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  1. Good or bad everything in life passes, you sure had more fun in your car than anyone else I know. Good luck with the new motoring chapter.
  2. At work we calibrate all our monitoring & measuring devices every year or 6 months to ensure accuracy. Even the best and most expensive tools will need to be calibrated once in a while so worthwhile checking with respected manufacturer what their guidelines are and how much such service costs.
  3. I have a dansk 2 in 1 out stainless steel silencer in vgc.
  4. I don't think you can flare the arches to widebody - flaring is done so that you can fit wider tyres. If you want wide body look you will have to have wide arches fitted.
  5. Locktons is the same, AV valid for 2 years and then you need a new valuation for AV to be in force.
  6. Mondrian

    Backdate Time

    Very nice Matt, I assume you got a man bag to go with all that pepita?
  7. I'll be up for a group order if more folk are interested?
  8. +1, those roads look nice & views are nice but not much fun to drive, besides there is always the risk of getting stuck behind a train of cars and not enough road to overtake them all in one go. Fast flowing curvy roads are infinitely more fun. -1, I have done plenty of crazy long drives when i was younger but as I have gotten older it has become a bit more challenging. If the idea is to enjoy the drive then for me 800 miles in a day is not fun and by the sound of it you are not on a time budget so no need. If you have too, make sure you get a good night's sleep beforehand and maybe a power nap after lunch to avoid drowsy driving.
  9. @Dr Rock Yes it was 2015 as I had just gotten my IB in June and was on my first IB meet. @SP72 Perhaps you should get your own back by taking me to the same spot ... I'm sure with or without Fraser you'll easily pull away and I end up spending a fortune on a power hike. We (Car & I) have lost a combined 100 kg but doubt it will make up the power deficit. I probably stand a better chance of keeping up with my 73.
  10. I think last time I sat in your car was back in 2015 when Stephen organized the cotswolds run and you thought it lacked ultimate power. It felt pretty fast to me then so really curious to know how it feels now.
  11. Single horizontal stripe across the bumper ala RS beaks it up, some even use Martini stripe, if thats your thing.
  12. IIRC @pht9 did his SCR to FIA spec without a smile but then was forced to add it later due to FIA requirements, pretty sure he had with/without pics on this thread, might be worth a look.
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