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  1. I have had great fun building this but I have been offered something else which floats my boat and something has to give . This is my 74 built 1975 model year targa , finished as original in light yellow . It’s a 2.7 with a manual 4 speed box . I have gone over the motor checking the head studs , renewing all the seals and gaskets including the dreaded “ valley of death “ I have replaced all required hoses and also the oil return tubes as well as fitting a new clutch and trust washer . I have also done plugs , dizzy cap , rotor and points . It runs and drives fantastically for a bear 50 year old car . tinware was refreshed and oil and filter changed as well . The exhaust is a custom fabricated centre exit modified from the original . I have always liked the safari 911s and drawing inspiration from “ the keen project “ in the US I have set about my own version . The suspension has been raised at both front and rear to give 11 inches of clearance and the car sits flat with no rake front or rear - it will go pretty much anywhere . The rear spring plates were changed to later adjustable SC ones and I have fitted Yokohama geolander AT tyres which are 205/70 /15 and have less than 1000 miles on them . These are fitted to the original date matched cookie cutters that were in the car , these are in a great refurbed condition. starting at the front the bumper is an original US spec bumper although the car was delivered to Germany originally so is a Euro spec car . I have fitted a pair of original Cibie Pallas spotlights as used on original rally cars . Under the hood is a new petrol tank - all discs etc are in very good order . The rear of the car has a 73 RS style ducktail with the later black plastic vents fitted , also new rear light lenses , the rear bumper has been smoothed and painted and a Keen style overrider was made and fitted along with the previously mentioned centre exit exhaust . the bodywork generally is very good and I’ve done quite a lot of paint and bodywork as I’ve changed various bits like the bonnet , engine lid and bumper The interior is in good if not perfect interior with black vinyl front and rear seats - I have added a yellow tartan cloth to brighten it a bit . I also changed the door cards as the pockets were damaged and I dont like the big bulky armrests etc . So I make new cards , changed the openers to pulls and the door shut to a separate pull handle - I also fitted a pair of pioneer speakers that are powered by a blaupunkt Toronto stereo with Bluetooth . there is no rust under the car as all this was addressed previously and it’s well done and under sealed , I’ve been under it a fair bit doubt the engine and suspension and it’s very good . I have all the parts for the exterior to put back to stock if that’s your thing and they can go with the car - rear bumper , overiders , rubbers and deck lid . all in all it’s a great entry into classic 911 ownership and it’s ready to go , it turns heads wherever it goes and is a pleasure to drive . it’s not perfect but it’s also not expensive for an aircooled 911 . I have a fair amount of history and a birth certificate happy to discuss any questions priced at £37500 Ono . I not interested in any trades as I already have too many cars 😅 I have tried to be as honest as I can with description regards Jon
  2. Rear bumper is next on the list removed over riders and rubbers , everything smoothed and rear bumper guard made . relocation of rear plate lights As you can see , as I sort each part I’m also painting each piece . the rear guard is painted in raptor 2 pack paint which is nice and hard
  3. I realise that not too many are following this silly little build , but I thought I’d put it here first that the car will be for sale when I’ve done the work I want to do . I won’t be wanting a fortune , so sub £40k mill continue to put updates on here as I complete stuff , if there is any interest please hit me up . Next job was to alter exhaust , what I want to do at the rear means that the side exhaust doesn’t really work for me . so I took the original , cut the top off and adjusted the internals to suit a central outlet . when you want it central on the car it isn’t central on the exhaust so a big job really , next time I will just buy one
  4. On a side note , I have been able to smell a bit of petrol fumes the last time I used the car and wanted to sort that for obvious reasons . I changed the front hoses and had a look at the rear hose that goes to the pump from the tunnel outlet . I literally touched it and fuel started flowing - it had literally petrified and crumbled in my hands . lots of issues potentially with new E10 fuel and rubber tubes - check them and if you can smell fuel something is not right .
  5. The interior on the car is all black and the door pockets are past their best - so a little upgrade / change . I made new door cards and changed to door pulls as well as the closing handles . now much simpler and a bit of colour added just to brighten it up inside the steering wheel was a bit big so I swapped it out for an old MOMO one I had . The keen eyed among you will notice I also changed the speedo to an MPH one - just need to recalibrate that a bit now
  6. Nice to see Caffeine and Machine using a picture of the Safarga to advertise their upcoming aircooled weekend
  7. Continuing with the rally / safari theme I decided to put some additional lights on the front , originally I was going to put a 4 light pod but whilst searching I came across some cibie Pallas spotlights at the right money so they were purchased whilst I was doing the lights I also stripped the bonnet , carried out a couple of silly repairs and painted that as well as the lights to match
  8. Thanks for sharing - I like what you have done to it now , looks great . I would have done similar if it was a coupe , but being a targa I thought I’d have some fun with it
  9. Next up was a height adjustment . I originally tried one inner spline but could not get the rear camber right with factory adjustment - too much positive camber , if anyone knows how to get more then please help me out ?? I settled on one outer spline for now , adjusted the front and rear camber and I’m happy with how it sits and drives - I used a set of adjustable rear arms which seemed to help setup it gives me about 11 inches of ground clearance all round I’d just like it to be a little higher
  10. Next on the hit list we’re wheels and tyres . Not a big fan of cookie cutters do I replaced them with some Fuch I had for my 912 build . These are original tubes 901 deep six without hearts . Not really what I want on something I intend to drive around in a lot ( may be for sale ) tyres were swapped to yokahama 205 70 15 A/T all round
  11. So as you probably gathered the above are 2 of my other cars . anyway back to the old targa . One of the issues was that the rear bumperettes were odd , one from this age car and one for a wide body , as such the back end looked all wrong . again I had a nice set of steel ones here so stripped and painted those . I also painted the rear end as well as there was a bit of rust above the bumperettes a new set of rear lenses helped make it look much tidier
  12. You won’t get an argument from me about outlaws
  13. All my other Porsches are built or will be built as outlaws , I wanted to do something different with this one , especially as a targa has no real race provenience . I mentioned that I had some running problems and also a few oil leaks . I decided to drop the engine and check the head studs were not snapped and also clean all the injection system , do a good service and attack tge valley of death with new seals . I also did a couple of oil rubbers and the oil return tubes . I didn’t take pictures but let’s be fair that’s fairly boring stuff .
  14. One thing that bugged me was the engine lid , which fitted badly despite being a steel original . the keen eyed among you will have noticed a silver painted grill in the picture above , done with a rattle can so had to go . i had a good grill in my stash and purchased a 73 RS style ducktail . painted it in the original light yellow colour this was a much better fit all round and achieved one if my design objectives at the rear .
  15. I have one off my 75 - no spoiler holes
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