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  1. kpkid

    door card

    Ok yea seen that gave it a try and pliers keep jumping out but now I no it unscrews I shall try again thanks
  2. kpkid

    door card

    its the big plastic cover after you take off the circler door lock
  3. kpkid

    door card

    how do you get off the big plastic circle door lock cover is it the half a washer thanks ?
  4. kpkid

    brake stickimg on

    Its been a while,but did check out my sticking brake,it was the piston sticking,took of caliper and placed a peace of wood inside and pushed the brake untill the piston came out but not all the way out cleaned it up and greased it and pushed it back in and is much better but still a little sticky untill some heat gets going in caliper and press brake a few times
  5. kpkid

    brake stickimg on

    Again thanks.Graham.Angusb.for your help,not had a chance to check it out,but as soon as i do will,let you guys know what happened
  6. kpkid

    brake stickimg on

    Thanks guys,you,be been very helpful,when I get the chance,lm gonner have a look,I think your right the guy at the mot,pressing the pedal to hard and the piston is stuck,i just got a couple of concerns,because it got hot,would I have to change the brake fluid,and is the bearings ok?
  7. kpkid

    brake stickimg on

    Hi everyone.need some help.advice.rear o/s brake shoes sticking on i beleave.but not yet had a look.took it to the mot.on the way home noticed that the rear wheel was bogging down as i tried to pull away.got home checked the wheel.it was hot to the touch.are my disc warped do you think?how can i check to see if they are. recently done a hole new brake refurb.thanks
  8. That sounds a much better option,Thanks should I cut off the rest off the thread?
  9. Hi Richard no engine,or gear box out im still cleaning up the boxs,i dont think there is room as its the top thread on the n/s have to have another look at some point,but options are open on what to do, thanks for your advice.
  10. Thanks,i may after ive cleaned up the box's try and flatten the raised hole on the box,maybe I might have room on the thread to tighten up,failing that,i cut the rest of the thread off and drill a hole and put a rivet nut there.
  11. Hi everyone,broke a stud today on flapper box,i.ve read some thread,s,there,s some thread left, is it a good idea to saw a line in the middle of the thread and get a screwdriver to remove the thread,will it screw out?if I center punch it will I loose the thread in the body,thanks everyone.
  12. Hi everyone,hope your all well,ive got a problem with my high beam,and I think its related to the stork,indicators work,on side lights high beam flashes ok,but put head lights on and its stuck on high beam,try up and down on the stork nothing,still stuck on,has anyone got any idea,s thanks
  13. Cheers,I shall see if I can get new rubber seals and plastic connectors before bleeding again,hoses look good,I did have full pressure before all new parts fitted,thanks for image photo got different reservoir,thanks for all feedback.
  14. Thanks very much,I got a little pressure today,noticed two leaks,brake hard line and bleed nipple not done up properly,the two hoses from reservoir,to master cylinder at the top and bottom of the rubber seal where plastic connector is its wet around the seal,can I get new rubber seals or do I have to get a new master cylinder?I don't think its condensation.I traced the hose from the side of the reservoir it goes through into the car and is connected to the clutch,is this the breath hose?Im going to keep an eye on the hard line and leaks and bleed in the next day or so,see if I get more pressure,thanks very much.

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