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  1. 👍 It will sound mega full beans over 3k.
  2. Hi, Yes it's still here! Thanks, Jason
  3. It was cold out there yesterday but made some great shots!
  4. Hello! Only the box that I cut open to modify is still available. Thanks, Jason
  5. Are they still available? I'll take them if so.
  6. Hi Chris, I think he is going to use them. Do you want a set in plain steel sent straight from the laser cutters or want me to get them powdercoated?
  7. Hi Chris, I've text the guy that bought them and asked. If not I still have the cad model and can get a set made for you at cost if needed. Thanks, Jason
  8. Haha, I'm 6ft 34" waist and had plenty of room in these. They are now sold sorry.
  9. These are a great seat for the road, very comfy and quite supportive. But I move around in them slightly on track so swapped them for some proper bucket seats. I made some base plates up that bolt to the standard 911 seat mounts on the body. These have some adjustment forward and back. Runners could also be added. The seats have basket weave type material and eyelets in the base and backs. Just 1 small rip on the back edge as shown in the picture. Looking for £500 for the seats and base plates. Collection from Moreton in Marsh or Leamington Spa, often travel to Stoke on Trent for oatcakes if thats useful. I could package them up and courier if needed.
  10. Jaseeaton

    Steering rack

    Could you box it up and I arrange a courier? Thanks, Jason
  11. It was a direct replacement for the 20mm master cylinder. Pedal has a much firmer pedal and less travel now.
  12. Took the car to a trackday at the 'ring last month. The Michelin TB15 tyres were fine, little bit of marbling but nothing to worry about. The turbo brake master cylinder was a great upgrade, very happy with the feel of the pedal.

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