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  1. I just love the creativity of some companies (eBay sellers especially), such as (allegedly) labelling their exported products as China Export, or more briefly, CE I think that’s called a chauffeur 🤣
  2. Yes please David (If they’re sets of 4) I’ll message you Peter
  3. PeterK

    MOT Fail

    My daughter's Fiesta once was failing emissions until we plugged a hole in the rear silencer (bought a new silencer on the way home from the test). T'other twin's previous VW was failing until I noticed that the dipstick was not fully home, so very small air ingress. Both were then good passes. Small things that seem unconnected can make a big difference. Peter
  4. PeterK

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    Yep, sorry, my mistook🙈. I edited nuts to studs when I meant to edit bolts to studs Should have said For spacers, either a number of M12 nuts (loose fit on studs) or old sockets work nicely 😇 Peter
  5. PeterK

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    For spacers, either a number of M12 studs (loose fit on bolts) or old sockets work nicely 😇 Peter
  6. PeterK

    Dimension please

    Thanks Andrew - arrived this morning 👍
  7. PeterK

    Dimension please

    Sorry. Some space now cleared
  8. PeterK

    Dimension please

    Thanks Andrew, can I take yours please. Pls PM me your PayPal details (again ☺️) & I’ll F&F to FF Peter
  9. PeterK

    Dimension please

    Can anyone tell me what the left to right dimension of the LHS front wing support please - the small bracket that joins the valance to the bumper support. Mine has the inner end consumer by rust. Rather than pay almost £150 for a replacement, I 'll repair it, but need to be sure of its correct width. Is it the same as the rhs (the one that supports the horns) ? Thx Peter
  10. Welcome. I’ve got 2 lhs wings listed. 1 is now ready for filler but the other needs rust attention. Peter
  11. PeterK

    Alloy Wheel Nuts

    Maybe the 25 relates to the number in your add, where there are only 20 in the picture. A full set for 4 wheels, each with 5 nuts, is slightly less that 25 nuts 😂
  12. I’m following this thread closely - not an expert, so ..... disclaimers, etc I’ve been googling the timing question myself recently, ready for assembling my engine. Several suggestions that running at 1.35/1.4 can add torque lower down, negating the ‘losses below 4k’ that some have experienced. Similarly, for a race engine, going advanced (smaller) with the cam timing will improve top end. Do check piston/valve clearances though, just in case. Some (allegedly knowledgeable) even suggest 1.7 or higher, especially with SS3.2 engines (SC 3.0 with 98mm pistons). Unless someone advises otherwise, I’ll try 1.4 with 964s in my SS3.2 with ‘79 heads (39mm inlets), 10.5CR, pre-‘74 manifolds & CIS. I’ll be using my distributor locked off, with all the ignition curve programmed into my ClassicRetrofit CDI+ box. Once run in, I’ll get the ignition fune-tuned on a rolling road. Peter
  13. PeterK

    sound deadening

    I put the original heavy stuff back in. I’m planning to do floor, doors & froot with the heavy, anti- drumming stuff (full coverage not required), with the lighter closed cell stuff over all of it. Should I rip the heavy, original stuff out again & replace with the new stuff ??
  14. If you practice on yours and do it neatly, will you then do mine for me 😂
  15. Last night's thoughts .... Regarding balance - the Clewitt clam sensor kit (for some of those going EFI with fully sequential spark) requires you to drill a hole in the end of camshaft, tap and insert a short bolt. Also, you're so close to a bearing, and so close to the centreline, that I can't see much vibration resulting from a not perfectly clean removal of the drive lug.
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