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  1. Jowniofownio212 I'm no expert but based on what I do know, and I say this respectfully, you're ignoring the cause in front of you and jumping to conclusions. Throwing parts at a problem is costly and confusing - I've done it 🙈. The check valve is not the culprit here. If you have 10 volts at the relay - that's an issue. Don't ignore it. Ivan has suggested the cold start injector as the cause but you seem to reject that. It seems a likely culprit as first turn of the key provides fuel but not enough to start a cold engine. 2nd turn of the key gets you going as there's more fuel floating about in there. Focus on the facts and be methodical.....good luck and let us know.
  2. I tried to clean an old reflector a few years ago - I ruined it! The coating came off on the cloth. Tread with care.......
  3. I'm pretty sure the pipe your talking about terminates as you say, behind the front bumper. I'll check some pics later. Check the fuel filler overflow/rainwater drain is in place. It comes out the bottom of the fuel filler in plastic and runs vertically down the inside of the wheel arch to waste. Also check the seal on the fuel cap?
  4. Ok...so the rigid lines I wanted won't fit my car. Plastic injector lines have banjo fittings at the fuel distributor. Rigid lines have female fittings 😭
  5. The difference between the nylon/plastic injector lines fitted to my 1980 and the rigid steel injector lines fitted to my last 1982 SC is the fitting at the metering head (i just found out!). Its a banjo fitting for the injector lines and an M12 x 1.5 female thread from the metering head to warm up regulator. So the HEL kit discussed earlier would not be a complete solution if anyone was considering it. The 6 injector lines should fit but the 7th metering head to WUR would not fit - unless the picture in the ad is wrong. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-911-SC-1977-1989-HEL-Braided-Fuel-Injector-Lines-Stainless/323070791599?var=512187890983&hash=item4b38850faf:m:m8lihCfrcsXuFtPE6YXw1ww
  6. I've PMd you 👍
  7. If you're going to sell the parts individually I'd be interested in the 7 rigid steel injector lines.
  8. craigt

    Steering Wheel

    Now Sold......
  9. craigt

    Steering Wheel

    Yes, sorry. Sausage fingers pressed the wrong button!
  10. craigt

    Steering Wheel

    3 spoke steering wheel. Leather worn/crazed at top of wheel but not split - see pic £200 plus postage
  11. craigt

    Rear Seat Set

    Set of rear seats from an '80 Targa. No rips or tears. £300 plus postage (not checked prices yet)
  12. I'm looking for a used set of rigid injector to fuel distributor pipes. My car is a 1980 but believe the rigid sets were fitted from '82? and are common to all CIS models.
  13. That's the stuff Nige - Starchem Synstryp. Use in a well ventilated place, I don't often read labels but that one says inhaling fumes can lead to death 🙊
  14. Ultrasonic won't touch it. I've used a nitromors type product which worked really quickly. It wasn't nitromors (that's crap these days) but a similar paint stripper I bought from a bodyshop. Stiff paintbrush and a cut up credit card for cleaning the lands where the rings sit.
  15. Hopefully the jobs-worth driver comment wasn't directed at me. I agree that driving too slowly is almost as dangerous as driving to fast. I think the point is there's a difference between safe, legal spirited driving and driving like a total c*ck!
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