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  1. Don't worry about the kettle......it's the bacon rolls you'll need to concentrate on 🤣🤣
  2. Yes, just bring that in the spring. You'll need to stay behind us though 🙊😆
  3. Mothballed doesn't sound too good......what's the issue 🤔
  4. So, who's near enough to central Scotland for a springtime run to celebrate Andy's hard work? It'll be ready Andy - right? 🤔
  5. Retired!! I don't know how I had time to work, I've never been so busy 😁😁
  6. The fun begins Andy 👍👍 Great original colour, looks like a nice deep shine too. Looking forward to seeing and hearing it......
  7. No problem......let me know what you think a fair price is 👍👍
  8. Aaarrgghhhhh!!!!!! 😆😆😆 I think it's still available Chris
  9. Crystal clear now David, thanks. So the items in the pictures below for clarity........ Porsche camshaft holding tool Crowsfoot 46mm spanner 46mm socket bar £85 plus p+p If a flywheel lock tool is available please add that to the total.
  10. 😆 Yeah, I'm confused...... god knows how David's keeping up with this. I'd like to think there's whisky involved!
  11. I misunderstood what was going on there! Can I buy the 46mm crows foot, the 46mm socket bar and a flywheel locking tool........£75 plus p+p? Thanks Craig
  12. Which spanner has gone to Jon? The genuine one with the teeth/prongs which you made a copy? If so I'll take the copy you made for a revised bundle price if your into that. I've seen the copy and it looked plenty strong! Thanks Craig
  13. Morning David, Design 911 sell the cam holding tool for '81 onwards cars for £72 Inc vat. Basing prices on half of new cost would you do a bundle deal consisting of camshaft securing bar (black one), 46mm socket with bar and 46mm crows foot plus flywheel locking plate for £105 plus p+p? Your home made primer grey tool - have you used it? Does it matter that it doesn't have the cut out the other tool does? Thanks Craig
  14. I'll take the engine adaptor if Jon passes
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