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  1. Thanks guys! I'll try the one on ebay 😁
  2. I'm looking for an intensive wash reservoir complete with working pump.
  3. I know 😊 Do you sell both sides separately? I have the right side but missing the plastic part that passes through it, and that part is pretty expensive... Left side I have a steel duct but I prefer the look of the plastic duct, makes it look more period correct.
  4. Looking to buy a plastic heater duct 911.106.321.00 maybe someone has one gathering dust?
  5. M&M also offer heat exchangers. I've seen their system in the flesh and the quality is very nice. Haven't heard it though. You might want to check with them directly, to avoid the FVD tax 😉
  6. WTB a set of SC big port heads in decent condition.
  7. Hi, what are the port sizes on these please?
  8. My dream build would be: 1. Base car. LHD non sunroof car 2. Body upgrades. fully seam welded and strengthened and lightened, integrated roll cage ala Ruf so not too intrusive on interior space, autoclaved carbonfibre everything in stock look (bumpers, front wings, bonnet, doors), some underbody aero if at all possible 3. Engine. 2.8SS on MFI, or a 3.4 on MFI for added torque, close ratio gearbox (915 or G50, doesn't really matter to me) with OS Giken LSD 4. Brakes. 930 brakes 5. Suspension. full 935 Eisenlohr suspension with KW Competition coilerovers, custom made 3D printed titanium rear suspension arms for added awesomeness and less unsprung weight 6. Exhaust system. M&M Exhaust system or one made by Dieter Weiss, must have a good sound, doesn't crack after 1000miles, and doesn't give me a headache after 10 minutes. 7. Wheels and tyres. 15 inch magnesium BBS for the track, 8 and 9 16inch Fuchs with frosted centers for daily driving 8. Interior and trim. Recaro Pole Positions in carbonfibre and leather, lightweight carpet, momo 07 wheel 9. Must haves. sound system, nothing too fancy or heavy. Also a fresh mil spec wire loom with Motec Power Distribution Module
  9. Arlo911

    Front wheel hubs

    Hi Alex, perfect, I'll take them.
  10. Arlo911

    Front wheel hubs

    Willing to ship to Belgium? How much shipped please?
  11. I don't know if it's different to the older ROW SC's, but it sure is different on US spec ones. I have a US spec one, but engine is rebuilt with a Max Moritz 3.2 kit so I need all the air and fuel I can get in there. The distributor, runners, throttle body, fuel metering head and maybe WUR are different on the US cars.
  12. I'm in need of a complete CIS K Jetronic injection for a 204hp 911SC, must be in good working order, including WUR.
  13. Looking for a complete PMO carb kit to replace the CIS on my 911SC.
  14. That's why I ask here, prices on eBay etc are just silly IMO

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