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  1. Cheers Kenny Sold. If your Ok with packaging them as I won't be up your way. No rush to pack them I'm happy to wait until you find a suitable box etc. If you message me your email for paypal or let me know how you want paying Simon
  2. Hello Kenny, any chance you could do both bumpers and all associated parts for £300, also, If i arrange a courrier would you be prepared to package them? Simon
  3. cheers very much. been looking to replace them but wasn't sure with what till now
  4. Hello Ian the car looks good, could I ask where you got your rear number plate lights from to replace the rubber originals. Cheers Simon
  5. hi. sounds good.let me know the sizes and details for posting address and paying etc . cheers Smon
  6. hi, interested in the bumper but live in pembrokeshire . could you post it and how much??? cheers Simon
  7. Hi Steve Handles arrived ok Cheers Simon
  8. hello Steve Did you receive the payment for the handles Cheers Simon
  9. Hello Steve I will take the door handles for £40, Can you send your details for payment Cheers Simon
  10. Hello Could you do the aluminium interior door handles for 30 plus postage. Cheers Simon
  11. Got a set of 6 injectors off e bay last week for an SC 1981 targa for 105 including postage. Genuine Bosch 0437502004 parts, same as SAAB used on their cars. Seller 05021992.BARGAIN Simon
  12. Hello SCud On the old registration numbers the 3 local ones in this area were DE = Pembrokeshire TH = Carmarthenshire EJ = Cardiganshire Cheers Bud!
  13. Hello northy. Do you know the history of your car as the DE letters in the number are local to pembrokeshire in the day where I live. But there are certainly no porsche garages around here now or then Cheers Simon
  14. Hello radiology1 I would like the carrera rear spoiler for 30 pounds. But I would need it posted to me(SA68 0XY) if this is possible. If it helps I am only after the rubber piece really as I have a boot but with no rubber. Cheers Simmor12
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