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  1. Always found Direct Hoses to be the cheapest around and a great guy to deal with. https://www.directhoses.net/collections/hose-gun-lance-sets?page=1 Bought one of his 20 metre flexible blue hoses with quick releases to replace the iron bar twisty Karcher one. Works really well together with a trigger gun and lance extension and a Karcher quick release so I can use the Karcher underbody lance Richard
  2. I've now re-read the Pelican article on the replacement of Turbo 930 rear wheel bearings and it does state that the inner bearing race is removed from the transmission side and the outer race from the wheel side. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/911-930-turbo-super-charging-forum/870784-another-rear-wheel-bearing-replacement-job.html The stub axle also looks different to the one in your pictures and is longer to fit thro' the inner bearing. Here's a pic of the trailing arm with both inner and outer races fitted.
  3. That’s not what the PET diagram 501-00 says or the items listed on Type911 or Design911, or am I reading it wrong? From the thread on Pelican it shows one being pulled & fitted from the inside and one from the outside of the trailing arm.
  4. Did he just do the riveting or the complete fan and shroud clean and chromate? Richard
  5. Looks like yours was the single bearing std Carrera bearing rather than the twin bearings fitted to the 930/SSE though.
  6. As part of the suspension refresh I’m planning on doing this year, I would like to replace the rear wheel bearings. Found a great write-up on Pelican but the number of different tools to pull them out and then refit is putting me off. Has anyone done this and how easy was it to find all the parts needed to make the pullers and pushers? Once you have the necessary tools how easy is it to do the job? I guess the other question is; do they need replacing? I’m not aware of any movement or noise coming from the rear and the car has only done 90k miles. Richard
  7. I can remember quite a detailed thread about doing this including re-riveting some years back but can’t find it now. I can seem to remember that he had sourced the correct rivets and made a setting tool. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Richard
  8. How do these compare size wise with standard turbo spacers? Richard
  9. Do the Focals have the same fixing centres as the Alpines? Richard
  10. My door speakers are looking quite sad, the cone material has started to disintegrate! Does anyone know if you can still buy the Alpine 6253 or have they been replaced? The grille covers have cracked and could do with replacing too, so are these still available from OPC? Richard
  11. My quarterlight frames need tidying up so a few questions guys. 1. What material are they made from? 2. Refinish using wet paint or powdercoat? 3. Matt or satin matt finish? 4. How are the window guide channels held in? Richard
  12. Had it on charge for most of the day yesterday and it only got to the second stage on the CTEK charge profile. By this time the charger was very hot and the CTEK connectors going to the crocodile clips were hot too!! Checked voltage this morning and it stood at 12 volts. Just put it back on ‘recon’ setting to see what happens this time. I’ve ordered a Varta replacement just in case which I believe is exactly the same as the Bosch it’s just £10 cheaper. Prichard
  13. Don’t have an alarm fitted and no fancy audio system. Just put it on the CTEK and it won’t charge. The error light came on! Sounds a bit terminal. Only bought it 18 months ago and it is a Bosch S5, doubt if I will get any joy from the supplier. Richard
  14. Due to various circumstances I haven’t been able to drive the Porsche for almost 3 months. Thought I’d give it a charge but found it completely flat measuring about 1.9 volts across the terminals. I’m used to modern cars full of electronics which require charging every few weeks if not driven but didn’t expect it of the Porsche. is this to be expected or do you think I have developed a battery drain somewhere. BTW, battery was replaced last year. Richard
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