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  1. craigt

    Garage clear out

    Nice one.....thanks for checking. All looks good 👍 Sent you a PM when you get a minute to check.
  2. craigt

    Garage clear out

    Thanks for doing that. Has the tyre fitter put the balance weights on the outside of the wheel? I assume thats just adhesive and will come off. Never seen that before 🤔
  3. craigt

    Garage clear out

    OPV I've pm'd you regarding payment / collection.
  4. craigt

    Garage clear out

    OPV, I'll take the lot at £500 if you're still good with that as long as the tyres are a "decent brand", not damaged, unevenly worn or low on tread 🤔 Impossible to tell from pic. Also wheels need to be used but damage free.
  5. Totally agree Ian. TheGadsby - not the way I'd do things. If you've lost property/money then I'd pursue it through a lawyer. There will be people here who knew the man personally and who have lost a friend. I'm not sure what you hoped to achieve with your post 😠😠
  6. craigt

    Garage clear out

    I'm going to pass......apologies. I probably jumped in a bit quick.
  7. craigt

    Garage clear out

    I'm not familiar with that wheel. Is it a Porsche wheel? Can you give a part number for the wheels and the sizes. Tyre brand and sizes plus tread deaths would be great to please.
  8. I've used eBay a few times. Quite a bit of interest and a sale at the end. Calculate the fees though. You'll get idiots and tyre kickers with both. I always try Gumtree first now because it's free.......
  9. I'd only ever spoken with him on the phone. Lovely guy who would spare his time to offer help and advice and he supplied parts for my rebuild. Really sad news. Thank you for your help and advice Chris. Rest in peace.
  10. 2 front seats in black with white piping. Believed to be 964 seats with electric controls. No rips, tears or worn sections. Really nice condition. Buyer must arrange collection as these are heavy. £600
  11. I'm think of selling these seats I have spare. I've just recovered my original SC seats and don't need these anymore. I'm sure they're 964 seats but could be wrong. Really nice condition with no rips or tears, no wear on the usual bolster areas either. Can anyone give an idea as to their value please?
  12. I've used MT Autobody in Loanhead for my 911 paint job and an insurance repair on my everyday car due to a car park muppet!! Also bits and pieces over the years. Can't fault the guys......easy to deal with too. If you want to see my car yourself - let me know. Craig
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