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  1. I finally got round to removing the steering rack to eliminate the knock coming from it. Once out of the car and with the bellows removed I used 2 pieces of wood between the track rods and the rack body to "lock" the rack and prevent it moving. Attempting to move the pinion by hand results in the knock and its clearly coming from the pinion bearings. I'll order new bearings, they're only a few pounds. Pics to follow on completion.
  2. Thanks Roy.....I think the issue is discussed in that thread. Will have a look later 👍
  3. I've isolated the various parts to eliminate them. It's not the column UJs. It's not the steering rack rubber coupler although the rubber feels a bit soft. So that leaves the rack and track ends but the noise is central so I don't think it's them. Turning the pinion on top of the rack causes the noise so looks like it's a rack out job after eliminating the track ends. I did feel and listen to them both last night while someone shoogled (good Scottish word 😆) the steering and I'm sure it's not them but will double check.
  4. Had a rummage about tonight. Definitely play in the column UJs.....I think it's the top one. I check tomorrow that everything is tight. Cheers guys
  5. I did search but didn't find this. Many thanks Roy
  6. Thanks Roy, they knock when turning the steering and can be felt through the wheel? I'll need to check everything obviously, starting with the cheap stuff first
  7. I have a knock from the steering when it's turned under load. It won't do it if the cars jacked up or when driving. If you turn the steering when stationary (I know you shouldn't) or parking you get a slight knock when you apply pressure either way. I'm convinced it's the one or both UJs on the column shaft. Steering wheel is tight and there's no up/down or left/right column movement at the wheel so not the bearing or bush. My question is, why are the UJs so expensive? £354 for genuine Porsche part and £150 for Retroline - and I'll probably need 2 😭. That seems excessive. Can th
  8. All done.........cold control pressure was down at 1.0 bar. It's now at 1.8bar and that car started and behaved during warm-up today. No kangeroo-ing on over run. Brilliant write up guys. The system makes a bit more sense now. Thank you👍👍
  9. Brilliant, thanks. Was hoping it would need to go down to avoid dismantling but that's a job for tomorrow now. Thanks again
  10. Northy, can you confirm please that without opening the WUR up and while it's fitted to the car, knocking the pin down (into the WUR) increases cold control pressure? My WUR has the same numbers as yours.
  11. It's the seal that goes here I mean. It's not mentioned in the DeLorean kits. I assume that's just a dust seal.
  12. I'm going to be having a look at my pressures tomorrow, I'm pretty sure the cold control pressure is out of spec. Where did you buy the WUR seal from? I can't find it on Type911 or Design 911
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