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  1. Now that is a scary thought 😱
  2. Movie villain look? 😂 Apologies for the collar shirt. Ditched the suit, tie and oxfords -> put on jeans, driving shoes and the knitwear just before rushing out of the office to make it to the track... usually would of course wear something more appropriate for the track. Quite like the gloves on a spirited drive on some nice country lanes, though 😉
  3. This is from a couple weeks back. I’m in the white 3.2:
  4. Hey chaps. What do you reckon would be a fair price for a set of genuine Fuchs in 7x15” and 8x15” from a 3.2? The wheels are straight and in nice condition and include original center caps as well.
  5. Had the stock pre-muffler replaced with a bypass and the stock rear muffler with a Dansk ”race” muffler. This is supposedly the loudest of the three variants (OEM, sport, race) that Dansk offers in the 1-in-1-out configuration. I tried to capture the before and after on this clip:
  6. Here you go: https://www.fvd.net/us-en/FVD211328490/heating-retrofit-kit-911-32-l-early-style-1974-dual-in-muffler-dual-out-header-exchangers.html Cheap as chips 🙄
  7. I recall that Dansk makes a conversion kit to adapt the engine tin so that the SSI exhaust setup is compatible with the Carrera 3.2 heating system.
  8. My car is at the shop getting new fuel and vacuum lines, a new clutch, cht sensor and some other stuff. But here’s a short clip from yesterday when riding with friends to an event close by. Pics at the end of video. Apologies for the sound...:
  9. Another pic. This one from yesterday. And a short videoclip of a leisurely drive. First attemps at video - a lot to learn...
  10. N-Spec Pirelli P6000 on these Group 4 Wheels. I still have the Dunlop Sport Classics on my Fuchs. And Nokian Hakkapeliitta R winter tyres on the Teledials. You can’t go wrong with Fuchs on a 911!
  11. First drive of the year on Saturday. Great to be back at the wheel of my 911!
  12. Teme

    Wevo or Rennshift

    Wevo here, too. I am happy with it.
  13. Teme


    Subscribing to the thread as I have a dark blue interior on mine, too. Door panels and floor mats seem to be impossible to find in the correct hue...
  14. I started having similar issues on cold starts last year just before putting the car into hibernation. Will also need to try wiggling the connectors, but somehow guess that is only a temporary remedy.
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