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  1. Actually these are more like hills, about the same altitude as Scafell Pike but a few kilometers away is Mt Damavand which is over 5600 m and highest volcano in Asia. Highest hike I have been is 2500m but have driven to 3000m.
  2. In the mountains by Caspian sea, Iran.
  3. Went for a bit of pre breakfast trekking this morning and ended up with an omelette with a view (& a cuppa).
  4. I am sure your choice of cars would have been different too.
  5. Now that's what I call a grand entrance 👏
  6. 2nd go at doner kebab bbq and result was great. No rain this time so made an open pitfire of sorts. I also tweaked the prep a bit by cutting the lamb shoulder into thinner slices and marinating it for 24hrs in onion, dried chilli, cumin, turmeric, pepper, sumac and a dash of grape seed oil to blend it all in with a generous sprinkle of sea salt before skewering it up.
  7. Wonder if talk of negative interest rates is making folk itchy with their cash stashed away in deposit accounts .... on the other hand it's got an original 2.7 mfi engine & gearbox in a long hood chassis so it was always going to be well north of 100k.
  8. Are there still any NOS SSI's on the market?
  9. Some of the Soviet era trucks were pretty popular in some corners of the world and still in commercial use long after Soviet union. During the 2005 flooding of New Orleans, rescue operations were undertaken mainly on Ural trucks that belonged to the Mexican Navy as American trucks couldn't travel through the flooded streets of the city.
  10. Traditionally it's either walnuts (with a dash of cinnamon) or coconut, lots of recipes on net but never made them so not in a position to recommend a recipe.
  11. Lots of yummy goodies Haith. I had never heard of Kleecha but sounds like it's pretty much same as persian Kolooche even if they look different.
  12. How about a charity event for care homes or meals on wheels for those in need, that could be deemed essential!
  13. Last time I drove my E30 M3 was way back in 1995, I bought my first IB in 2015 so don't think its a fair comparison but what has stuck in my memory was the phenomenal road holding and the dogleg getrag box. I highly doubt than an E30M3 would be in a performance deficit against an IB in mountains or twisties. For the record mine was a late model with 215 ps, I later removed the cat which would have added another 20+ (according to synther BMW) and don't forget the standard kerb weight was only 1165. I would love to take one for a back to back drive against my IB.

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