to all for helpful suggestions and advice. Neal
  5. Is it parked on the road? Some F*ckin Tea Leaf tried to nick our old E61 (loved that car) Failed, but the car was completely dead. Any dodgy marks around the socket that connects the diagnostics equipment? (drivers footwell for ours) Hope this is not the case for you. N
  6. To add confusion to the diagnosis. tonight I went to tinker on a couple of other jobs and thought I would give it a try and it started 5 times in a row. Left it idling up to temp (wanted to check oil level) and thought it was too good to be true. It was. As after that it was the return of the click. Many times over. As previous post, garage on Wednesday. Pointing towards inconsistent voltage drop via ignition loop, or faulty ignition barrel itself. Just want to drive... N
  7. Thanks for your post @double0 always good to know i’m not alone trying to diagnose this. Unfortunately a new positive connection, like what fixed yours, has made hee haw difference to mine. I’m running out of summer and want more driving so have signed it in to a garage this Wednesday. Must be a fault on the ignition side. Hopefully they can fix it. Cheers all for the knowledge. N.
  8. Thanks both. Your advice is clarifying a hunch I had. The starter is a brand new lightweight high torque from Stuttgart classics. So i’m thinking/hoping it’s inconsistent voltage drop via the ignition rather than a dud starter/solenoid Now to look at how to chase voltage through an old wiring loom. The final frontier. I remember in a thread on here Ivan said he eventually found a screw that had been put through the yellow ignition to starter wire that meant the car he was fixing would only start with the handbrake on! Handbrake off = click only. FML. Wish me luck *classica (autocorrect strikes again)
  9. New starter has been on a month. Probably 4-5 drives since. Intermittent start problem is maybe a little better with the new starter but not solved.
  10. Thanks Phill. It does sound like that. And hoped the new starter would have solved it I may just be unlucky to have replaced a faulty starter + solenoid with a new starter + solenoid which is also faulty. N.
  11. Hello everyone. My car has a developed a sometimes start, sometimes no start habit. It can be fine 10+ times then others the dreaded click. New battery. New starter motor. Earth strap off and cleaned and other earth points cleaned and checked. When the clicks happen the fuel pump is going. And it always goes with a push start regardless (thankfully it’s a car people seem happy to run out and push!) i’m stumped and the Bentley + Pelican + IB threads aren’t throwing up anything I think i’ve not tried so, time to call in the big guns. Any good auto electricians in the south east\ greater London area to recommend? I’m SE15 based and any other pointers welcomed as always cheers all neal
  12. Simply tremendous. Excellent choice, Mark. Enjoy it.
  13. Hello. Photos to follow. As above. for sale. look to be 250-350 for new so looking for 150. Currently viper green. Any interest? Cheers all. Neal
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