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  1. Simply tremendous. Excellent choice, Mark. Enjoy it.
  2. Hello. Photos to follow. As above. for sale. look to be 250-350 for new so looking for 150. Currently viper green. Any interest? Cheers all. Neal
  3. good value pair of BNIB SSI's for sale at the moment on the parts for sale thread....👍
  4. Now £6995 for the forum. All details in the other thread. Next step Autotrader! Cheers all.
  5. Now £995 for the forum. 2019 clear out.
  6. Now £150 for the forum. Available due to changed exhaust plans, as are the SSIs in the other post. for a 3.2
  7. Hi Sam. I have an early car as well - an '84 - so it 'should' work the same. The chips are either made for Standard/Sports or Headers/SSIs. Site ref is here: http://www.swchips.com/c1chips.html Your's - IMHO - falls into standard/sports as you're using standard heat exchangers which is what this chip has been coded for. The number of pins does change on the 3.2 but I think that's around the year the switch is from 915 to G50. Someone on here with better knowledge that I will know for sure. Hope this helps. Neal.
  8. 2019 clear out continues. Available due to changed exhaust plans, as are the SSIs in the other post. for a 3.2
  9. Happy New Year everyone 2019 clear out.
  10. The 2019 clear out begins. The Family car is for sale. Offering it up here before it goes on Autotrader etc. Photos taken today before it's had a valet. For some reason when I copy and past from a word doc it gets recognised as an image so the sales blurb will be amongst the photos.
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