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  1. Jaseeaton

    Steering rack

    Could you box it up and I arrange a courier? Thanks, Jason
  2. It was a direct replacement for the 20mm master cylinder. Pedal has a much firmer pedal and less travel now.
  3. Took the car to a trackday at the 'ring last month. The Michelin TB15 tyres were fine, little bit of marbling but nothing to worry about. The turbo brake master cylinder was a great upgrade, very happy with the feel of the pedal.
  4. Still got these, prices include UK postage.
  5. Got some better pics this weekend. Ducktail was dropped off at paintshop yesterday.
  6. Had some issues with the Pirelli's so I'm now on the TB15's, much better! Ducktail is going off to be painted next week.
  7. None at all, probably why I ran that exhaust for so long.
  8. Still have all of these available 👍
  9. Yep, one of our aluminium framed ducktail. Thanks!
  10. Yeah its a narrow car with either spacers or nice offset wheels. I only have a 5mm spacer on the front, the rears have a strong offset and don't require a spacer. Only about 3" of the lip that could easily be welded back on if I ever wanted to put it back to standard. Very pleased. I'm still messing with the ride height but won't go too low. These Corsa classics are mental money too
  11. Picked the parts up yesterday and fitted them. I'm happy with the result. I have a issue with the tyres that I'm working to sort, already had to send 2 of them back as they had issues. I'll probably end up swapping to Michelin TB15s.
  12. I do like that a lot. Its going to be all red to start with then I might add vinyl later.
  13. PM me your email and I'll send the high res pics if you want? They aren't mint, but are straight and look fine from a couple of paces. Good for a car that's used properly, you won't be rushing to clean them after every drive.
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