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  1. PeterK

    Piston barrel set help

    I’ve got a set of standard barrels & pistons from my ‘79 SC - around 70k miles on the odometer. Two barrels could do with a clean up of the outside corner of the top faces where they blew due to head bolt failure. If of any interest, please pm me & I’ll send photos & try to answer any questions Peter
  2. A not infrequent electrical issue is loosing power to the ignition circuits when the key switch goes to the starter position. All will seem fine when you test electrics with the key in the ‘run’ position, but the ignition feed power disappears, or goes low voltage in the ‘start’ position. Cleaning the switch contacts will help if that’s an issue. Peter
  3. Yes to your stuck tube question. While you're playing - why not remake the brake hard line so that you can use a socket (& torque wrench) to do it up and remove in the future ? Peter, and the art of 'while you're in there' for other people 😇
  4. There’s more opinions on tyres than there are people on here 😂 I’ll be trying Michelin PS4 on mine now (was originally intending to fit Continental Sport Contacts)
  5. You might also want to look at RosePassion - https://www.rosepassion.com/en/parts-porsche-911-1979-eu-3-0sc-targa-manual-gearbox-5-speed/rims-and-track-wideners-and-accessories-217/rims-1379/p112244-rim-7-x-16-et-23-3-et-23-3-mm-7-x-16-inches-1380-0-112244?r=kd7vswg8
  6. More of a worry should be that the strut to washers are on the floor 😱
  7. There are big rubber washers a bit like that on the bumper crush tubes / shox
  8. Many thanks. Was slightly worried that I’d need to swap my 9s to 8” to run PS4s in 225/50x16
  9. ... Was that 225 on a 9” or 8” please
  10. Interesting that the wires to rear indicator light circuits are only protected by the fuse that supplies the entire indicator circuit. The additional fuses only protect the front light circuits. When I rewired my SC I ran both circuits from the output of the fuse. Did you are the new wire to the bottom of Fuse 9 and the old red wire goes to the top ?. If so, check that the fuse hasn't blown. Before I get criticised for such an obvious comment, with Jonny's fuse panels you still get around 11V at the output end of the fuse when blown, although not enough current to do anything useful or dangerous. If you have the wires connected and bulb in place, etc, then the small LED above the fuse will light when the fuse has blown. If however you don't have the circuit connected, then the LED doesn't light up, you see 11 and a bit volts at the output and spend ages trying to work out how you've got a voltage drop. Don't ask me how I know 😞.
  11. Do you have an electrical test meter ? If you reconnect the red wire, does the indicator work still ? Test for continuity between the brown wire & battery earth, then the black/white to the bottom of fuse 9. If not good, there is a junction in both wires just inside the froot (near the front corner of the inner wing) & maybe another inside the headlight bowl if wires have been butchered. If you run a new wire temporarily between the bottom of Fuse 9 & the indicator bulb holder and earth out the brown wire terminal, then the light should work. Although you only need a 5A wire for the bulb (21Watt bulb, 12V = 2A), you have a 7.5A fuse so I would use 16A wire. Where do the red wires go to - are they just replacement wires straight to the fuse box ?
  12. PeterK

    Bumper tubes

    Yep, SunSail restarted instruction this week, so I’ve got a weekend training a Swiss couple. Challenging times trying to be Covid safe - lots of ‘helpy ’ type things you would naturally do are best avoided at the moment. Almost permanently having an anti-back wipe in your hand, to clean anything you touch as you go, is a necessary inconvenience ! And with so much sanitiser use, my poor hands are crying out for a good dose of engine oil 🤣
  13. PeterK

    Bumper tubes

    I have a pair Phil. Not sure whether they’re front or rear but will check when back from sailing. Please feel free to remind me if I forget 😇
  14. SWMBO has an F-Type (but I’ll need to wash it first 🙈 - it’s not moved much in the last 4 months)
  15. Well done & lucky - I can spend hours looking for particular pieces in some threads 🤣

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