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  1. Very nice. Beautiful stance. Can we have some more pics from different angles? Interior and engine pics as well..
  2. I have 1982 RoW SC myself and have driven one other SC (1981 Row) and three C3.2 (two 1984 coupes with 915 and one 1987 targa with G50). The G50-carrera I drove before my own car so can't really compare it.. Other cars are my brother's and friends' cars. I would say that performance is pretty much comparable between 204bhp SC and 231bhp C3.2. I have tested acceleration side by side on highway and not much or any difference. C3.2 has a little bit higher top speed due to 5th gear ratio. However, they feel somewhat different on how they deliver the power. As said many times before, in my personal opinion, SC feels more responsive and more willing to rev compared to later Carrera. SC is certainly not absolutely faster, but it somehow feels that it was. My own SC has pre-74 style SSI exhaust so that may give some extra at least in sounds (placebo effect maybe)? These are old cars so there are also differences between examples of exactly the same model. Every car feels unique, especially the clutch and the gearbox.
  3. It should have engine, exhaust and oil cooler glowing yellow.
  4. Both Rose Passion and FVD are selling those, but the smallest diameter is 21mm while the stock size is 19mm, right? I guess it is not a good idea to mate 21mm front torsion bars with stock 911 SC rear bars.
  5. Any source in EU for any after market options, like "sway a way"? I am looking for stock 19mm front torsion bars in reasonable price but not much choices on this side of Atlantic.
  6. In my opinion these cameras just make traffic jerky and unsafe as people hit on brakes when they see the camera, no matter what their speed was. On this particular road the speed limit changes all the time and it is difficult to remember if it was 60, 70 or 80 km/h. Threshold for getting a ticket is also very low and I feel that the old VDO speedo is not even accurate enough (especially if the needle is behind the steering wheel). In this case I just had too much speed and didn't see the camera early enough because of the sun. No excuses.
  7. This photo of my 911 SC was taken last summer near Helsinki, Finland on Ring Road 1. Fortunately we have right to get those speed camera pictures from Helsinki PD. 160 EUR well spent!
  8. suckho

    K-Jet injectors

    OK, I just ordered set of injectors and their seals. Total 198€ (£177) shipped. I hope I'll get some improvement.. If not, some peace of mind at least
  9. suckho

    K-Jet injectors

    Those Bosch branded injectors are not that expensive. Cleaning is good of course, but it won't help if there is something else wrong as well. Those injectors are spring loaded so I think it is possible that their properties can change over time. So I'm still waiting for answer: is there anything wrong with these cheaper bosch branded injectors?
  10. suckho

    K-Jet injectors

    There are two brands of K-Jet injectors available: Bosch branded with part number 0 437 502 004 and Porsche branded with part number 911 110 225 01. Are there any differences between these besides the price? Porsche branded injectors seem to be 2x more expensive than ones with Bosch number. I have read from multiple sources that Bosch gives lifetime of 100000 km/60000 miles for these injectors. Sounds quite low to me, but I am thinking of replacing all my injectors at once just in case. I think they are original with 240000 kilometers.
  11. Blahh.. I knew it wont be easy... I guess the next question is how to remove the frame.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpKHLm7INyM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8l-7NgGh0A Doesnt look very funny..
  12. I replaced the outer side window seals yesterday (911-531-932-02 and 911-531-931-02). No drama with that, but now I would like to replace inner felt-like seals as well. By inner I mean ones that are located inside the door, but outside the window. Part numbers for these are 901-531-935-20 and 901-531-936-20. What is the easiest / simplest way to do this? I am afraid that there is no easy way as they are placed "behind" the side window.
  13. Actually it started snowing. I tried to drive very carefully with my summer tires. Partially to prevent making the clean car dirty before storing it to the garage.
  14. Serviced, washed, cleaned, waxed, and tank filled. The season is officially over. The last photo just 1 km before driving to the garage for hibernation.
  15. This is almost the same question but not exactly.. Just to make it sure.. My car is 911 SC 1982 (RoW) so it has these newer style idler arms.. My mechanic is now installing hydraulic tensioners and he told me that there is significant gap between the new tensioner and the idler arm. There was some gap with old tensioners but not much, almost none. With these new tensioners the gap is around 3mm (see the picture below).. I have read some forums about this and understood that the extra spacer part is only needed in pre-1980 cars to fill the gap due to different idler arm. How much play/gap should there actually be? Should we add some thin spacers there reduce that 3mm gap? Here is a picture he send me:
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