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  1. In my day 🤣, we put a rubber glove over the dissipe & coil
  2. Does the gauge misread if the fuel sender is out of the tank (and you can confirm full travel) ?
  3. My mum had a C30 when they first came out and was less than impressed with its power after the tank she had before. That said, when I drove a T5 tank, it was super impressive so I can only image a T5 C30 would be blistering. Does the Audi come with the optional indicators (sorry, I’ll get my coat)
  4. Wot 'e said I've got a Clarke one as well. Works well and really useful for prep work when attaching new panels. I also only use butt joints when letting new metal into existing panels.
  5. The ‘twin plug’ mod is adding the lower set of plugs. The ‘second hole’ on the lowers is just a head stud / barrel nut.
  6. I wouldn’t do It on your drive Phill. Do it on the road at the bottom of your drive, bring it here (or somewhere closer) and do it on the level Just my $0.02 worth.
  7. Depends on the slope & whether driven wheel or not Phill. Handbrake on, car in gear & sometimes a chock behind a wheel. Line the jack up (as far as possible) with the direction the car could move, to minimise the risk of the jack falling sideways and tipping the car off.
  8. Maybe ??? Injector has an internal short, so that when you connect it, it grounds the 12V supply to the other injectors ??
  9. 50 profile on the rear will have the same sidewall height (within a mil or two) as 55 profile on the front. Mine are on new wheels, waiting for me to finish colour sanding.
  10. I understand that 121 is rebadged Jotun Jotamastic Smart Pack and 421 is rebadged Jotun Penguard HB
  11. Does the motor work if you hot-wire it ? Mine all works fine now
  12. What do you need to paint ? I always use Rust Buster’s 121 & 421
  13. I’d agree that if you ground the sensor wire and the gauge responds, then the issue is at the sender. You may have a duff (new) sender or there maybe a blockage underneath it (or you have no oil pressure 😱)
  14. Have you got a good earth to the sender? I ran a separate earth to mine to improve things
  15. Big assumption that it’s just a couple of pinholes. If there are a few now, more than likely there are a few more ready to appear. If you’re already paying someone to remove the tank, then the peace of mind of a new Dansk tank is worth the little extra. If you’re doing the work yourself, then patch it.
  16. Lower risk if the leak is fairly high up on the tank. If it's low down and the hole gets bigger, you risk loosing all of you oil. A second hand tank is likely to be half the cost of a new Dansk one, but it will be of unknown quality. A big portion of your cost will be labour.
  17. Oh goody, thanks Gary. Popcorn ready, please make a start …. 🤣🤣
  18. Good news - I have the wire colours as I’ve just done mine Less good news - I’m away sailing for a few days & the info is at home
  19. It has to fit further back than the driver’s side for it to be useful. I’m away for a few days (sailing again) si can’t be any more precise than ‘about 3” for now
  20. My SC has a separate change over switch, but looking at Bentley for the earlier 3.2 cars, my best guess is ..... 1 - Blk / Wht 2 - Brn 3 - Wht / Grn 4 - Blk/Vio 5 - Yell L - Wht / Brn R - Wht/Blu L - Blk R - Blk / Blu There are 2 sets of L&R markings. Just guess which are which, however, if when you move the switch the mirrors go up & down rather than left to right, then switch the L&R wires from the one set of L&R to the other. Does that make any sense at all 🤣
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