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  1. I have colour coded Grand Prix white wheels as standard on my 930. The original caps were white with a plain white embossed crest. I now have Porsche Heritage matt black caps with a gold ring and coloured crests on them. I have a black soft top so they look "in keeping", however, If white had been available with the gold ring and painted crests I would have chosen white. I have a new set of white caps with plain white crests, but I don't really want to split them up and you would still have to paint on your crests anyway. I have never seen a white cap with a coloured crest. Hope that helps !
  2. Hi David, You can program whatever curve you like into Jonny's box from what I can see. However some of the vacuum advance stuff at starting is thermo time switch related is it not ? Please advise. So my assumption was unless you measure more parameters a simple rpm / ignition advance is not going to be sophisticated enough to cope with tempearature / time related parameters. I am learning here so I might be wrong. I understand that my 930 has a way of changing the ignition timing for cold starting. Now you have got me thinking. There didn't appear to be much if any change in timing at start up with or without the traditional vacuum connected. I left the rear vacuum connection in place ? Perhaps you could help me checkout that my vacuum advance systems are working correctly ? Could an inoperative or partially operating vacuum advance contribute to a cold starting problem ? Regards Peter
  3. Hi David, I was mainly coming at it from the pragmatic view of replacing sensitive mechanical components (centrifugal weights only) which will deteriorate with age and use with a digital curve which will not be subject to ware and therefore in theory a constant over time . I wasn't expecting to modify anything to do with ignition timing beyond standard. I was going to leave the vacuum advance and retard as standard. Is it possible to have a curve which replaces centrifugal weights plus the vacuum advance and retard mechanics ?? Regards Peter
  4. Assuming I also disconnect both the vacuum advance and vacuum retard connections for the 4000 rpm check !
  5. Hi Jonny, If I do lock the weights then re-set the tickover timing to specification of 2 +or - 2 degrees BTDC, then using the USB interface install your stock distributor curve for a 930.66, then in theory the timing at 4000rpm should be 29 degrees. Is this correct ? Peter
  6. Hi Jonny So in theory, if I lock out the weights, since I know I am spot on at tickover, with the inbuilt timing curve which mimics my distributor in perfect order, should deliver 29 degrees at 4000 rpm. Is that assumption correct ? Regards Peter
  7. Thanks David, I fitted the CDI+ unit this morning and the timing at tick over did move by about 4 degrees. I had a parcel delivery by UPS in the middle of doing this so had to stop !! I haven't adjusted the timing yet and I need to check it at 4000 rpm for 29 degrees. I will subsequently develop the curves as you suggest. Regards
  8. Hi David The ignition timing settings are quite clear for the 930.66 in the Tech Specification Booklet art 4000rpm is 29 degrees + or - 1 degree, with vacuum disconnected as you indicate. I get your point about the importance of the 4000 rpm set point. I need another person available for that one ! Thanks for the input Peter
  9. Will do. I removed the old CDI unit last night so just 3 M6 hex bolts and inserting the 6 wire plug away from success - in theory ! Regards Peter
  10. Thanks for clarifying that Jonny. It might be worth revisiting the installation booklet to make that point clear. Stage 1 of my installation is going to be a straight swap. I will lock the centrifugal weights and go to the digital timing curve as a second stage - not today Regards Peter
  11. Now having read the instructions in detail the CDI comes with an in-built 7.5 degree of retarded timing so I now have to advance the distributor back to where it was and slightly beyond by 7.5 degrees ! I hope there is enough scope for adjustment as the original distributor position seemed to be at the limit of travel ! We'll see tomorrow !
  12. Hi All Since posting I have consulted with esteemed neighbour, Oberstleutnant Comerford who advised me that the timing mark that I can see would be the tick-over specification of 2 degrees BTDC and that I should stop pi**ing about and get on with adjusting the timing to bring the timing back to the pully mark, which I have now done. The tick-over dropped 100rpm and I have adjusted that back to 900 rpm. Timing is now spot on at 2 degrees BTDC at 900 rpm which now allows me to install the CDI module tomorrow ! Regards Peter
  13. Hi there I am about to fit one of the Classic Retro CDI units so first step is to check the ignition timing. The Porsche Technical Specifications booklet tells me I should be at 2 degrees + or - 2 BTDC at 900+or- 50 rpm with vacuum connected So I warmed up the engine then connected up the strobe to No.1 Cylinder at 900rpm (the strobe includes an rpm readout which is useful) and pointed the strobe at the c/s pully, bearing in mind I have A/C so there is another between myself and the alternator pully so you can't read any description of the markings on the fan pully. Sure enough the timing mark appeared at about 5mm left of the mark on the fan housing. How do I know the fan housing is in the correct position I ask myself ? I could see no other timing marks although I am sure there is one at 29 degrees for the 4000 rpm check. The strobe allows me to dial in advance and retard degrees so I was able to bring the timing mark back to the fan housing line by artificially dialling in 5 degrees (not yet sure if it is advance or retard !). So that's what I have got. Decided not to do the 4000 rpm bit yet. Questions Before I make any adjustments how do I check the fan housing is in the correct reference position ? What is the timing mark I can see - is that TDC or is it 2 degrees BTDC ? If I am 5mm (5 degrees) to the left with the timing mark I can see, is that advanced or retarded v TDC ? I believe my distributor in a 930.66 rotor runs anti-clockwise. Do I rotate the distributor clockwise or anti-clockwise to advance or retard ? Is there only one lock nut on the distributor body - I hope the answer is yes !!?? Can I adjust the basic ignition timing using the laptop app that comes with the CR CDI unit ? Should I be concerned about the current timing setting What is the correct order of doing things Is there anything else I should be considering ? I look forward to your thoughts and advice Regards Peter

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