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  1. I'll give that a look Ian. I'm really not looking forward to setting it up again. It's probably not that bad when you've done it once. It'll be adjusted professionally once finished but it needs to be driveable to get there.
  2. Thanks Ian, I'll pick some up - maybe in February😁
  3. From the Bentley manual...... 18.8 at the front and 24.1 at the back These will be the bar diameters not the splines.
  4. I'm unsure how a torsion bar should actually be measured but just sent the info the OP was asking for. I knew they have to be refitted the way they were removed and that they're handed left and right. What I hadn't realised was the 2 ends are different diameters and so will only fit one way anyway. The bar is 24mm, the inboard end is 33mm and the outboard end is 36mm
  5. The rear on my '80 SC are 625mm long and 33mm across the splines. I'm unsure about the fronts.
  6. Agreed, I bought boots from ECP for mine (1980) and they didn't fit. That's interesting Ian, what is silicon fluid? I'd use brake cleaner normally but wouldn't soak them in it in case they'd swell up.
  7. craigt

    New coil

    Oops!! .... Sorry David 🙊
  8. craigt

    New coil

    I thought it was the other way round David. I thought there were quality issues with the Brazilian Bosch items..... Someone will be along soon that knows
  9. Many thanks, give me a shout when you've had a rummage. I'll send the money once I know and pick up when we're allowed to leave the house😁
  10. Could I have this please David? Don't suppose you have 2?
  11. It was around this time last year we were planning a run in 2020🤣 Fingers crossed I'll break oot the big hammer tomorrow😁 Thank you..... OPC Edinburgh who are always really helpful just confirmed that. Plus VAT but I get to wander round the showroom
  12. Cheers Andy, I don't think I can get enough heat into them, the alloy hub must be sucking it up. I hate destroying things but I think that's the way it'll go. Hope you're well and maybe catch up after the year.
  13. I cannot remove the rear backplates from the hubs and am assuming it's corrosion between the 2 differing metals holding it on. Or am I missing something and being really thick 🤔 It's secured by 4 bolts that fix the bearing retaining plate which I've removed. Anyone had the same issue or a solution? It's been getting soaked in WD40 and heated on and off for days. If I go at it any harder I'm going to deform them. Thanks in advance for any advice Craig
  14. Silicon grease was recommended to me as it isn't hydrocarbon based so won't cause the rubber to soften or swell. It helps to preserve the rubber bushes. I'm sure your big tub of rubber grease will be equally good or better 👍
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