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  1. Cheers Mark, won't be to far off then with those two!
  2. Thanks Mark that's spot on. I don't suppose you know how thick the original covering is do you? I'm putting down 2mm silent coat, then thinking of a 6mm closedcell foam dodo mat.
  3. Hi, my interior is stripped out of my coupe, has been for nearly three years now! yesterday I started to clean the back seat area and floor pan ready for a layer of silent coat sound deadening. Is it necessary to put a layer of car underlay on alswell? I know a few people have done this but what was it originally? The floor pan definitely didn't have any, but I can't remember for the life of me if the rear seat area did. Plus I lost everything I took out in the shed fire!! Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Bob
  4. Hi Andrew, if I can get the correct one for mine. It would of only gone on eBay but I'll give you a heads up when I'm going to sell it rather that than flog it on eBay.
  5. Hi Martin, would you be able to send me some pictures of your parcel shelf, if you still would like to sell it? Thanks,Bob
  6. That's fine Ian, what year car is it from? Definitely Still interested in yours too Martin, but the black may be better as I won't have to re colour. Thanks guys. Bob
  7. Could you also post some pictures Ian? I have actually removed my speakers so may be ok. Many thanks
  8. Please Martin that would be great. Bob
  9. In need of a parcel shelf for my coupe. Bought a nice condition one which I was told was for a coupe... unfortuanlty not it's a targa one! If any one has one it knows of some one who does please let me know. Thanks Bob
  10. Hi Sam, have you for the parcel shelf for sale? Thanks, Bob
  11. Hi looking for a G50 gear knob. Cars finally out of the garage after restoration, but no gear knob. there £100+ for a new one! If anyone's got one spare and willing to sell one please let me know....
  12. Shout out for type 911. Helped me out with all my new brakes!
  13. I've bought both the front smile and the front valance look fine and fit well.
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