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  1. I bought steering wheel leather kit from Southbound trimmers in Stockbridge and stitched it myself over couple days. Thought it’d be difficult but actually wasn’t too hard with curved needle
  2. Get involved with watching what’s done. I found it fascinating when he worked on mine, although I can’t say I understood it all. As said, Chris will work late to do a thorough job until he’s happy with it. Be prepared to describe how you want the car set up - ride height etc.
  3. Read the small print, and doesn’t cover cars older than 15 years - That’s no good.
  4. Ive used autoaid in the past that were very helpful the one time I needed them. I see they have sister company for Europe called EuroRescue.co.uk and do short term cover. I haven’t used this but maybe ok?
  5. I’ll take set for 911 SC Narrow set. Thanks for getting this together.
  6. I just had vacuum advance connected back onto distributor of my '78 sc, and with the engine warm the car was juddering at 2000-2500 rpm, above ok and idling ok. When I disconnected hose from vacuum advance car ran fine again at all revs. Presumably why it had been removed in first place. Could this be similar problem?
  7. Am not an expert but had similar problem when replacing bushes. Took to Chris at Center of Gravity who rigged up contraption to seperate after first attempt proved difficult to get free. Attached some pictures that might help, but he did an excellent job and may be able to help.
  8. I bought front targa seal from > www.sportwagen-eckert.com and this fitted fine. Think I used a black 3M 8008 sealant to glue in place. Difficult to manage as extremely sticky but with care seemed to do a good job. There was a short video on tube that helped.
  9. Will be curious to know if you notice much difference. Don't have pad in the engine as was removed by previous owner, and wasn't sure if it makes big difference.
  10. Been fun following this post and hearing about doing a road trip like this when you can, and a cars not to just to be left in a garage. Very true.
  11. All sold now except for sun visor - £20. It's in ok condition, but bit soft inside.
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