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  1. For some reason, the 'system' says you cannot receive messages Peter
  2. Will you take a cheeky £100 for the heater unit (not tested the one on my resto yet so a spare might be needed) I'm visiting Jonny @ Classic Retrofit tomorrow and then onto Hastings, probably Thursday, so might be able to collect. Peter
  3. PeterK

    Rear light loom

    Yes please Phill
  4. I've got a few jobs that need doing if you're bored 😂
  5. Thanks all I had intended to etch, filler/primer and top coat, but it was finding (what appears to be) epoxy on the replacement rear bumper that made me ask. Understanding how good epoxy can be, I've used it everywhere on the SC except for the rear spoiler. I would love to use it on the bumpers, but as per my opening remarks, understood that it was a no-no over etch.
  6. Just chemical stripping my bumpers and found the (replacement) rear unit appears to have been epoxy painted previously. Now I always thought that you needed to etch prime aluminium and that epoxy primer didn't work over etch. So what say the more knowledgeable amongst us ? - etch then epoxy, etch then normal primer or epoxy without etch.
  7. My '79SC only has a manual passenger mirror - anyone got an electric one (with loom) going spare ?
  8. Nah, that would just be old and not relevant 😂
  9. FWIW, my money is on an air leak somewhere - classic symptoms are hunting tick-over - as mentioned earlier, I'd start by spraying brake cleaner around the running engine and watching for a rise in revs.
  10. Is this dimension that critical ? The torsion tube outboard ends and gearbox mounts (as a proxy for the inboard ends of the torsion tubes) broadly set the rear suspension, with some minor tweaking to camber, caster & toe possible later. The shock mountings don’t (within reason) matter, as long as the shox themselves never reach either ends of their travel.
  11. I dropped and broke my laser tool, so I think we'll scratch my offer, but .... Reverting to a hastily considered Plan B, I balanced a spirit level on my trolley jack, so that the top edge rested against the underside of the gearbox mounting face. As my shell was just on dollies and blocks of wood now, and no longer level front to back, I checked the body - 1.20' downwards slope back to front. I set the spirit level to the same slope and measured to my upper spirit level (held across the mid point or each shock turret, and got exactly 440mm ! That seems way away from the factory manual, but that said, doesn't look too far out relative to the 253.5 measurement to the right of the 333.5 measurement. Anyway, a clunky measurement and it was was it was. Peter
  12. I'll hopefully have the masking off my '79 targa shell in a couple of days. My rear shox are in but as the engine and box are out, I can try and get some measurements for you if still needed.

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