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  1. So "what tail" ended up as "Gary's tale" which of course is much more interesting. I do not have the mechanical skills to be of much help but happy to get a bbq sorted while you guys sweat it out over and under his car. As for the tail, got more info. It's on a 1974 911 cis with 60,000 km. It was kept in dry garage in middle east and hadn't run for 40 years till it was recently recommissioned and sold. Given its location I assume tail was factory fitted.
  2. Anyone know which generation this tail is from and if its genuine Porsche?
  3. Always had a soft spot for modified 356, lovely car.
  4. I actually prefer the look of E21 to E30 and prices aren't silly either. Then there is a variety of Jap offerings such as RX7, MR2, 300ZX ...
  5. An early one I hope as something like a Maserati 4CL would be a better hand fit than modern F1 cars.
  6. For me he was such an integral part of 80's, hope they play the chain at his funeral RIP
  7. RPM might be a decent alternative as they are not far from you. I did buy a 964 from them back in 2014 and was happy with everything, their inspection report was spot on. Have been in touch on & off since and looked at a couple of other cars, always getting an honest opinion.
  8. Think it's mostly given to NHS staff and associated healthcare professionals. I assume the government has a much larger supply of OAZ than Pfizer so that could be contributing factor along with the cost and delivery (Pfizer has to be stored at -70c).
  9. Apparently some prisons are running at 150% capacity and given the current state of play expect to see even shorter terms, early releases and more suspended sentencing.
  10. Apparently they have switched underwriters from chubbs to axa and according to them new policies have more bells and whistles. They used to be good but feel that they have slipped up a bit so will need to shop around upon my next renewal. A bit of an interesting read .... https://www.ft.com/content/2b8b2f0b-f5a3-4117-80ea-50f26783d934
  11. I was given a window of opportunity 10 to 13 weeks after my 1st jab. Mrs just had her invite in the post today so she booked next Tuesday, a bit surprised as they only announced 55+ a few days ago and she has just turned 50.
  12. I had my first dose over a month ago, only side effect to Pfizer was upper arm ache for a couple of days which I hear is pretty common. A friend of mine who is a pulmonologist at a London hospital got Covid a few days after getting her Pfizer vaccine, obviously too soon for the vaccine to kick in yet so was a bit unlucky. Anyway it's just another layer of protection and not a ticket to freedom.
  13. Couldn't be bothered to read through all the sites/articles etc to figure out what happening hope someone will write a short unbiased summary or link to such an article or even PM me.
  14. I am not a member of DDK, anyone have his contact details?
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