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  1. I can repair speedometers and tachs if anyone needs one fixing, I also repair 3 pin and 6 pin Cdi units.
  2. You want ground and one sensor wire on the tab on the far left.....other sensor wire on the next tab along, nothing in tab A and +12v on the far right tab.
  3. Not a photo but in use :-) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=budFxA2HKp8
  4. Are you turning it past 0 til it hits its stop and then past max speed until it hits its stop the other way ?
  5. Hold on at the middle and turn full clockwise then full counter clockwise whilst pulling gently on the needle ....it will pop off. Same goes for fitting. Once the needle is off you can remove the faceplate then the 4 screws underneath.
  6. OOOO Just down the road from me, might take the kids down for a browse ....thanks.
  7. Your Rev counter and Speedo are now fixed :-) Pulser IC and a resistor were faulty on the Rev counter, I just need to calibrate it and put it back together.
  8. Welcome, was your post time a coincidence?
  9. http://ebay.us/EHJoEHhere you go, follow the instructions and it works a treat.
  10. I dyed my parcel shelf which had bleached just like yours , came out like new !! I will have a look to see if I can find the ebay listing.
  11. Do you have the standard steering wheel for sale ?
  12. Great I will drop you a pm with my details. Thanks
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