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    Yes please, make mine a Desperados
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    Ari Vatenan's Rothmans' rally Escort (after he'd crashed it and Dave Richards and I had to get it out of the forest)

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  1. This is just so impressive. I took out 3 ornamental figs to build SWMBO a cold frame. Took me 2 days to dig over the 3m x 1m space & remove the roots ! Been planning to tee into our water main to run a supply to the man-shed for about 3 years. It's only 20 metres as the crow flies, but you have to work up to these things. Alternatively, if you ask nicely, you can do it for me as a warm up exercise before you start your next marathon excavation 🤣
  2. If you’re cleaning the gearbox output flanges then you might as well fit a LSD / ATB while you’re there 😇
  3. Runners would be great as I sold mine with my old seats when I got a pair from a Boxster. Would you include carriage in your price? No rush.
  4. I’m interested Fin Do they have runners & where are you based ? Peter
  5. Switch was from here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Rectangle-Rocker-Switch-Car-Dash-Light-SPST-SPDT-ON-OFF-LED-Black-Red-Rally-/402466289116?var=&hash=item5db4dc35dc I had the plugs and sockets for the mirror end of the NS & OS looms, but none for the rest. My car is not concours, so I used a 6 way for the NS and 8 way multi-connectors (https://www.vehiclewiringproducts.co.uk/c-50-connectors/c-117-multi-connectors/p-613-multi-connectors-6-3mm) for the OS junctions from the looms that run from the mirrors to the cross car loom. They are a little bulky, so maybe the mini-c
  6. This is what I ended up with 911SC mirror wiring.pdf
  7. I've just done this to my SC. I used an ebay changeover switch (same size but a fraction of the cost of the Porsche version). I had to drill & file out a hole for it, although when I fitted a switch for my intensive screen wash, there was already a hole under the vinyl on the other side of the steering wheel. You'll need a NS mirror to car loom, cross car (including change-over switch) loom and the plug and driver's side loom needs changing as well. The plugs and sockets are available from places like Kroon, but the prices will make your eyes water. I used simple 6 and 8 way c
  8. The Aussies do make some crackin' adverts 😂
  9. It's OK - SWMBO bought me a nice new jacket - the white ones where the sleeves tie up at the back
  10. I actually quite like the body kit. Maybe I need to get out more 😎
  11. Peanut butter in Little Nipper in the roof space, Fergus the demon lean, mean, killing machine everywhere else. He will always bring them to show us before crunching his way through them. Seems to freak out some of our visitors (pre-lockdown) 🤣
  12. The 70 T sounds like a longer project, but my preference. However you could buy them both, fix & then drive the ‘87 while you crack on with the 70 T I’m sure the man maths could be massaged 😂
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